Basic steps to practice hatha yoga effectively

Hatha yoga is an all too familiar form. However, those who are new to yoga will surely be confused with the basic steps to practice hatha yoga effectively.

Hatha yoga is considered a way of physical purification for the body to practice higher meditation. It is also a powerful form of healing and purification.

Hatha yoga is the type of practice that most “beginners” associate with the word “yoga” and is often practiced for mental and physical health. Below, will share with you the basic steps to practice hatha yoga effectively.

See through yourself

One of the basic steps to practicing hatha yoga is seeing through yourself. In terms of the soul, experts often wittily liken that humans are similar to onions. Internal tensions and conflicts must be dissolved layer by layer.

When one layer is peeled off, the next layer quickly emerges at the surface until the inner core is revealed. At this point, you will find lasting joy, deep within. If you see yourself through each layer, you will see your soul as being enlightened.

Joy comes when physical and mental stress melt away

You need exercises for the body (meditation yoga) and for the soul (thinking, positive thinking). From ancient times, the Buddha developed a simple but very miraculous form of practice. This type of exercise includes sitting, walking and thinking exercises.

This is the core of hatha yoga. You need physical activity (yoga, walking) and mental work (thinking, reading, praying, mantras) and meditation (sitting or lying). Thereby, this will help to balance everything in your body at the right time and with the right technique.

Joy comes when physical and mental stress melt away

Joy comes when physical and mental stress melt away

3. Change your habits

Changing your practice routine is one of the basic steps to effective hatha yoga. When a person alternates activities between physical activity, mental work and meditation, internal conflicts and tensions can be resolved.

When one just meditates, the mind can become dull and listless. Flexible routines clear the mind, keep the body healthy, and provide inner energy. If you just go or do hatha yoga poses, your mind will be restless.

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Inner happiness comes from inner peace. If the body is kept still, you can achieve depth of meditation.

4. Meditation can be practiced in either sitting or lying position

Some people can meditate better sitting, others do it better lying down. People who fall asleep easily while lying down should meditate sitting. Meanwhile, those who cannot sit upright for a long time should practice lying meditation.

Sitting meditation in hatha yoga

Sitting meditation in hatha yoga

5. Try to get rid of the inner conflict

In the basic steps to practicing hatha yoga, it is impossible to ignore trying to get rid of inner conflict. This is the step that contributes to your journey to conquering hatha yoga.

In addition to sitting and relaxing time combined with movement, regulating thoughts is very important in getting rid of inner conflict. A hatha yogi should develop his thinking with love, wisdom and self-discipline.

You should learn to quiet your thoughts until they become peaceful. Then you think only when you have to.

6. Learn 5 activities

The basic pattern of hatha yoga is to deal with stress and can be broken down into five activities. The 5 activities are lying down (or sitting and meditating), reading, walking (or yoga poses), helping others (working) and enjoying life.

7. Meditation

The basic steps to successful hatha yoga also go towards meditation. There are 2 levels of meditation. The first level includes self-purification through visualization and breathing exercises to activate the kundalini energy.

Then you stop all thinking. Your soul is completely at rest. Let thoughts and feelings come and go naturally. And suddenly, you will find peace and happiness in your soul.

8. Read spiritual books

If you skip reading, you have missed one of the basic steps to effective hatha yoga. Reading spiritual books is like cleansing your spirit by letting go of your inner conflicts. Everyone can read hatha yoga books for spiritual inspiration.

Reading spiritual books

Reading is a good habit to help you improve your mental strength

9. Exercise

The practice plays a very important role in the basic steps to practice hatha yoga. One activity of those seeking enlightenment is movement, especially cardiovascular sports such as walking, running, cycling, swimming. Hatha yoga is also a good form of exercise.

There are exercises for everyone, such as the sun salutation sequence – a series of poses developed by cave yogis.

Practice hatha yoga

Hatha yoga is very suitable for “beginners”

10. Enjoy life

The fifth activity involves enjoying life. You should bring joy into your life. This helps to open the heart and bring light within yourself.

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Everyone has something to work towards in life. You can listen to music, eat something delicious, read a good book, watch a movie, find time for your creative hobbies.

Even so, it is important to pay attention to how much enjoyment is enough. Enjoying too much is also not a good thing, too little makes life boring.

11. Let’s relax

In addition, too much direct contact with others should be avoided during the development of inner happiness. A hatha yogi should learn how much exposure is good enough.

At a certain point, taking a physical break can cause the person’s energy to go inward. The person no longer has to direct himself to external activities and places more value on spiritual cleansing, dissolving inner conflicts and developing inner happiness.

12. Once again, look at yourself

This turning point must be discovered by the yogi himself. This is hard to find and hard to keep. Life energy tends to be overactive or directed towards dullness.

To avoid negative thoughts in your life, you should increase your self-discipline every day. When you keep your inner calm, your inner happiness will manifest itself. And you can develop yourself and your sense of life.

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