9 Manifestations of heartless men you need to pay attention to

Little interest in family, superficial living, laziness and selfishness are manifestations of a heartless man. When you realize that your husband has these symptoms, you should review your marriage and consider divorce if all efforts to save it are unsuccessful.

expression of heartless man
When you see your husband showing signs of indifference, you should have a solution to prevent the situation from getting worse

9 Manifestations of a heartless man that need attention

Carelessness is one of the common bad traits in men. This man is often indifferent, not interested in his wife and children. Living with a heartless person will make you tired, suffocated and feel alone in your own marriage.

The man’s indifference is evident in his words, attitudes and actions. If you are wise enough, you can tell if your partner is a heartless person or not. No matter how strong a woman is, she still needs sharing and understanding from her partner. If your husband shows the following signs of indifference, you should reconsider your marriage to avoid wasting time on unworthy people.

9 Manifestations of heartless men women should note:

1. Less interested in family

While in love, men often show enthusiasm and love for their girlfriends. However, after entering married life, they can become heartless and cold. The most obvious manifestation of a heartless man is little concern for his family.

Instead of spending time with family, they choose all-night games, coffee and travel with friends. They almost do not care about their wives and children, do not take care of their families. The heartless man always thinks that he generates income to support his family and that is more than enough.

expression of heartless man
When you live with a heartless man, you will have to face everything alone

Even many people are so careless that they do not know how old their children are, how many things happen in the house and rarely visit their wife’s family. When their wives complain, they always keep a calm attitude and don’t argue, leaving their wives alone with mixed feelings of sadness.

2. Think only for yourself

Heartless men often think only of themselves. He cares about his appearance, fun and friends instead of his wife and children. The heartless man also never supports his wife to take care of children, nurture the family and handle problems on both sides of the family.

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The heartless man values ​​his own face, loves shopping to show off to friends and people around. When they have free time, they spend their time watching TV, playing on their phones, playing games without caring if their wives need their own help or not.

Living with a heartless man, women have to take care of everything from big to small. At first, they often complain and ask their husbands to change. However, before the attitude of indifference, many people were still earnest. Without sulking or arguing, women choose to solve everything alone because they are so fed up with the indifference of their husbands.

3. Don’t remember anniversaries

Men will often be less delicate than women, so sometimes they are not skillful in their behavior. However, no matter what, they have to remember anniversaries like wedding anniversaries and wife’s birthdays.

If you marry a heartless man, he will never remember birthdays or anniversaries. What you receive on these special days is not flowers and gifts, but disappointment and disappointment.

However, it is also not to be blamed if your partner is really busy. When he forgets an important date, he will find a way to make up for the mistake. In contrast, heartless men will often apologize over the phone and assume that you are taking things too seriously.

4. Value friends over family

Valuing friends over family is a sign of a heartless man. Unlike when they were single, if they were married, both of them had to reduce their time for outside relationships to cultivate and build a home. However, heartless men hardly understand this.

expression of heartless man
Valuing friends over family is a common expression of a heartless man

They believe that raising and taking care of children belongs to the wife. So, instead of caring about his family, he chooses to meet and have fun with friends even though his family really needs him.

People who value friends more than family are mostly heartless, do not know how to share and understand. Appreciating friends shows that they care about frivolous things outside and do not realize the value of family. When you marry someone with such a personality, you will face difficulties alone without sharing or support from your partner.

5. Doesn’t care about his wife’s feelings

A relationship is only truly happy when both give each other special attention. However, this wish will crumble if you marry a heartless man. A heartless man will usually not care about his wife’s feelings.

When your wife is sad, disappointed or pessimistic, they often give encouragement and think that you are dramatizing the problem. Sympathy and understanding is something you will never find in men with this personality. Some people even let their wives be sad and run after fun with friends.

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6. Live superficially, irresponsibly

Living superficially and irresponsibly are the most obvious manifestations of a heartless man. A responsible man always cares about his wife and children, understands his wife’s sacrifices, takes care of both sides of the family and teaches children together with his wife.

In contrast, the heartless man is often irresponsible. They entrust everything to their wives, not caring about their children and families. When his wife complains, he only hums a few sentences and thinks that she nags too much about unimportant matters.

Heartless men often have a superficial life attitude. They often attach importance to appearance and external frivolous things. Meanwhile, sustainable values ​​like family are not in the range of things they care about.

The superficial and irresponsible lifestyle of a man makes you have to handle everything alone. If there is no sharing, married life will come to an irreparable edge. Because compared to living with a heartless person patiently, single life gives you more comfort and opportunities.

7. Laziness – Expression of a heartless man

Laziness is one of the common bad habits in Vietnamese men. They often lie back home, play games, surf the web instead of helping their wives with childcare and cooking. Although chores are all small, they take a lot of time to complete. Therefore, both husband and wife must share together to have time to rest and take care of themselves.

expression of heartless man
Mindless men are often lazy, find ways to avoid having to do housework and take care of children

Heartless men often live selfish and lazy lives. He takes housework lightly but does not know that, in order to take care of everything, the woman has almost no time for herself. Living with a lazy person, from small things to big things, you will have to shoulder it yourself.

8. Complaints of being tired when you get home

A common expression in a careless man is that he often complains of being tired when he gets home. They always find a way to escape to rest instead of helping their wives. These men don’t think about their wives’ feelings, don’t care if their wives are tired after a day of work or not.

The man’s heartlessness is clearly revealed after marriage. This is also the reason why many couples decide to divorce after a short time living together.

9. Put all the responsibility on the wife

Putting all the responsibility on his wife is a common expression in an indifferent, selfish man. People with this personality are not interested in everything around them. The only thing they care about is themselves.

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Therefore, the problems from taking care of children, taking care of housework, parents, etc. are all solved by the wife. Even when there is a big problem, the heartless man will find a way to shirk responsibility and blame his wife for not managing the family well.

Objectively speaking, carelessness is inherently inherent, not merely bad. Living with a heartless man is really bad when you have to take care of everything alone without any sharing from your partner. If your partner doesn’t change, you should consider a divorce. Because the only thing you can get from living with a man who is heartless is fatigue and boredom.

The heartless man will show very clearly through words and actions. When you notice that your husband has this behavior, you should suggest that the other person change. When rescue efforts fail, you should consider ending your marriage so that you can find a new opportunity and life yourself.

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