9 Signs that the love between husband and wife has faded and stopped loving each other

Before making the decision to divorce, couples will often go through a long period of indifference to each other. If we can pay attention, we will surely easily recognize the warning signs of fading affection of couples.

Signs of fading love between husband and wife

Frequent quarrels between husband and wife are a warning sign of fading in love

Warning signs that the love between husband and wife has faded

Everyone wants to find a stable and reliable landing to be able to rely on for the rest of their lives. However, love is something that is difficult to predict and guarantee. In fact, there are many couples, after living together for a while, then realize that the two sides no longer have feelings and finally come to the decision to “go their separate ways”.

Even couples who come together because of sincere love, they have been together for many years before getting married, there is still the ability to fade feelings over time. However, no marriage comes to an immediate end, but it seems that it has to go through a process, from periods of indifference, indifference, and indifference.

Sometimes even the insiders can’t be sure that they have lost their love for the other person or not. But if you can pay attention, you can easily recognize the warning signs that the love between husband and wife has faded.

1. Constantly criticizing your spouse’s appearance

It is often said, when you love someone, you will love their whole person, feel that everything about them is good and worthy of respect, even the bad habits become lovely. And if a man really has feelings for a girl, even if she has messy hair, untidy clothes, smeared lipstick, he still feels comfortable and loved.

However, once love is over, people can hardly be satisfied with the other’s weaknesses. Therefore, if your husband or wife is constantly criticizing, criticizing, disparaging your appearance, it could be a sign of fading feelings. For example, when your husband notices that you have started to put on a few pounds after a long vacation, he starts complaining, blaming and constantly urging you to go to the gym or maybe even suggesting you. Go to the beauty salon to correct your beauty.

When this situation occurs you need to be really awake to comment and evaluate it. Sometimes your partner’s suggestions are only meant to help you become better. But if your husband/wife constantly uses harsh words about your appearance such as “I’m so fat lately, I’m almost like a pig”, “My face is full of acne, I look bored”, then you should also be careful. kidney.

2. No longer paying attention to your story

The most common sign when the love between husband and wife fades is that the husband / wife no longer pays attention and interest in the other half’s story. At this point, they only feel that the other’s words are bullshit, boring, meaningless and of course it is no longer important to themselves.

Signs of fading love between husband and wife
A husband who falls out of love will no longer care and be interested in his wife’s stories.

Even topics, stories that were once very interesting and interesting, it made your partner happy and comfortable, but now he/she is no longer interested in listening. When they are no longer in love, many people will no longer want to talk or listen to the other person confess anything, they feel that it is not necessary anymore.

3. Tell others about your weakness

“Good shows off your bad”, for those who truly love you, they will easily overlook your mistakes and weaknesses, and they will tend to talk about you well to those around them. On the contrary, if your partner has gradually stopped loving you like the first day, they will start to notice your flaws, even constantly talking bad about you to others.

If your husband or wife openly laughs and humiliates you in front of other people, especially friends and relatives, you should not expect too much about the good of this relationship. It is also by constantly criticizing, talking about your bad things that he can prove to everyone that he/she no longer loves you that is completely your fault.

4. Don’t care about your feelings

Indifference, indifference to your partner’s feelings, thoughts and thoughts is one of the dangerous warning signs that the couple’s love has gradually faded. Whether you are happy or sad, happy or sad, the other half does not care, does not want to share, care or inquire about you, perhaps they have gradually stopped loving you.

Your husband or wife no longer wants to share the sad and happy stories with you, and they no longer pay attention to your feelings and desires as before. If you constantly express feelings of sadness, moodiness or negativity, it will only make the other person become more disgusted and annoyed.

Especially for those who want to use tears to attract attention to their partner, the more counterproductive. Also because, in the results of a study, it was found that, in tears, there are some volatile substances, it causes the testosterone levels in the blood of men to decrease, thereby losing interest. about sex with your partner.

5. Don’t be jealous

Many people say that there must be love to be jealous. In fact, it is also true that it is only for people that we really love and have a lot of affection for, it is possible to feel jealous. In fact, jealousy also occurs in animals. Scientists say that jealousy arises in the process of evolution, as a way to help maintain integrity in couples in love.

