Applying oriental medicine methods in the treatment of anxiety disorders

Applying Eastern medicine methods in treating anxiety disorders is also one of the effective and safe ways that many people prefer. Oriental medicine remedies and measures not only help patients quickly overcome symptoms of anxiety and insecurity, but also limit unintended side effects, can be used for many different subjects.

Oriental medicine in the treatment of anxiety disorders

Oriental medicine is a highly effective and safe method for treating anxiety disorders.

Is the application of Oriental medicine methods to treat anxiety disorders effective?

Anxiety disorder is a common psychological condition characterized by excessive anxiety and insecurity. Patients will have difficulty controlling their own emotions, they always feel scared and restless by any event or situation happening around their life, even the smallest things.

Currently, there are many methods that are highly appreciated for the treatment of anxiety disorders. If Western medicine brings quick effect but has many risks of side effects, traditional medicine remedies will be extracted from herbs, more benign.

Today, the methods of Oriental medicine used to treat diseases are highly appreciated for their effectiveness, safety, and few unwanted effects. Therefore, if you are in a state of anxiety disorder, you can completely consider applying Eastern medicine methods to treat the disease.

Although comparing Eastern and Western medicine methods is a bit lame, Eastern medicine still has benefits that Western medicine cannot guarantee. In today’s life, it is undeniable that the great effectiveness and benefits that Western medicine bring to people, but the methods of Eastern medicine also make a great contribution to the protection of human health.

Oriental medicine is a method of medical examination and treatment in a general and comprehensive form and always towards the motto “prevention is better than cure”. Thanks to that, besides focusing on treating diseases with separate herbs, it also helps to enhance overall health for people, preventing more dangerous pathological problems.

Not only that, a strength that is superior to other medical methods that only Eastern medicine possesses is that it does not cause damage to the stomach and liver and kidneys. Normally, when using Western drugs, the liver and kidneys must work hard to filter the blood and eliminate toxins outside. At the same time, the stomach will also be greatly affected if you use Western medicine for a long time.

Many Western drugs, especially antibiotics, will have many undesirable side effects. Therefore, many people prefer to choose Oriental medicine to minimize the great effects, help protect the liver and kidneys best during the treatment of anxiety disorders.

Another benefit that Oriental medicine can bring is to limit the recurrence rate in patients. Although the progression time and treatment of anxiety disorders with traditional Chinese medicine needs to be persistent for a certain period of time, when the disease is cured, the recurrence rate will be lower than usual. Thanks to the root cure method, Oriental medicine brings long-term effects, helping patients stabilize their lives better.

Thus, it can be seen that applying Eastern medicine methods in the treatment of anxiety disorders brings good results and many long-term benefits. For mild cases, it is possible to consider using remedies or supportive methods from Eastern medicine. For moderate and severe cases, it is necessary to combine both Western and Eastern medicine to bring the best effect.

Some Ayurvedic Remedies To Treat Anxiety Disorders

Oriental medicine in the treatment of anxiety disorders will have 2 main methods: non-drug and drug use. As follows:

1. Non-drug method

To help patients clear their mood, relax their mind, relax their body and minimize symptoms of anxiety and confusion, traditional medicine doctors can immediately apply non-drug measures. as follows:

Oriental medicine in the treatment of anxiety disorders

Massage, acupressure in Oriental medicine help relax the mind, blood circulation, reduce anxiety and stress effectively.

  • Massage: This is a fairly simple massage operation, using the fingertips or hands to affect certain positions on the body to help the nerves relax, relieve depression and anxiety for the patient. Usually, to improve anxiety disorders, doctors will prioritize massage at the fingertips, forehead, head or bottom of the feet.
  • Acupressure: Patients will receive direct acupressure from experienced physicians. They will apply force to the acupuncture points corresponding to the damaged organs in the body, support to regulate yin and yang, increase vitality and restore mental health for the patient.
  • Acupuncture: This measure will be suitable for those who are suffering from mild to moderate anxiety disorder. The doctor will use small and pointed needles to prick several places on the surface of the skin. Patients will not find any pain or discomfort during acupuncture. The conduct of acupuncture will help stimulate brain activity, reduce pain and control the negative states that anxiety disorders cause.

