9 meditation exercises to help nourish your baby’s soul

One of the biggest difficulties when young children learn yoga is sitting meditation. To help your child fall in love with meditation exercises, you can incorporate these exercises into fun games.

In fact, meditation can bring a lot of benefits to children. Meditation with kids helps kids relieve stress and teaches them to enjoy the little things in life. However, how to make children love to meditate? easyhealthylive.com will help you do this through 10 simple and fun games below.

1. The Third Eye

To do this meditation, ask your child to lie down, then place a small stone in the center of the forehead. Ask the child to focus on thinking about the stone, imagine its color, weight, feel its warmth or coolness, etc.

This “magic stone” can help children calm down and relax when breathing. If your child can’t sit still, have him do a few simple yoga poses without dropping the stone. Specifically, you can let your child try the plow pose, the bridge pose, etc.

Bridge pose

This meditation exercise can help children calm down and become more comfortable when breathing

2. Stop and listen

To start this game you will need to prepare 1 cup or 1 bell to make a long sound for this game.

First, ask your child to move around the room. When the bell rings, the child must stand still and close his eyes. Ask the child to listen to the sound very carefully and only when the sound disappears completely will the child be able to move.

Ask the child to listen to the sounds very carefully

Ask the child to listen to the sounds very carefully

3. Silence bell

This game will require a lot of people. Therefore it will be suitable for yoga classes for children. If you want to play at home, you can invite more relatives and friends to play with your child. Just like the previous game, the instructor will also need to prepare a bell.

First, everyone will sit cross-legged and form a circle. You will then pass the bell around and ask each child to ring the bell and listen to its sound.

On the next turn, pass the bell from one person to another around the circle, but this time it will be transmitted without making a sound. Before you start, you can show your child how to do this. This silence will be a magic to help children feel calm and relaxed.

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With young children, you may have to model many times for them to understand. If after a few turns the game becomes too simple, you can make it more difficult by asking your child not to pass the bell to the person sitting next to him. In this way, the child will have to get up and pass the bell further but still not make a sound.

4. The bell moves

Just like the previous game, this game also requires multiplayer. Players will sit cross-legged in a circle and close their eyes.

There is a child who will hold a bell, go around outside the circle very slowly and gently so that the bell does not sound. Facilitators can use rock-paper-scissors to determine which child does this.

Then you go to the location the child likes. Your baby will gently ring the bell in the person’s ear, then give the person the bell and sit in that position.

The bell moves

“Moving bell” will be a fun game for little angels

The game will continue this way for a few minutes. When you ask everyone to open their eyes, the children will be surprised to discover that everyone has changed places but the circle is still intact.

Having someone go around without ringing the bell and having the child sit quietly in a circle predicting when the bell will ring in the ear increases concentration and calms the child.

6. Animal paradise

This is a game that can help children memorize poses with names derived from animals in yoga. To get started, you will also need to prepare a bell or a cup.

Have each child choose an animal, leaving them free to move around the room in the chosen animal’s pose. Children can also make sounds like that animal.

You will ring the bell at any time, when you hear the bell, the child will have to be completely immobile in that animal position until the sound is no longer heard.

The instructor may also walk around to check which babies move. Babies who move and move will lose and suffer some funny punishment.

7. Oh, how quiet!

This is a simple meditation exercise that can help children lie still for long periods of time. Not only that, this exercise is also great for developing listening and concentration skills. To get started, you will also need a bell or a cup and an eye patch.

Ask the child to lie down with his arms along the sides of his body, wearing an eye patch. Tell your child that you will sing a soothing song with the bells ringing and that they must listen carefully.

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When the song stops, your child will gently place his hand on his stomach, wait a moment, and you will sing again. When they hear the singing, they will gently put their hands to their sides. Repeat these steps and you will find it easier for your baby to lie still, relax, and relax.

This exercise is also great for developing listening and concentration skills

This exercise is also great for developing listening and concentration skills

8. Fairy dreams

First, turn on soft, relaxing music and equip yourself with some glitter. Have your child lie down and relax in the child’s pose and imagine themselves as a fairy.

Then walk around and gently touch the baby’s back with the tip of your finger sprinkled with some glitter. This will motivate the child to lie still for the longest time.

9. I see a beauty

For this exercise, you will ask your child to move around the house or you can take him outdoors and walk around the park. Tell them to stop wherever they like and look for the beauty around them.

  • If you see a beauty in front of you, say softly, “I see a beauty in front of me.”
  • If you see a beauty behind, say softly, “I see a beauty behind.”

Continue the same with the right, left, above and below.

Tell them to stop wherever they like and look around for beauty

Tell them to stop wherever they like and look around for beauty

Through the above sharing of easyhealthylive.com, you must have found a solution for children to love meditation exercises, right? If you love yoga and want your child to pursue this subject but still have not found a suitable class, you can go to connect with teachers of easyhealthylive.com for advice on suitable learning paths for children. Please.

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