Whether they are strong or weak, they also have an instinct to want to possess and protect their partner. Therefore, when someone starts flirting or paying attention to their other half, they tend to feel jealous, annoyed. Therefore, if your spouse feels lethargic and disinterested when someone is flirting with you, this could be a warning sign of a fading romance in your relationship. . He or she no longer cares and doesn’t want to fight to keep you around.

6. No longer passionate about sex

Sex is one of the important factors to build a good and lasting love. So, if your husband or wife is no longer interested in sex, it is more likely that they have found a new partner or no longer have feelings for you. Especially for women, they love with their hearts so they tend to be close only to the person they really love. If they have stopped loving their husbands, they will constantly avoid having sex, not wanting to be close to their husbands.

Signs of fading love between husband and wife

Constantly avoiding sex is also a warning sign when a couple falls out of love

As for men, even though they have fallen out of love, they still have a certain sexual desire. However, they can do this superficially, emotionally, or without emotion. No matter how hot or sexy the partner tries to be, he is still like a soulless kick, without much pampering, loving in the way of “love”.

7. Put everything above family

After getting married, we will surely spend a lot of time cultivating and building our small home. However, when love has faded, people tend to put everything above their husband or wife. Family is no longer a priority, but instead concerns about work, friends, colleagues, parties, games, football, and so on.

Couples who have gradually faded in love will no longer remember or even care about their love anniversaries, marriage anniversaries, or even each other’s birthdays. They seem to forget their duty as husband and wife but only care about themselves, considering family as a burden.

8. No more saying sweet words of love

When we love each other, we all have the desire to express our feelings and give each other loving words, gentle and intimate gestures. However, when there is no longer love, even though they have become husband and wife, they still do not want to say sweet words, no longer enthusiastic about the requests and wishes of the other party.

Signs of fading love between husband and wife

Husband and wife out of love will no longer give each other sweet words

If when you were in love, your husband always gave you winged words that made you feel happy and happy, now when you stop loving you will only receive dry, gruff or even words. even eerie silence. They even feel annoyed, resentful of your requests, not enthusiastic to meet them.

9. Don’t worry about your spouse’s safety

Any loving couple has a certain concern for the safety of each other, they are always worried about the health and life of the person they love. Whether near or far, no matter how busy they are, they will think about you and take time to care and worry about you.

If your husband used to be the one who always cared about food and sleep, he always felt worried when his wife came home late from work or it was raining. However, when the feelings have faded, they begin to be indifferent to those things, no longer asking questions, advising or protective and caring actions.

What to do when there are signs that the couple is not in love with each other?

If your husband or wife has the above signs, it is likely that they have begun to feel depressed, gradually losing their love for you. At this point, you need to quickly plan an action to ignite the fire of love for both of you, regaining the happiness of your small family.

Accordingly, in order to preserve family happiness and renew the love of couples, psychologists advise that:

  • You need to take care and invest in yourself more. Although married, both should also give each other the best, even in terms of appearance. Especially men always want to see beautiful things, so women should also know how to create attractiveness and attraction in the eyes of their husbands. Pay attention to your weight, body shape, dress, hair, etc., even if you’re doing housework at home.
  • Any problem has its cause, so quickly find out the reason why your partner feels depressed in love. It can come from yourself, due to incompatibility in sex or because the other party has an outside lover.
  • Spend more time caring and caring for each other, creating more opportunities for both of you to be together, warming up the love between husband and wife.
  • Share your thoughts and feelings together. Tell each other about difficulties, stress or things that you want so that you and your husband can understand and empathize with each other better.
  • In a long-term married life, it is inevitable that there will be times when there are conflicts or feelings of fading. However, when you enter married life, you need to be responsible for nurturing and maintaining the happiness of your small family. Therefore, if you still have the opportunity, try to keep it, don’t let go.

Through this article, readers also partly know the warning signs of the state of husband and wife fading in love with each other. When realizing that the family relationship is no longer as strong as before, both of them also need to sit down to talk, discuss and find solutions to overcome, cultivate and renew their married life.

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