2. Oriental medicine remedies for anxiety disorders

For cases of anxiety disorders, the application of Oriental medicine will be more commonly used. Depending on the condition and severity of each person’s disease, the doctor will consider choosing the right medicine. Here are some commonly used remedies:

2.1 Remedy No. 1

Prepare: 18g birth dragon model, 18g apple kernel, 9g bone jelly, 9g raw humiliation, 9g crown prince ginseng, 45g licorice, 6g bare skin, 6g lotus heart, 30g vascular edema, 4.5g licorice injection, 1.8g god sa.

Doing: Bring all the prepared herbs into super decoction with the right amount of water. After about 30 to 45 minutes, strain the juice and drink it all during the day.

2.2 Remedy No. 2

Prepare: Repatriation, shrewd, shou d shou du, shu pu tu long dan zhang, shou shou du, t n d t s , sh d d t s d , with doses depending on the doctor’s prescription.

Doing: Add all the ingredients to the pot with the right amount of water. Boil for 45 minutes, then turn off the heat and filter the medicinal water. It can be divided into several servings a day and should be maintained for about 1 to 2 months to achieve the best results.

Oriental medicine in the treatment of anxiety disorders

Depending on the condition of each person, the doctor will prescribe different herbal ingredients.

3. Remedy #3 – Use mint

According to research, mint has a stress-relieving effect, helping to improve symptoms of anxiety disorders very effectively and safely. Besides, applying this medicine also helps patients improve sleep quality, stabilize heart rate.

How to use: You can use mint as a vegetable to eat raw with daily meals or can be processed into nutritious dishes. Besides, mint juice is also very cool, both to help you quench your thirst, and to support the treatment of diseases. For cases of headaches, difficulty sleeping, it is advisable to squeeze into the form of essential oils to keep in the bedroom to help relax and be more comfortable.

4. Remedy No. 4

Prepare: 12g Sai Ho, 8g Mint, 12g Birth Earth, 12g Bach Truc, 12g worship, 1g Grilled Ginger, 3 Apples, Sale, Hang fowl, Circuit Gate and Tran skin.

Doing: Put all the herbs in the decoction with water to drink daily. Drink 3 times a day and persist for several months.

5. Remedy No. 5

Prepare: 12g cardamom, 12g dong quai, 12g ginseng, 12g royal flag, 12g worshiping god, 12g apple kernel, 12g hollyhock, 16g lotus seed, 16g white truffle, 4g licorice, 4g cinnamon humiliation, 4g myrrh.

Doing: Use a sufficient amount of water to decoction with the above herbs. Divide the medicine into 3 parts and drink it all during the day.

Things to remember when treating anxiety disorders with Oriental medicine

Although most of the traditional Chinese medicine uses natural herbs that are safe for health, benign with most different disease objects. But not because of that, the patient intentionally abuses it excessively or uses it irregularly, not according to the doctor’s instructions.

Oriental medicine in the treatment of anxiety disorders
To ensure safety, patients need to go to reputable Oriental medicine facilities to get their pulse and specific examination.

In order to make the most of the use of Oriental medicine methods in treating anxiety disorders, patients should pay attention to some of the following issues:

  • Because the remedies and methods of supporting Oriental medicine are all using natural ingredients, the effect will be longer. Therefore, patients need to be mentally prepared to persevere, try to apply in a certain time to achieve the best effect.
  • Before deciding to apply any method, you also need to check and consult carefully with a specialist to ensure safety during use.
  • Patients should not use both Western medicine and Eastern medicine at the same time. Because this can cause some unwanted side effects because the ingredients of the drug can be sensitive to each other.
  • Along with the good application of Eastern medicine in the treatment of anxiety disorders, patients also need to change their lifestyle, adjust their diet, exercise regularly, and improve the quality of their sleep. sleep or can combine some other relaxation and mental stabilization therapies.
  • In necessary cases, you need to go to medical centers specializing in health care for specific support and advice, avoiding the situation of becoming a “doctor” that makes the disease worse. serious.

Thus, it can be seen that applying Oriental medicine methods in the treatment of anxiety disorders brings good results and ensures safety for patients. However, you should still consider carefully and see a doctor or specialist for specific advice and guidance on choosing the right remedy.

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