Answer the question: What to eat to increase the body’s resistance?

Nutrition plays an extremely important role in supporting the human body to have better resistance. Therefore, you should add foods that increase resistance to your daily meals to protect the health of yourself and your family. In the article below, Easyhealthylive will help people answer the question: “What to eat to increase resistance? for the body to be healthier every day?”.

1. What to eat to increase the body’s resistance? Almond

Almonds are a rich source of vitamins with vitamin E, magnesium, manganese and fiber. Just a small handful of almonds is a light and healthy snack that’s good for your immune system.

To prevent colds, people often think of supplementing with vitamin E, a fat-soluble vitamin that is extremely necessary for the human body. However, vitamin E requires fat to be properly absorbed by the body. Therefore, nuts like almonds are the main source of vitamin E because they are rich in vitamins and healthy fats.

2. Garlic is a food that helps increase the body’s resistance

Garlic is a spice that can help prevent respiratory infections, flu, blood fat, high blood pressure, etc. Garlic contains many essential oils (rich in allicin, glycogen, fitonxit) and iodine, which has the effect of killing bacteria. as well as effective anti-inflammatory. Not only that, garlic also contains high levels of vitamins A, B, C, D and many essential minerals such as calcium, iodine, and magnesium to help improve resistance.

3. Ginger is a food that helps increase the body’s resistance

Ginger is a food that helps to strengthen the resistance and is widely used after getting sick. The reason is because ginger can relieve sore throat, reduce inflammation and other inflammatory diseases.

Besides, ginger can also help relieve pain, reduce nausea and slow down cholesterol creation. You can use ginger as a spice in meals or cook it, make ginger tea to drink, etc.

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4. Fatty fish is a food that helps increase the body’s resistance

Fatty fish are the main sources of Omega 3 fatty acids such as tuna, salmon, sardines, etc. According to a 2014 report, long-term Omega 3 supplementation can reduce the risk have rheumatoid arthritis. This is a chronic autoimmune condition that occurs when the immune system attacks a healthy part of the body.

5. Green tea is a food that helps increase the body’s resistance

Green tea contains only a small amount of caffeine, so you can enjoy it as an alternative to coffee or black tea. Besides, drinking green tea can also boost immunity.

Similar to blueberries, green tea contains flavonoids that may reduce the risk of catching a cold. The researchers also found that people who ate foods high in flavonoids were less likely to get the common cold or upper respiratory tract infection than those who didn’t.

6. Spinach is a food that helps increase resistance

Spinach is an effective resistance-boosting food because it contains many essential nutrients and antioxidants, such as vitamins C, E, carotene, flavonoids, etc. In which, vitamins E and C can help support for the immune system. A study has also shown that flavonoids can also help prevent the common cold in healthy people.

7. Sweet potatoes are foods that help increase resistance

Sweet potatoes are the answer to the question: “What to eat to increase resistance?”. Because sweet potatoes are rich in Beta Carotene, an antioxidant that gives the skin orange color.

Not only that, but Beta Carotene is also a source of vitamin A, which helps keep skin healthy and protects against UV-induced skin damage.

8. Oranges are foods that help increase resistance

With abundant vitamin C content, oranges are the familiar resistance-boosting foods of many households. Vitamin C may reduce the duration of common cold symptoms and improve immune system function.

Vitamin C is also considered the secret to effective resistance enhancement because it helps the body increase the production of Interferon. This is a protein made by the body’s cells to fight pathogens and promote a better immune system.

However, the truth is that the human body cannot produce or synthesize vitamin C on its own. Therefore, you need to supplement vitamin C daily to ensure your body is healthy. This is why many people choose to supplement with vitamin C-rich fruits to strengthen their resistance and the whole family.

9. Pure yogurt is a food that helps increase resistance

Plain yogurt is one of the foods that contain a large amount of beneficial bacteria for the body and is a rich source of vitamin D. Not only increasing the ability to fight viruses, pure yogurt also helps you own a balanced body and smoother skin.

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However, one thing you need to keep in mind is to limit the use of high-sugar yogurts. Instead, people can make their own yogurt at home with healthy fruits.

10. Poultry is a food that helps increase resistance

Poultry meats such as chicken, turkey contain abundant levels of vitamin B6, this is a very good micronutrient that supports reactions occurring in the body. Not only that, they are also essential for the formation of new and healthy red blood cells, and strengthen the resistance.

11. Seafood is a food that helps increase resistance

Seafood is not only rich in nutrients, but also contains abundant zinc to help strengthen immunity. Not only that, seafood is also a food that helps to strengthen the resistance of children and adults.

Although zinc is not as well known as other vitamins and minerals, it is extremely beneficial. It helps immune cells do their job well. Some seafood containing abundant zinc content can be mentioned as oysters, crabs, mussels, shrimp, mussels, etc.

To keep your body healthy and prevent diseases, you need to follow the principle of eating healthy, exercising regularly, as well as maintaining a reasonable weight. However, the truth is that there is no single food that is perfect and contains all the necessary nutrients according to the body’s needs. Therefore, you need to combine many different foods and change them regularly in your daily meals.

The daily diet should have a balanced combination of plant and animal protein. Besides, you need to balance both animal fat and vegetable oil in the diet.

In addition, people should increase their intake of peanuts, sesame, green vegetables, beans and ripe fruits. Eat enough according to need and need to divide appropriately between meals during the day depending on health status, age, level of labor.

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