Bad habits of young people and consequences for mental health later on

A new study recently found that bad habits affecting the health of young people can increase the risk of mental decline later in life. So what problems will you face if you are subjective with your health?

Adolescence will be the best time for you to build a healthy lifestyle and keep your brain sharper as you get older. If you do not really focus on taking care of yourself, your body will gradually encounter some problems. By this time it may be too late to improve mental and brain related problems.

In an analysis of data from 15,000 adults in four longitudinal research projects. They ranged in age from 18 to 30 and 45 to 95 and when the study started several problems were discovered and this is a wake-up call for us to be young.

Bad habits in daily life and their heavy effects on mental health

Research has linked smoking habits, poor diet and inactivity in adulthood to mental health later in life. These lifestyle habits are responsible for high blood sugar, high blood pressure, and high body mass index (BMI). BMI is an estimate of body fat based on height and weight. From there, adopting these habits in adulthood could lead to twice the average rate of mental decline, according to the results, published in the journal Neurology.

Besides, obesity is also one of the reasons that are twice as likely to cause mental decline. This is due to high blood sugar and body mass index. Similar to obesity, high blood pressure and high systolic blood pressure also increase the problem of mental decline.

Bad habits of young people affect brain development

Overuse of electronic devices and social media is also one of the reasons that can cause mental problems later on

Nowadays, the number of users of social networking sites is increasing day by day and we spend at least 3 hours a day updating information on social networking sites. However, overusing social networking sites as a habit these days can put your mental health at risk. A recent study published in Psychiatric News links the use of multiple social media platforms with an increased risk of depression and anxiety.

In addition, using too much mobile phone can also take a toll on your mental health later in life. With many applications that update useful information with a constant and fast frequency, we will gradually form the habit of checking our phones constantly. Some mental health experts fear excessive smartphone use could lead to a form of addiction, with users compulsively checking for notifications and updates.

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Compulsive or excessive smartphone use can worsen symptoms of depression, anxiety, and chronic stress, according to recent research published in the Journal of Affective Disorders. Therefore, the habit of using mobile phones as well as social networking sites will gradually cause some mental health problems that we do not anticipate.

Using mobile devices as well as social networks also causes negative effects on mental health

The link between heart health and mental health

According to GS. Dr. Kristine Yaffe, at the University of California, San Francisco, USA, has shown a link and risk between heart in middle age and intellectual decline. “Cardiovascular risk factors are among the most promising modifiable risk factors for preventing cognitive aging and dementia,” she said.

In addition, Kristine Yaffe’s findings suggest that we should broaden our attention to cardiovascular health in early adulthood, as trends in diabetes and obesity in this age group are increasing. Along with that, the risk of discovering these risks is quite low and it will also have a significant impact on cognitive health later on.

the link between heart and mental problems

Although Dr. Kristine Yaffe only found a risk link between cardiovascular and intelligence and no clear cause, she still advises us not to be subjective about health when young. Besides, the problem of obesity remains the biggest threat to intelligence as you get older.

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