9 Signs that you are a bland, tasteless type of person

Being someone who always makes the conversation go to a dead end, does not understand the actions of others, always feels disconnected from the story is the typical expression of a bland, tasteless person. Of course, to change this is not easy, but if you just live well, be honest, respect and help others, you will still become special and score points in the eyes of those around you.

9 signs that you are a bland, tasteless type of person

Personality is what makes us attractive to those around us. It can be clearly seen that cheerful, funny people are more likely to have many friends and be noticed by others than those who are quiet, quiet or bland. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with being bland or tasteless, but almost all of us aspire to be interesting.

bland expression

Bland people are often less attractive, paler than others

It is not ourselves, but the people around us, who judge whether you are a boring or interesting person because sometimes there are things and actions that you find extremely interesting that no one can feel. received, Or conversely, before the story everyone laughs but only you feel it’s so… bland. So what is the typical expression of a bland, tasteless person?

Can’t understand the joke

An interesting expression that is often found in people who are bland and tasteless is that they are often quite serious, rarely laugh or do not understand other people’s jokes. Because they know their own weaknesses, they often try to listen to people’s stories attentively and really seriously but still can’t get into the story, don’t understand why people laugh.

Or because they are serious, if other people make jokes that are questions, these people can also try to find answers and answer honestly and honestly. Because of their seriousness, they often make the people around them feel a little embarrassed if they do something too much, do not dare to tease much because they are too sincere.

Quiet, quiet, easy to make the conversation slack

Another manifestation of the bland, tasteless type is that they often only listen, but rarely give opinions, making the atmosphere always extremely boring if it’s just the two of them. The reason may be because they worry that they misunderstand other people’s ideas, try to find the point that is considered “fun”, be too careful, so they will try to avoid not having to give opinions and votes.

bland expression

Talking to boring people often makes the opposite person depressed and emotional

When they themselves listen to the story, they often do not have emotional expressions, making those around them feel that they must be telling a very boring and boring story, so they often have no interest in continuing. Or if there is an interaction and exchange with these groups of people, the results are usually just “eh”, “ah”, “like that” without emotion.

However, when the bland people are silent it is fine but once they have raised their voice it will most likely make the situation quiet, suddenly fall into silence and the atmosphere is also very strange, they almost cannot make others laugh naturally. Sayings that are too serious, emotionless, sometimes “uncharacteristic” will interrupt the emotional circuit, the complete fun of the people in the story.

Of course, these people certainly don’t want that. They always want to join the conversation with people and also tend to imitate the style of others, trying to come up with jokes but almost all fail. Because they think too much, like to complicate things, their jokes or actions make it difficult for others to understand.

The expression of the bland type – has a flat, expressionless tone of voice

Having a horizontal tone, always equal, neither low nor high, or more precisely, a sleepy voice with an emotionless face is also one of the manifestations of a bland, tasteless person. This is also the reason why no matter how much funny jokes or stories are, through the voices of boring people, they also become serious and boring.

Usually when telling stories, even with people who are not too funny, we often change the tone of our voice to show our emotions, for example, when we are angry, we lower our voice; excited, the voice is higher, the eyes are wide, the face is more cheerful; while sad, the tone of the narrator will be lower and lower. As for the boring person, only throughout the story, they only keep the same tone of voice, an expression that does not change, even without physical movements such as arms or legs.

Repeat routines, hate innovation

A boring person may just drink coffee at that cafe because they are very lazy to change, afraid to communicate or learn new things. For example, when drinking at that familiar restaurant, people will know what they want to drink, make it themselves and give it to customers, rather than having to think and choose when standing next to the menu. In other matters of life, they also tend to have similar tendencies making this a bland archetype.

Because of their dislike of innovation, these people’s relationships are also extremely limited, encapsulated in the most familiar friends, who certainly have an understanding of their personalities. In fact, it’s also partly due to the bland, tasteless type expressions that are often quite obvious, making people who meet them for the first time not too impressed, or even have not too good impressions, so they often don’t have a good impression. many friends.

Try to “imitate” interesting people

If you’ve ever tried to imitate someone else’s expressions, actions, and sayings to make fun of them, but didn’t get the desired results, they often just smiled or didn’t care, then this is probably the case. It shows that you are a bland, tasteless person. We always want to improve ourselves and try to do everything according to the “model” that we want.

bland expression

They always try to imitate others to be more funny but often fail

However, the fact is interesting, the humor is automatically ingrained in each person’s subconscious, eating into the “blood” that makes a person sometimes just need to hear the voice to make others laugh. Meanwhile, when boring people do the same thing but it doesn’t make anyone laugh, it even makes people panic and don’t understand what’s going on.

Because it is an imitation, the expression of the “copy” is often more ridiculous combined with added tension, making even the same image, the same sentence, but no one finds it interesting. On the other hand, it is easy for people to laugh at unique and surprising situations, once they have witnessed and are familiar, of course, the interesting effect that it brings is certainly not equal to “copy”.

The expression is bland – often lulls at home

There are countless reasons that the expression of the bland type is more likely to stay at home than go out. The first is because they have very few friends, so they often don’t invite anyone to hang out. Friends groups of boring people also tend to have similar personalities, so meetings can also become boring so they rarely go out.

