Benefits and how to do the balance pose in yoga

The balance pose in yoga is an intermediate yoga movement that requires the practitioner to have high concentration and good balance.

Scale pose has the English name is scale pose and the Sanskrit name is Tolasana, where Tola means scale. The reason for this name is because this pose is shaped quite like a Libra scale. In addition, if you pay attention, you will see that this is an advanced variation of the lotus pose with many “golden” benefits for the body, suitable for practicing during the transition from basic yoga to intermediate yoga.

Note when performing the action

  • Keep your stomach empty before practicing the pose, it is best to eat 4-6 hours before exercise so that the body has enough time to digest and recharge.
  • The best time to practice is in the morning. If you do not have time, exercising in the afternoon also brings many benefits to the body.
  • During the exercise, do not rush to lift your body up because it makes you more likely to fall forward
  • Don’t let your elbows get too bent or your hands turn outward. The head and eyes should also avoid looking at the floor too much
  • Avoid the scale if you have a wrist, shoulder, ankle or knee injury, you have a thigh or hip strain

Instructions on how to do the balance pose in yoga

scales pose

The balance pose in yoga requires the practitioner to be highly focused and have good balance

  • With this yoga pose, first, you should sit comfortably on the yoga mat in a cross-legged position.
  • Then, move into lotus position. Place the left foot on the right thigh and the right foot on the left thigh so that the heel is close to the hip
  • Place your hands at your sides, hands touching the carpet, spread your fingers. Inhale, press your palms firmly into the mat and lift your buttocks off the ground.
  • Try to lift yourself up by balancing on both wrists that are fixed on the ground. The position of the hand should be firm and non-slip to prevent the hand from slipping out.
  • Hold the pose for about 30-60 seconds
  • To exit the pose, slowly lower your legs to the floor, returning to the original sitting position. Relax your wrists, rotate gently, and relax into baby’s pose.
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Variation of Scales Pose

scales pose

For better balance, lean forward slightly and look straight

  • If you are new to the practice and find it difficult to sit in the lotus position, you can do the movement in the semi-lotus position. In this case, the buttocks will lift off the floor but the lower leg muscles and outer calves will not.
  • When performing, do not try to look down between the two hands because that makes it difficult to balance. Instead, lean forward slightly, lift your head slightly, and look out into the distance.
  • Do not let your fingers stick together as this will make the body unstable. Spread your fingers wide, pointing inward to create stability to keep balance for the body.

Benefits of the balance pose in yoga

Scales pose is part of the Ashtanga yoga series and is a challenging hand balance yoga pose:

  • Firming shoulders, abdomen, core area
  • Increase the health of hands and shoulders
  • Stretch hips and legs
  • Improve concentration
  • Creates a sense of balance and improves body awareness
  • Relieve stress and anxiety.

Scales pose is a powerful pose that requires patience and perseverance to do correctly. During the practice, you need to focus as much as possible and pay attention to rhythmic breathing. Once you have successfully conquered, you will feel the balance between mind, body and spirit.

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