Be careful when practicing sports in the rainy season

Although there is no scientific evidence or research to prove that exercising in the rain will make you sick, you still run the risk of health problems when exercising in the rain.

When exercising in the rain, the body temperature will drop and create favorable conditions for bacteria to enter the body. Getting bacteria into the body is very simple, your hands come into contact with a germ-carrying surface and accidentally touch your eyes, nose, and mouth creating a perfect pathway for bacteria to enter the body. In humid environments and low temperatures such as rain, the above process is even more likely.

Exercising in the rain causes body temperature to drop

In some localities, rain can be accompanied by air pollution and dust. This will cause people who exercise outdoors to suffer from respiratory diseases such as pneumonia or bronchiolitis. That’s not to mention the rain means the ground is wet and easy to cause slippery. Therefore, it is easy for you to “measure the ground” if you are not careful or pay attention to the surrounding environment such as pedestrians and vehicles. While they won’t make you sick, falls and injuries can disrupt your workout.

How to protect the body when it rains?

Ideally, when it rains, you should not exercise outdoors. However, you can protect your body from the sudden rain when you are exercising. During the rainy season, the secret to staying healthy is to dress appropriately. Wear a layer of wool or man-made fibers with good drainage to keep the body dry and avoid the risk of cold. The outer layer is a good and lightweight waterproof jacket.

Wearing a hat and gloves are also effective ways to keep the body warm. A waterproof backpack also helps protect your back from rain and other essentials.

Exercising in the rain is not recommended

Running shoes with a waterproof upper and anti-slip sole will be a reasonable choice if you want to practice on rainy days. If you have respiratory diseases, it’s best, in the rainy season, to exercise in the gym or at home to avoid the worst cases happening to your health.

Whether it’s raining or not, you should also choose a pair of anti-slip shoes when exercising

Do not skip the warm-up step, because this is an important preparation step so that you can exercise most effectively, and at the same time help your body have enough strength to resist most disease-causing factors. To minimize the risk of an accident, observe the surrounding area and find the shortest way to get to the shelter when it suddenly rains.

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Should you go swimming when it rains?

This is an issue that many people care about when it comes to exercising in the rainy season. Many people still keep the habit of continuing to swim when it rains, because of the feeling of “having” and enjoying swimming in the rain.

Many people still like to continue swimming when it suddenly rains

If you regularly go swimming, you need to know that the rains do not make you sick, it is the weak immune system that causes your health problems. When immersing and exercising in the water, plus swimming in the rain for a long time, the body temperature will drop and create favorable conditions for bacteria to enter the body more easily.

If you’re confident in your immune system, a swim or two in the rain a week probably won’t make you sick. But when you encounter the following situations, what you need to do is get ashore immediately:

– Strong wind: Wind blowing over parts like your head, neck, and chest when you come out of the water can make these parts cold and make them more susceptible to illness.

– Lightning (whether or not accompanied by rain): Under any circumstances, lightning is always very dangerous, especially when you are in a conductive environment like a swimming pool. When you hear thunder near the swimming area, get ashore immediately and urge those around to leave the lake area.

Lightning is the “ringing bell” that tells you to leave the pool

– Heavy rain: When it rains heavily, you will have limited vision and hearing for you and the rescue team. Therefore, if you have an accident such as a cramp, drowning, etc., you may be in more danger than usual because it is difficult for the rescue team to recognize the situation to save you. So, for safety, leaving the pool when it rains is a top choice.

In general, exercising in the rain does not cause too much trouble if you have good resistance, but you still need to take measures to ensure your own safety as well as avoid getting time-related diseases. such as colds and seasonal flu. However, in the rainy season, if you want to be safer and not have to travel to the gym, you can search and book a personal trainer to your home or office. To do this, perform the following steps:

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  • Select the number of training sessions and proceed to pay
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  • Schedule your workouts on the app and do your workouts
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