Benefits of iyengar yoga: Helps to eliminate toxins in each cell

What are the benefits of iyengar yoga? Let’s take a look at for inspiration and motivation to practice!

Yoga schools have long been known as therapies for the mind and health, the benefits of yoga especially iyengar are no exception. What makes the “brand” of this type of yoga is to direct the practitioner to focus on the breath, thereby unlocking the unique benefits of this right school.

Increase flexibility

The benefit of iyengar yoga is to increase the flexibility of the body because the movements require regular muscle tension. Surely you cannot master yoga overnight or do difficult movements after a few weeks of practice.

That’s the principle that any yoga teacher knows. Therefore, the difficulty of the exercises will be gradually increased, along with that your flexibility is also increasingly improved.

benefits of Iyengar yoga

The flexibility of the body will be improved when practicing Iyengar yoga

If you think you are not flexible enough when you first come into contact with yoga, don’t worry too much. Because this type of yoga also makes use of tools such as yoga mats, cushions and bricks to support your practice.

Depending on the flexibility of the student, the teacher will decide what tools you need and when to use them appropriately. So, don’t be too nervous when you first come to this yoga class.

Increase muscle sharpness

In addition to stretching the muscles when performing the movement, iyengar yoga also allows the practitioner to develop strength and endurance through performing and maintaining yoga poses.

This school of yoga requires the use of all muscle groups in the body. Therefore, the goal of iyengar yoga is not only large muscle groups but also small muscle groups in areas connecting body parts such as shoulders, hips, and knees.

Thereby, this type of yoga will force them to exercise. The result of this process is a toned body and more defined muscle groups.

Keep your mind strong

This school of yoga requires the practitioner to immobilize the body when performing the poses. However, your mind must be focused at the same time to regulate your breathing and feel your body. This not only helps the practitioner pay attention to detail, but also calms the mind and increases concentration.

You can think of this as a way of meditation. Because iyengar yoga will allow you to focus on the present and put aside worries to focus on practicing the poses.

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mental focus

Mentality is an important factor, also the most beneficial thing when practicing Iyengar yoga

Overcoming deformities and promoting health

Scientific studies have also proven that practicing iyengar yoga can reduce or improve back, neck, shoulder, and back pain. To do this, iyengar yoga will focus on stability and interaction between different parts of the body of the practitioner. Deformities such as hunchback and knuckles will also be partially overcome if you maintain the habit of exercising for a long time.

Relieve stress

This is one of the benefits of iyengar yoga that many people find most useful and necessary. Because this school focuses on breathing and relaxation, it is effective in reducing stress and calming the soul.

benefits of Iyengar yoga

Iyengar yoga is a useful relaxation method

In addition, at the end of any movement, you also have to return to relaxing yoga poses, after each time, you will have the opportunity to calm down and refresh your spirit, thereby helping to relieve stress, tired.

Fight against unhealthy desires

According to the theory of the ashtanga yoga school, it advises students to refrain from violence. While, with iyengar yoga, the practitioner will know how to control and love themselves more. The benefits of this school of yoga are not only physical but also give the practitioner good and healthy habits.

When you practice iyengar yoga, you will be more aware of your body, know what you want and what you should avoid, thereby contributing to preventing bad health practices such as improper sleep, consuming a lot of food. Eat fast.

Improve your posture

When practicing movements with iyengar yoga equipment or practicing standing postures in iyengar yoga, back, shoulder, arm and leg muscles will be stronger, thereby helping to overcome problems such as bad posture, curvature of the spine , shoulder deviation.

Paying attention to your body and how your body parts move during exercise also helps a lot in everyday tasks, especially when you need to carry things. Awareness of posture and body will be able to limit accidents in the process of living.

Practicing iyengar yoga with a coach will help you overcome mistakes when practicing

A professional trainer is essential when practicing iyengar yoga

The benefits of iyengar yoga are immeasurable. However, when practicing iyengar yoga, it is easy to injure the knee if you do not know how to practice. So, if you are new to iyengar yoga and want to get the most out of it and stay safe during your practice, connect with a yoga teacher to be a trusted companion to guide you. .

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