Basic yoga for teenagers: The benefits will surprise you

Teenagers who regularly practice basic yoga exercises will be very good for losing weight, keeping in shape, and helping to reduce fatigue, stress and relieve exam pressure.

Puberty is a time when children will go through a lot of changes both physically and mentally. To help your baby through this phase easily, you can try encouraging your child to practice yoga.

Yoga is a subject for everyone, with teenagers, yoga will bring children very special benefits. Let’s continue with to see the shares below to understand more about the benefits as well as basic yoga exercises suitable for teenagers.

Basic Yoga for Teens: Interesting and Extremely Useful

At puberty, children often tend to be less active in sports and not interested in exercise. Study, friends, family took up most of the time. However, once they start practicing, children will gradually form habits and gradually become active, confident, dare to express their ego.

Yoga is a great option for kids during puberty. Because yoga can help children have a healthy body and mind. In the beginning, children may find it difficult due to fear of their body not being flexible enough. In addition, children may also feel shy and embarrassed when people see them perform poses.

Most of these fears are normal, not only children but adults also experience. Therefore, when children share with you the reasons why they do not want to practice, help them discover yoga to encourage them to practice.

Parents, please explain to children that yoga is for everyone

Parents, please explain to children that yoga is for everyone

Help your child understand that yoga is something that everyone, from children, teenagers to adults, can practice to improve and strengthen their health:

  • You don’t need to have a flexible body to start practicing yoga. Yoga makes the body more flexible.
  • Yoga has nothing to do with religion. All it takes is a positive attitude and curiosity to discover new things when it comes to this subject.
  • Yoga is a way for your child to understand and accept his or her body, not just the practice of poses.
  • Yoga can be applied in many ways in life. The more you practice, the easier it will be for you to connect your body and mind.
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Yoga is a structured method of mind and body cleansing. Experts recommend that you let your child learn yoga with a teacher instead of letting them practice at home.

Benefits of basic yoga for teenagers

There have been many studies that prove yoga has the effect of reducing stress, rejuvenating the senses through relaxation. For teenagers, practicing yoga will help them easily transition from childhood to adulthood, not only that, it also brings physical and psychological benefits:

1. Stress relief

Practicing yoga is a great way to relieve stress. The combination of movements and breathing exercises can help children regulate energy in the body.

2. Weight control

During puberty, children are very susceptible to weight gain due to hormonal changes. Regular yoga practice will help limit this condition.

3. Build Strength

Yoga looks like a gentle discipline, but it is not. Yoga makes a child’s body move a lot if practiced properly. In particular, some yoga poses help children build bone and muscle strength.

4. Improve body look

Teenagers often feel self-conscious about their bodies and always try to change their appearance to be the most “trendy”. Yoga will promote self-awareness and acceptance, so children will no longer feel self-conscious and ashamed of their bodies.

Yoga not only helps children reduce stress, but also helps children become more confident about their own bodies

Yoga not only helps children reduce stress, but also helps children become more confident about their own bodies

5. Improve breathing

Yoga is a combination of breathing exercises and postures to strengthen the body and mind. Yoga teaches children to focus on the breath to relax and soothe the body.

6. Improves mood and cognitive function

Regular yoga practice will help improve mood and change the way children perceive stress, anxiety and fatigue. Not only that, yoga also helps improve cognitive function, especially memory ability. A 20-minute yoga session a day can help children improve their abilities and academic performance.

7. Improve your posture

Sitting in the wrong posture, carrying a heavy backpack… are factors that affect the posture and gait of teenagers. Regular yoga practice is the simplest way to overcome this because yoga poses will help maintain a straight posture and strengthen the spine.

8. Improve concentration

Breathing exercises in yoga for babies can help your child improve concentration very effectively. The benefit of yoga with teenagers is that it teaches them to regulate their breathing to focus on performing activities in life better.

These are just a few of the many physical and mental benefits that teens can get from practicing yoga. You can introduce and encourage your child to try today to improve health and maintain body flexibility.

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Some notes when letting teenagers practice yoga

When letting teens practice yoga, you need to keep a few things in mind:

  • Children should not be allowed to practice yoga by themselves according to books or instructions on the Internet because yoga affects the body and mind a lot. It is necessary to practice properly, the safest thing is to find an experienced teacher to guide children.
  • For beginners, just practice a little, but remember to practice every day.
  • The best time to practice is in the morning or afternoon
  • The gym must be a place with fresh and ventilated air so that when breathing, children can feel the most comfortable.
  • You should equip your child with a yoga mat. Because practicing on the ground or using a yoga mat in the center can be unhygienic.
  • When practicing, clothing must be comfortable so as not to restrict movement and movement of the breath.
  • With each pose, the child should practice evenly for both sides of the body.
  • Balance class schedule and outings during the week. This is extremely important because yoga brings balance from within. You need to help your child organize everything so that he or she is truly comfortable.

You should equip your child with a yoga mat

You should equip your child with a yoga mat hopes that through this article parents can understand the great benefits of yoga with their little angels. If children maintain their practice, the right yoga poses will be the foundation to support their comprehensive development!

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