Advice corner: Menu for people with fatty liver disease

Nowadays, people with fatty liver disease are increasing. If the condition is not controlled, it can lead to cirrhosis and greatly affect the health of the patient. According to experts, diet is the leading cause of disease. Therefore, to effectively treat the disease, the most important thing is that you need to adjust to a healthy and scientific diet. Below will be the reference information about the menu for people with fatty liver.

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1. Menu for people with fatty liver disease

Recent statistics show that many Vietnamese people are suffering from fatty liver disease. This is a disease that is not too strange for people who are overweight and obese, people who are inactive, people with diabetes, etc. The main causes of the disease are drinking habits, hepatitis virus infection, etc. and unscientific lifestyle and eating habits.

Menu for people with fatty liver disease

Oranges are very good for people with fatty liver disease

People with fatty liver disease should have a diet to control the disease well. Specifically, patients should eat the following foods:

Green vegetables, fresh fruits: Fatty liver patients need to be supplemented with fiber from green vegetables and fruits to avoid constipation and stimulate bowel movements. In addition, vegetables and fruits contain a lot of vitamin A, vitamin E also works to avoid the accumulation of extra fat in the liver. You can choose a number of vegetables such as oranges, vegetables, cauliflower, celery, … and many other vegetables.

For people with liver disease, drink is also extremely important. Prioritize drinks that are good for your liver health. In particular, it is recommended to choose lotus leaf tea, artichokes, bud water, lotus leaves, … These are all types of tea that have the effect of reducing fat in the liver, at the same time clearing heat, regulating the body, and avoiding the risk of getting sick. accumulation of fat in the liver.

Protein and milk: In addition to green vegetables and fruits, patients should also add meats, eggs, seafood, legumes, yogurt, etc. Note, when eating you can also reduce the fat content of meat. Poultry by peeling off their skin when cooking, and should be cooked by steaming, boiling instead of frying to limit fat.

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Eat foods that are low in cholesterol, such as olive oil and nuts.

Patients can choose lotus leaf tea to clear heat and reduce fat in the liver

Patients can choose lotus leaf tea to clear heat and reduce fat in the liver

Note: Some very good foods for fatty liver disease are corn, celery, shiitake, silkworm pupae. In there:

Corn: Is a food that contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acids that help promote fat metabolism very well.

Celery: Cools the liver and lowers cholesterol in the blood and clears the blood.

Shiitake: Very helpful in reducing cholesterol in the blood and liver.

Patients can add silkworm pupae in their daily meals

Patients can add silkworm pupae in their daily meals

Silkworm pupae: Can be processed into food or powdered for drinking. This is a very good food to improve liver function.

2. Foods that sick people should avoid

To control and improve the condition, you should avoid the following foods:

Do not eat too much fat, animal fat: When you consume these foods, you create more pressure on the liver, making the liver work harder and when the liver cannot excrete fat, it will cause fat accumulation. more in the liver. Therefore, it is advisable to limit animal fats and fats, and to choose vegetable-based cooking oils.

Do not eat foods rich in cholesterol, such as animal organs, egg yolks, etc.

Red meat should be avoided because it can make the condition worse.

Patients should also not eat high-fructose fruits to prevent fatty liver.

Corn is very good for people with fatty liver disease

Corn is very good for people with fatty liver disease

Avoid spicy and hot spices: Hot and spicy foods will not be good for the health of the liver and limit the liver’s ability to excrete fat, making the disease very difficult to improve.

Do not use stimulants, especially alcoholic beverages. When you have liver diseases, drinking alcohol is a factor to promote the disease to develop more, which can turn from fatty liver to cirrhosis.

3. Address for examination and treatment of fatty liver disease

There are many clinics and hospitals for you to choose from for examination and treatment of this disease. But we advise you to learn and choose a reputable medical facility for effective examination and treatment, to avoid falling into the situation of “lost money, disability”.

Currently, MEDLATEC General Hospital is an address chosen by a large number of people in the capital and many neighboring provinces for the following reasons:

MEDLATEC Hospital has developed and implemented a comprehensive liver examination package to help customers quickly diagnose liver diseases through liver enzyme testing, liver function assessment and liver cancer screening, at the same time. can screen for hepatitis B, hepatitis C.

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Patients completely feel secure and very safe when performing tests at the hospital. The machines and medical equipment of MEDLATEC are all qualified and imported in countries with the most modern medical systems in the world.

After the examination, the doctors who are leading experts in the field will help you advise on the health status, thereby giving the most appropriate and effective treatment for the patient.

The doctor is also the person who directly advises you about the specific diet, activities, and exercises to be able to control the disease in the best way. Patients should also check their health periodically to monitor the disease, and promptly handle if any abnormalities occur.

At MEDLATEC, with the professional and dedicated service attitude of the hospital staff, customers will always feel comfortable as if they were in their own home and well cared for by their loved ones.

Any questions about menu for people with fatty liver disease or other health problems, please call the hotline 1900 56 56 56 for detailed expert advice.

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