Cabbage: a good stomach remedy

Cabbage has many types: white cabbage, red cabbage, kohlrabi, cauliflower … This is a cheap, easy to buy, easy to find vegetable, often processed into boiled, stir-fried, soup, mixed salad dishes, etc. pickle salt … and also a medicine to cure many diseases in traditional medicine.

Nutritional value and medicinal properties

Cabbage, cabbage or tiger, scientific name is Brassica oleracea L.var.capitata L, belongs to the cruciferous family (Brassicaceae), is a temperate vegetable imported to be grown in our country for a long time in some northern provinces – Da Nang. Lat, the suburban districts of Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta…

It has been determined in fresh cabbage: 90g% water, 1.8g% protid, 5.4g% glucid, 1.6g% cellulose, 1.2g% inert. Cabbage is also rich in mineral salts, especially calcium (48mg%), phosphorus (31mg). The amount of vitamin C in cabbage is only inferior to tomatoes, but 4.5 times more than carrots; 3.6 times potatoes, onions!

Cabbage has been used medicinally in Europe since ancient times. Nowadays, people know more about the medicinal effects of this vegetable such as: can be used as a medicine for worms; Used externally as a disinfectant and wound healing agent for wounds, boils, malignant wounds, as well as a good insecticide (bees, spiders…) It is also used as a pain reliever in rheumatic diseases. , gout, sciatic nerve pain (take cabbage leaves and iron them to soften, then apply on the painful parts); Helps clear the respiratory tract by applying topical (treatment of sore throat hoarseness), or taken internally (curing cough, pneumonia).

Cabbage is also an anti-septic, anti-dysenteric and a source of sulfur for the body. Cabbage decoction is used to filter the blood. In particular, cabbage is also a very good anti-nerve drug and insomnia. People who are anxious, students about to take exams, people with nervous breakdowns, constant fatigue should use cabbage regularly.

Cabbage juice helps strengthen the stomach

People also use cabbage to treat stomach pain, stemming from information in 1948, scientists discovered that cabbage contains an anti-ulcer substance called vitamin U, which helps to cure gastric and duodenal ulcers. , gastroenteritis – enteritis, colitis. Because vitamin U is destroyed at high temperatures, fresh cabbage juice should be used if you want to promote this effect.

One kilogram of fresh cabbage leaves will give 500-700ml of juice, if you pound fresh to get the juice, you will get 350-500ml. Use juice or cabbage juice to drink during the day with a dose of 1,000ml, divided into 4-5 times (can add sugar or salt, use hot or cold). Treatment within 2 months, there will be obvious results for patients with ulcers that are not very deep.

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Other types of cabbage such as collard greens (var.viridis L), mustard greens (var.sabauda.), cauliflower, broccoli (var.botrytis L)… all have the same therapeutic effect as cabbage.

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