All you need to know about advanced yoga

Conquering difficult yoga movements at advanced yoga classes is the dream of many people. However, to do this, in addition to physical preparation, you also need to learn more about advanced yoga before starting to practice.

After a long time practicing basic yoga poses, you feel you have mastered all the poses and want to join an advanced yoga class? Wondering how advanced yoga practice will be?

Is it harder than doing basic yoga? If you are having a headache because of this, please continue to read the following shares of LEEP to understand more about advanced yoga.

Is Advanced Yoga Really What You Think It Is?

When it comes to advanced yoga, what comes to mind? Can you do complex poses or do you have enough skill and experience to do a pose that you haven’t done before?

In fact, physical factors do not make you better at yoga. Some people are able to practice the banana pose on the first day of class. Meanwhile, others have to practice for years, never even make it.

If you have mastered all the poses, you can completely lie on your back and breathe deeply instead of trying to perform the movements. Practitioners need to understand that yoga is just a journey of self-discovery, helping relieve stress, building strength and flexibility to promote health and prevent disease.

Yoga has no competition and no concept of levels. Therefore, advanced yoga is just an inner practice (mind training, discipline, etc.), bringing philosophy into practical, easy-to-understand, easy-to-do exercises, practice a simple lifestyle, and minimize problems. Depend….

The process of advanced yoga practice is not a few months or years, but a lifetime, not a degree, nor a difficult posture, but how to perform in each pose is what matters. decision.

Advanced yoga poses

Practicing yoga for long periods of time means that you have to constantly refine poses, even the most basic ones. As an experienced yoga practitioner, you can join any yoga class.

What’s important now, though, is not that you learn to know, but that you learn to tune your body to a higher level and pay attention to every little detail. When practicing for a long time, the body will become stronger and more flexible, you will find the poses more and more difficult.

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The practitioner will find it extremely interesting to discover that the body can do things that they never thought possible. However, it is important not to put too much weight on the results.

Do not use these results or the judgments of others to judge yourself. Advanced yoga poses will include poses that prevent a lot of back bending, (such as wheel pose, forearm standing), arm balance, often combined in complex ways , balance standing posture…

If you wonder how long it takes to practice basic yoga before you can experience advanced yoga exercises, the answer will depend on the time, frequency and flexibility of your body.

Is it possible to do advanced yoga at home?

After the basic yoga practice period, you can choose to practice intensive yoga exercises at home. You may even find that practicing at home will make you more comfortable when performing difficult poses.

Because when practicing in class, there will be times when you feel that your posture is not perfect, but the teacher will not allow it to repeat but ask to change to another position.

Advanced yoga teacher at home

You should invite a private yoga teacher to make sure that advanced yoga poses are properly performed and injury-free

However, you should only practice yoga at home when you have really mastered the movements and understood a lot about yoga. If not, you should still hire a private yoga teacher to ensure correct posture and injury-free.

Advanced yoga poses you can try

You can start with warm-ups and basic sun salutations. Then start trying the following poses:

  • Sun Salutation Exercises
  • Moon greeting exercise
  • Standing poses: warrior pose, balance pose…
  • Movements that increase body strength or flexibility
  • Inverted Pose

Notes when practicing advanced Yoga

For those who want to try advanced yoga exercises, there is a certain level of proficiency. At the same time, to improve the effectiveness of your workout, you need to note some of the following:

Focus on breathing

This principle affects the role of Yoga in providing oxygen to the body. Minutes of distractions and thoughts still seem to be okay, but can cause breathing to be interrupted and not enough to burn energy in each movement.

In the case of apnea for only a few seconds, the difficult exercise will not have enough oxygen to support and burn the body when performing the desired movements. As a result, it will cause limbs to become stiff, frantic or even fall if you cannot maintain your balance.

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Limit the use of too much force

Whether it is for basic movements or advanced yoga, you must pay attention to the feeling of the body. If you feel pain, you need to stop at the right time to avoid unwanted side effects. Especially for difficult exercises, it takes time to get used to and gradually improve. Sometimes those signs are ignored because you are subjective and not really subtle to pay attention.

Do not skip the basic steps

All yoga poses must be practiced in a certain sequence to build and create a solid foundation for the practitioner to have enough strength and flexibility. Rushing into advanced movements not only makes it difficult to maintain correct posture, but can also cause injury.

Remember, Advanced Yoga is not for everyone, it is only for those who are qualified, knowledgeable about the benefits of yoga, and really understand their own body.

Don’t eat too much before exercise

The advice for you is to only eat a moderate amount about 2 hours before exercise. When the stomach is too full, the muscles will not have enough energy to serve the yoga movements because the blood supply will rush to the stomach to process the nutrients in the food. However, that doesn’t mean you have to go hungry, you need food to fuel your body. Especially needed for the practice of advanced Yoga exercises.

Stay motivated to exercise

Just like any other activity, practicing yoga for a long time can lead to boredom and make you less excited to practice as before. You may also have to miss practice due to injury, family, or work. This is completely normal and this is no reason to think that you will end up doing yoga forever.

If you feel that practicing yoga becomes boring, what to do? Try a new type of yoga right away and you can feel the huge difference.

You should also ask yourself if you are having problems with your training, such as having negative thoughts and always wanting to compete with the person next to you? Understanding these things will help improve your attitude towards yoga.

With the above sharing, hopes you have a new perspective on advanced yoga. If you are looking for a professional yoga teacher to inspire and motivate, don’t hesitate to download to your device to connect with the trainer the fastest.

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