Or another reason is that boring people themselves are often quiet, introverted people. Because they always feel stressed and stressed when they have to talk to another person, they also tend to avoid these meetings as much as possible. On the other hand, due to less contact and less communication, the ability to talk, interact, words and emotions of these groups of people becomes more limited and stereotyped, making them unable to change this personality forever.

A few other reasons may also be because the bland, tasteless person tends to be more negative, likes to overdo things, likes to prolong the story, so even if he actively invites others to coffee but also very easily rejected. The people around themselves also feel like they can’t learn anything, don’t feel interesting from boring people because they share little, so they also rarely meet.

Because they stay at home a lot, these groups of people also tend to rely heavily on electronic devices and social networks to find joy for themselves. They also tend to be more virtual when using social media to show that they are interesting people even if they are not in real life.

No opinions of their own

Because they are always worried that they don’t know what to do, these people are often quite righteous, lacking in ideas, easily inclined to one side but also easily tempted and drawn to another group. Partly because they are often not confident in themselves, afraid that their opinions will be rejected or no one cares, so they decide to keep quiet. If asked, their answer is usually “whatever”, “whatever happens to me”..

The habit of being too passive, not daring to speak up about their own needs will only make these people always feel disadvantaged. Even so, they also accept resentment and discomfort, but do not say not to share with anyone because they are afraid of making mistakes, because they are afraid that no one will play with them, so they are often silent. This is also one of the typical manifestations of the bland type.

Bland type expression – Tends to be pessimistic

One manifestation that can be seen in bland, tasteless, boring people is that they often tend to like to overdo a certain issue, and their thoughts are also more pessimistic than usual. Partly due to stress, you try to take any problem too seriously and take it too seriously even though it’s not really necessary.

Boring people can even spend most of their time complaining, telling others how hard they are, making those around them extremely tired, even stressing on your behalf. The problems may be quite ordinary, but your narrative tends to be “dark”, more murky than usual.

On the other hand, the psychology is more pessimistic than usual, always looking for ways to avoid new things, making those who are inherently boring even less attractive in the eyes of people. For example, in a conversation, when people are excited for a long-distance outing, uninterested people might raise concerns about what might happen, causing the atmosphere to quickly sag.

Always feel tired like no energy

The feeling of trying to imitate someone, the feeling of always having to work hard to understand everyone’s fun, the feeling of not knowing what to say for fun, if you say it like this, will people respond? or not.. All these make bland, tasteless people always feel exhausted and tired, the most obvious manifestation is that they often choose to stay at home instead of going out.

bland expression

Boring people often stay at home in a state of low energy

Of course, when living without being yourself, the feeling of fatigue is inevitable. Not to mention because there are not too many relationships, so when there are sad and difficult stories, it is not difficult to share with anyone, so the new mentality tends to be more negative than usual.

How to improve bland, tasteless

You shouldn’t completely confuse quiet people, stay-at-home people, introverts with bland people. There are people who, even though normally they don’t say anything, are extremely opinionated and decisive, even when they say a sentence, people have to laugh at that sentence, while bland people have a hard time making people laugh. although the nature of the story they are telling is extremely interesting.

In fact, being a bland, tasteless person is not a bad thing, as long as you don’t harm anyone, no matter what personality you have, there will always be sincere people by your side. Of course, everyone wants to be able to receive attention from others, to be recognized as interesting by others, but blandness is like being “ingrained” in the blood and cannot be changed naturally.

bland expression

Let’s turn your sincerity, honesty into your strength instead of trying to imitate others

The manifestations of the bland type are definitely formed at a young age, so wanting to change to become more interesting is really a long process. Here are a few ways that might help:

  • Honestly, don’t try to exaggerate or change things just to make people laugh. Obviously, an honest, sincere person who always tells the truth will be loved by everyone more than a humorous but blabbering man who doesn’t know when to tell the truth.
  • Practicing facial expressions to learn how to express emotions when telling stories or listening to other people’s stories will help you completely “fly away” the expressions of the boring type. Stand in front of a mirror to practice smiling, practice opening your mouth wide, practice squinting, practice getting angry.. or you can refer to facial muscles training from actors for more vivid and interesting expressions.
  • Changing the tone of your voice is also a way to help you become more interesting and attractive every time you tell a story. This is extremely important if you want people to notice you. Mix tone of voice and facial expressions in a harmonious way, matching the rhythm of the story.
  • Be kind and help others, always have opinions, especially stay away from bad things. Don’t follow your friends to do bad things because to get along with people, because with such people, you will easily become a “pawn”, being ordered and taken advantage of. Even if you are a bland, tasteless, boring person, with the expression of a kind and sincere person, you will definitely still receive everyone’s attention.
  • Read books about the power of words or watch a lot of comedy. However, it should be understood that what you read and absorb is the “secret” of how to use words to apply when communicating. Must know what to learn and what to exclude, which style of language is applicable to which cases.
  • Taking public speaking courses, public speaking courses, and self-confidence improvement courses will also help you become bolder, more confident and know how to speak more attractively.
  • Renew yourself, dare to break ways, change yourself, get out of your comfort zone, don’t mold yourself into anything.

Don’t worry too much if you have too many manifestations of the bland type. In fact, even if you are not interesting, it is not too important, as long as you are honest, sincere, kind, know how to behave, then you do not need to worry that you will not have friends. Even so, the earth rotates, life doesn’t stop, society evolves, so change yourself in a more positive way every day.

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