Ashtanga yoga vs hatha yoga: Which is right for you?

Between ashtanga yoga and hatha yoga, there is a huge difference in the intensity and posture of the practice. However, not everyone knows about each of these types of exercise. From there, you can make the best choice for you.

When deciding what type of yoga to practice, if you know how the classes vary in intensity and posture, this is perfectly fine. However, not all students can guarantee this.

General overview of ashtanga yoga and hatha yoga

Hatha yoga is a general term for physical exercise. It’s not really a particular style. However, many people consider “hatha” to mean a calming exercise that is easy for beginners.

Hatha is often referred to as classical yoga, which may be related to other methods such as meditation or breathing techniques. All physical yoga styles derive from classical yoga including poses, breathing exercises, purification techniques, meditation, and more.

plow pose

Plow pose in hatha yoga

Ashtanga yoga is a school of yoga developed by K.Pattabhi Jois, a yogi from Mysore, India. Ashtanga yoga consists of a very specific sequence of poses. Once you master a sequence of poses, you can move on to the next sequence. There are 4 levels in all and each has a different focus and difficulty level.

Ashtanga yoga requires very high discipline. Each practice begins with a series of sun-kissed poses and triangle poses, rotating triangle, chair pose, warrior I and warrior II.

Ashtanga yoga requires physical strength combining movement and breathing. The movements are rhythmic and require a high level of practice.

triangle pose

Triangle pose in ashtanga yoga

Difference between ashtanga yoga and hatha yoga

The first difference between ashtanga yoga and hatha yoga is exercise intensity. In hatha yoga, you will experience different poses both sitting and standing.

Hatha yoga poses are done slowly and deliberately. This type of yoga is friendly to all levels of yoga students. The special thing is that this type does not make you sweat too much.

While measuring, ashtanga yoga is a dynamic yoga style with a series of exercises of varying difficulty and synchronized with breathing techniques. The intensity of the ashtanga yoga exercises is intense, rigorous in the established sequence and will make you sweat a lot.

Ashtanga yoga poses are more demanding than hatha yoga poses

Ashtanga yoga poses are more demanding than hatha yoga poses

Ashtanga yoga and hatha yoga also differ in the point of focus. Ashtanga yoga is more spiritual and focused. This type of yoga combines movements with breathing in a rhythmic way so that the practitioner can feel the body, even feel the effect of yoga on each part.

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While, hatha yoga is a form of physical focus. Hatha yoga exercises include breathing exercises, meditation practices, and a variety of balancing, strengthening, and stretching poses.

Ashtanga yoga vs hatha yoga: Which is right for you?

If you want to double the intensity of your yoga practice as bodybuilding, astanga yoga is the perfect choice for you. This type of yoga often appeals to those who expect and measure progress by mastering poses. This is a sweaty and body-purifying experience.

On the other hand, hatha yoga exercises may be appealing to those who are just getting into yoga and those who prefer a quieter, gentler form of yoga. This type will help you relieve stress significantly.

How can busy people practice ashtanga yoga and hatha yoga?

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Difference between ashtanga yoga & hatha yoga Accessed date: 22/2/2020

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