Benefits and how to do the lying twist pose (Supta Matsyendrasana)

The twisting position is a restorative yoga posture of the basic level that is often practiced at the end of the session to massage and purify the parts of the body.

The Supine Spinal Twist is known in Sanskrit as Supta Matsyendrasana. This move is usually done at the end of the session because at this time, the muscles have been “activated”, so they can twist more deeply and bring better efficiency in relieving pressure on the muscles when they have to. sit for a long time. To get a better feel for this, you can try this pose at the beginning of the session and then repeat at the end of the session.

Benefits of the twisting position in yoga

Supta Matsyendrasana stretches the glutes, chest and abdominal muscles. Besides, during the exercise, your chest will expand. Therefore, this is a good yoga move for the heart. In addition, it helps improve spinal mobility and aids digestion. In particular, the twisted lying position also helps relieve pressure due to sitting a lot and stooping.

  • Purifies, detoxifies and strengthens the functions of the abdominal organs
  • Massage parts of the body
  • Relieves pressure and makes back more flexible
  • Reduce stress, fatigue and calm the mind
  • Burn excess fat in the hip, groin, thighs and abdomen area
  • Increases blood circulation, good for the nervous system.

Detailed instructions on how to do it

reclining position

To do this pose, lie on your back on a mat. Afterward:

  • Bend your knees and place the soles of your feet on the floor, knees facing the ceiling
  • Press your feet into the floor to lift your hips slightly off the floor and move to the right about 2.5cm.
  • Exhale, move your right knee toward your chest and straighten your left leg. Keep the left leg flexible throughout the pose. Breathe in.
  • Exhale and cross your right knee over your hip and touch the floor on the left side of your body. The right hip is now in line with the left hip.
  • Move the right arm to the right, keeping it in line with the shoulder. Place your left hand on your right knee or raise it at shoulder height to create a T. Point your palm toward the ceiling.
  • Turn your head to the right, looking towards the tips of your right fingers. You can skip this step if you feel discomfort in your neck.
  • Hold the pose for 5 to 10 breaths. To exit the pose, inhale and lie on your back. Drop both feet to the floor to neutralize the spine for a few breaths before switching sides.
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Note when performing the twisting position

To practice this pose most effectively, you need

  • Breathe deeply and rhythmically while performing, avoid holding your breath.
  • Do not press your knees to the floor. If you find it impossible to reach the floor, simply cross your knees over your hips. You can also place a pillow under your knees and feet.

Variations of twisting motion

reclining position

If one leg straight and one leg flexed makes you feel too tight, you can bend both knees and stack them on top of each other.

You can adjust this pose to be easier or more difficult according to your ability:

  • If you can’t bring your right knee and shoulders to the floor at the same time, put your shoulders down first. If your right knee is quite far from the floor, you can place a cushion or a yoga block for support.
  • Avoid doing it if you have a knee, hip or back injury. If you feel pain in your back or knees, pause and try another session.

If you’ve mastered it, you can try another variation of the twisting position. Specifically, before twisting, you bring your legs straight up to a 90-degree angle. Loop the right foot around the left foot to come into eagle pose (Garudasana). Then twist, bringing your right knee over the left side of your body while keeping your legs together.

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