Answer 6 difficult questions to answer in yoga class

Keeping silent is considered an “unwritten law” in yoga classes. However, sometimes, it is this that gives you a lot of doubts about who to “show” to.

There will be a lot of problems when you join a yoga class. Problems can come from practice, from teachers or sometimes it’s concerns that you don’t know who to talk to.

After surveying many yoga students, has compiled some frequently asked questions and answered them through the sharing below.

1. What should I do when I “fart” in yoga class?

Farting in a yoga class is very common, especially during pregnancy yoga classes. The reason is that yoga poses will stimulate the intestines and make it easier for you to fall into this awkward state.

This is completely natural. However, to avoid this, you can consider your diet before yoga and avoid adding beans to your diet.

  What should I do when I

Farting in yoga class is very common

If faced with this awkward moment in a yoga class, observe the classroom atmosphere and act accordingly. If the class has a playful atmosphere, gently admit it or say a “funny” joke. If the teacher and other students are seriously practicing, pretend nothing happened.

2. What should I do when someone in class “stinks up”?

Instead of trying to change others, find ways to change yourself. The principle of yoga is that you must be calm, forget everything around and focus high when practicing yoga.

Therefore, try to devote your mind and practice to not being disturbed by outside sights, noise or even odors. If you haven’t reached this level yet, find yourself another spot in the gym away from your “smelly” friend.

3. I like to study but don’t like the music played in yoga class?

You can completely give your opinion to the instructor to consider changing to good yoga music, more suitable for you and other students. Some yoga teachers like to play music while practicing, others don’t. If you don’t like doing yoga with music, choose a quiet yoga class that doesn’t use music.

I like to study but I don't like the music played in yoga class

If you don’t like doing yoga with music, choose a quiet yoga class

4. What should I do when I want to go to the toilet in yoga class?

You can completely leave class for a few minutes to deal with the physiological needs of your body. You do not need to ask permission from the teacher when going to the toilet.

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The best time to go is when doing relaxing yoga poses, such as baby pose or downward facing dog. However, do not go too often as this will make the teacher think that you are avoiding difficult poses or do not want to practice simple poses.

5. What about when your yoga teacher asks you to pair up with a sweaty student?

There are many ways to solve this problem. You can observe and find a practitioner who sweats the least. You can also invite your friends and relatives to go to school together to avoid having to pair up with strangers that make you uncomfortable.

Or the simplest way is to learn to accept this. Because remember that when you are upset by someone else’s sweat, other people are feeling the same way.

Sweating while practicing yoga

Be sympathetic to other practitioners when they sweat

6. Is loving yoga eccentric?

Previously, outside of India, almost only dieters practiced yoga. But today, yoga has become very popular, from doctors to CEOs practicing this subject. Therefore, you will not be worried about being eccentric if you love yoga. On the contrary, yoga helps you to relax and be more peaceful.

Yoga classes are usually quite informal and most people are willing to help newcomers. Ask your instructor or another student in the class about your concerns. Don’t worry, because you’re not the only one with these questions and this is quite normal in reality.

Above are some of the problems that often cause confusion in yoga classes. If you feel shy about these things when going to a yoga class, you might consider hiring a private yoga teacher. And if you have this intention, do not hesitate to download right away.

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