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Acne skin is a red and difficult skin because acne skin often comes with many problems such as oil secretion, sensitivity, irritation to external agents (sun, smoke, chemical substances that cause acne). pollution, stress, etc.). When a pimple goes away, it leaves a dark spot on the skin that takes a long time to completely heal, and new acne spots appear at the same time. So how to both reduce new acne formation and reduce dark spots from old acne? This is a problem that many of you face, because acne treatments are often irritating and cause new breakouts. The article analyzes the problems of blemishes for acne-prone skin and suggests how to improve the condition of acne scars effectively.

Acne scars cause loss of aesthetics, lack of confidence when communicating with people
Acne scars cause loss of aesthetics, lack of confidence when communicating with people

Causes of bruises

Dark brown spots can appear on the skin after the acne has disappeared because the skin produces more melanin. Melanin is the pigment that gives skin color and is produced by melanocytes. Overproduction of melanin in a spot or patch on the skin’s surface can cause the skin to appear tan, brown, or dark brown.

Overproduction of the pigment melanin can occur after the skin becomes inflamed. Researchers suggest that a number of inflammatory and immune factors may stimulate melanin production. The exact mechanism behind this is still unclear, but these factors may include:

  • Prostanoids.
  • Cytokines.
  • Chemokine.
  • Oxidative agents.

Once a person develops hyperpigmentation acne, a number of external factors, such as sun exposure or UV rays, can worsen its appearance.

Sunlight affects the production of melanin, causing dark spots and pigmentation
Sunlight affects the production of melanin pigment, causing dark spots and melasma.

The most well known cause of dark spots is acne. Acne is the most common type of acne, followed by cystic acne. The important thing to avoid getting bruises is not to pop pimples on your own.

An acne spot needs to be ripe, astringent and removed from the pores by disinfected tools and appropriate procedures to leave no bruises.

To summarize, a number of causes or habits can increase the risk of developing post-acne marks:

  • Large inflammatory acne or acne.
  • Habit of touching acne.
  • Arbitrarily squeezing acne by hand when the acne is not yet ripe causes skin damage.
  • Do not protect yourself from the sun during the period of acne.
  • Skin care is not careful, leading to the skin recovery process becomes difficult, the skin is easily sensitive.
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How to reduce dark spots after acne

1. In the period of acne:

  • Protect yourself from the sunAcne skin, especially inflammatory acne is when the skin is most sensitive and prone to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, if the skin is regularly exposed to the sun containing a lot of UV rays, the skin will become sensitive and easily bruised. after the acne heals.
    In addition to using sunscreen, it is necessary to wear a jacket, hat, and mask when going out in the sun, it is best to limit the time you are exposed to the sun as much as possible.
Careful sun protection is a measure to improve acne scars
Careful sun protection is a measure to improve acne.
  • Limit make-up: Cosmetic residue can accumulate and make your inflammatory acne take longer to heal, the longer the acne period, the greater the risk of leaving a bruise. Therefore, if possible, it is necessary to limit makeup so that the skin can breathe and recover when acne occurs.
  • Term Physical exfoliation: Exfoliating scrubs that are too large can cause friction, rub the skin and accidentally hurt the inflamed acne, causing an open wound. These open wounds are an opportunity for microorganisms to enter, making acne worse and prone to post-acne scars.
    When skin has acne, it is necessary to change to chemical exfoliation or use skincare with mild acid ingredients to effectively and safely exfoliate the skin.

2. Some methods to help skin heal quickly when acne is gone

  • Good sun protection: is the most important note in treating dark spots even in the period of acne or acne. UV rays from the sun are the direct agents that lead to hyperpigmentation, causing dark spots and blemishes acne long gone.
  • Exfoliate dead skin: Once the skin has healed, physical or chemical exfoliation can be applied. Regular exfoliation helps accelerate the skin renewal cycle, helps remove old dead cells, promotes new skin to form, focuses on taking care of the new layer of skin (without much pigment) is the main cause. for a bright, smooth, even skin tone.
Physical exfoliation should only be applied when the skin is clear of acne
Physical exfoliation should only be applied when the skin is clear of acne.
  • Skin cleansing: Cleansing the skin is an important step to prevent acne from coming back, and when the skin is clean, the skin care active ingredients are also easier to penetrate deeply and give more impact. Clean skin is an important premise for the next steps of care. Should clean by double cleansing method (remove makeup with oil / makeup remover and then clean with cleanser).

The ingredients in the serum help reduce dark spots for acne-prone skin

Some ingredients in skin care products / serums for acne skin are usually:

  • Vitamin C: often combined with vitamin E to increase the effect of skin lightening, collagen regeneration and anti-aging.
  • Salicylic Acid: is a BHA that works to deep clean pores, reduce inflammation (caused by acne) and at the same time make acne quickly shrink, salicylic acid can appear in many different products such as cleansers, creams. skin care and serum.
  • Natural essences: including centella extract, licorice root extract, seaweed extract, turmeric extract, … natural extracts rich in anti-aging substances, helping to restore skin, benign and safe safe, soothes the skin, reduces inflammation and has the effect of lightening the skin as well as acne scars.
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Centella asiatica helps reduce inflammation, soothes acne-prone skin and helps fade acne scars
Centella asiatica helps reduce inflammation, soothes acne-prone skin and helps fade acne blemishes.
  • Hydroquinone: It is a powerful skin whitening agent that affects the melanocytes layer (melanocytes are the cells that produce melanin). Hydroquinone works quickly but at the same time is also easy to cause skin burns, chemical sunburn, so be careful when using.

Anti Dark Spot Serum Oribe – Brightening serum pills, reducing dark spots

Oribe serum tablets - fade pigmentation, brighten skin, anti-aging
Oribe serum tablets – fade pigmentation, brighten skin, anti-aging, reduce dark spots.

With main ingredients:

  • Astaxanthin: is a derivative of the same group of retinoids, has an antioxidant effect 20 times stronger than vitamin C, helps the skin to be elastic, anti-aging, reduces inflammation and effectively brightens the skin. In addition, astaxanthin can also reduce the size of age spots, maintain skin moisture.
  • Jojoba oil and vitamin EVitamin E is a fat-soluble substance, so it works best in oily substrates. Jojoba is a natural skin oil that moisturizes, helps the skin hydrate and brightens the skin, fills in the grooves that have formed wrinkles on the skin, helping the skin to stay young and smooth.
  • Essence is rosemary: Helps to fight inflammation, reduce acne, bring a pleasant cool feeling when used on the skin, and help increase blood circulation under the skin, improve dull skin conditions and fatigue caused by stress.
  • Hydrolyzed collagen Hydrolyzed collagen helps the skin to absorb and retain water, moisturizes and softens the skin, provides precursors for the skin to synthesize collagen, making the skin bright and plump.

The dosage form of Oribe serum tablets also makes it convenient to use. Soft capsule (twist the tip of the tablet and take the essence inside to apply to the face) helps to get the exact amount of serum needed each day. Since the active ingredients in serums are all susceptible to environmental influences, this is a guaranteed method with many advantages.

The fact that the serum is contained in soft capsules will help minimize exposure to the external environment, ensuring the content of active ingredients in each use.


Acne is a skin condition that is unsightly and annoying for many people. To improve and make dark spots disappear quickly, it is necessary to have a scientific skin care routine and combine with products with effective lightening and blurring effects to shorten the recovery process of the skin, which is The reason you need serum products for acne skin.

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