Answer the question of how long is the best time to sit in yoga meditation?

How long should you sit in yoga meditation for best results is a common question asked by many yogis. In fact, there is no exact answer to this problem, it all depends on your ability and time budget.

Yoga and meditation – A perfect combination that brings many miraculous benefits. If yoga is aimed at health, flexibility for the body and mind balance, meditation increases peace and happiness in the soul.

But how long should you sit in yoga meditation to get the most benefits? Let’s see the sharing below with to get the answer to this problem.

You have heard that meditative yoga can bring many health benefits but don’t know how long to practice for the best results? In fact, time to meditate is a matter of great concern because today, everyone is busy and doesn’t seem to have too much free time. In addition, sitting still for too long is also very difficult, especially for beginners.

Is meditation like going to a movie?

To avoid meditating the wrong way, take a moment to sit back and do a little thought experiment. Think for a moment and then answer the question: What brings you joy? What makes you really happy?

There are many answers, but for example, about going to the movies. If you love to watch movies, then when you think about going to the movies, you won’t think about the time you spent doing this. You’ll just think, “Oh, I’m going to the movies today!”.

So when you think about meditation, do you feel the same excitement? In fact, if you love meditation, there will be times when you feel that no matter how long you meditate, it’s not enough.

How long does yoga meditation take to get the best results? It all depends on you, meditating is like going to see a movie, if you love it, you will not think about the time but just feel interested in doing it.


Meditation is like going to see a movie, if you love it, you will not think about the time but only feel the excitement of doing it.

What results do you expect you to get when you meditate?

When you meditate, what results do you expect to get? Want to find peace? Are you feeling anxious and stressed and you want to meditate to dispel these? Or are you meditating to find a deeper meaning in life?

Meditation can help you do all of the above. However, practitioners also need to understand that, like any other discipline, meditation cannot give you immediate results.

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Meditation is an art. If you are persistent, determined with this type and practice it regularly, you will soon get results. You need to have patience because you can’t decide when you might notice results.

You don’t even feel any change. But over time, you will soon feel the benefits that meditation brings.

Each person is a different individual. We come from different cultures, we have different histories, personalities and living circumstances.

Therefore, you should never use other people’s results as your yardstick. Because you are completely different from them, you can feel the effects of meditation immediately while many people can’t, but it can also take days, weeks or even months to do it.

How long should I practice yoga meditation?

Patience is one of the best lessons yoga meditation can teach you. From the very first session, you have been cultivating patience. Because during exercise, you can’t control anything, including the results. You’re letting things be, and you accept whatever happens (or doesn’t happen).

Patience is one of the best lessons yoga meditation can teach you

Patience is one of the best lessons yoga meditation can teach you

If you’re just starting out, you should meditate for 5 to 10 minutes a day, or even less. You can try about a minute in the morning. Once you get used to sitting still and relaxing, increase it to 2 minutes, then keep increasing the time as long as you feel comfortable.

And of course, there is no limit to sitting meditation. If you enjoy meditating as much as you enjoy going to the movies, you’ll find time isn’t as important a factor.

Yoga meditation is the most effective tool to help you control your emotions. Persevering in practice for a long time, you will gradually form a habit of calm when dealing with problems in life, in the long run your emotions will also change and from there your calmness will also form. .

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