According to research in the US, excessive exercise can cause cardiovascular problems

The benefits of regular exercise will help prevent obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, but excessive exercise can negatively affect the body, especially increase the risk of disease. heart.

In a 2017 US study, published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings, researchers reported that bodybuilders in particular and sports in general who exceeded the national recommended threshold for many years had an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases in middle age. Through CT scans, the researchers were diagnosed with heart disease risk based on calcium-containing plaques in the arteries (also known as CACs), a hallmark of heart disease.

Plaque containing calcium on the walls of blood vessels is the cause of heart disease

The study was conducted on a large scale with 3,200 participants and over 25 years, from when they were teenagers. Volunteers periodically report on their fitness status, including type of activity and intensity of exercise.

Too much gym exercise is also risky?

In this report, the study participants divided subjects into three groups: those who exercised according to national recommendations (i.e. 150 minutes of moderate activity or 75 minutes of specialized exercise such as aerobics for 1 hour). week), insufficient exercise group and excessive exercise group.

The results showed that the group that exercised three times the recommended level had a 27% higher rate of heart disease than the group that exercised below the recommended level. Also in this high exercise group, the proportion of men with heart disease was slightly higher than that of women.

However, a very interesting information is that in the low exercise group, the risk of high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes is higher than that of the other two groups.

The link between overtraining and heart disease

Dr Jamal Rana, who led the study, said: “Exercising in the gym or doing high-intensity sports can put a lot of pressure on blood vessels. This sets the stage for the presence of calcium-containing impurities in the arteries (CACs). However, these plaques adhere very firmly to the walls of blood vessels and do not fall off easily, leading to heart disease. We need more time to clarify this in our study.”

Maintain a reasonable exercise regimen to minimize CAC plaques

Dr Rana also added that the team plans to continue to monitor the participants to see how many people had heart attacks or other health problems or even the time of their death.

Other studies have also shown the downsides of over-exercising. In a cardiovascular-related study conducted in Copenhagen (Denmark), volunteers were divided into 3 groups, the group who walked normally, the group that walked the most, and the group who walked the most, respectively. groups 1, 2 and 3. The results showed that the risk of dying from heart disease in group 2 was 3 times higher than group 1 and group 3 was 9 times higher than group 1.

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A larger study of 1 million women conducted in the UK has also shown that women who exercise and go to the gym at high intensity are more likely to have heart disease, stroke or blood clots. than those who exercised with normal intensity.

Through the above studies, it is possible to see a link between exercise, excessive sports and heart disease. Therefore, we need to change the concept of “the more you exercise, the stronger you are, the stronger you are”. Moderate exercise will cause blood vessels to dilate, increase in diameter, more blood flow and pressure on blood vessel walls will be reduced compared to people who are completely inactive.

Through studies, excessive exercise is not quick to achieve results, but has the potential to cause heart disease

In fact, exercise is not the only factor affecting the heart and circulatory system. For a healthy heart and vascular system, nutrition also plays a very important part. Not to mention the use of tobacco, alcohol and other stimulants.

In short, the possibility of heart disease when exercising excessively is there, but that is not a reason to be lazy and deny the benefits that exercise in particular and sports in general bring. So, to know how to exercise at the right intensity, suitable for your ability, find yourself a fitness trainer to help. Now, finding a coach becomes simpler and easier when you use Download now and experience the service as well as update more knowledge about health, nutrition, exercise and be inspired by exercise lovers.


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Can exercising too much cause heart health problems? Access date: June 25, 2020

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