#8 Ways to control emotions or help control yourself

How to control emotions so that you can control yourself in any situation is an extremely important skill that we should all learn. Because the mood if you fall into an extreme state, losing your temper will lead to a lot of inappropriate words and behaviors and many other unwanted consequences can also appear, especially when angry.

8 ways to control emotions to help master yourself

In everyday life, it is inevitable that we will experience times when we feel angry, annoyed, frustrated, or overly happy. This is the time when we are very susceptible to outbursts of inappropriate behaviors and words that cause the situation to change suddenly in a way that no one wants. This comes from the fact that we do not know how to control our emotions.

How to control emotions
Learning how to control your emotions will help you stay away from unnecessary conflicts


For example, when we are arguing about something, if we can’t keep calm, we easily let go of insults, demeaning the honor of others, causing that person to suffer. Even when we are happy, sometimes because we are so happy, we have thoughtless and spontaneous words that quickly sag the atmosphere.

The fights and chases with knives also stem from small conflicts, but no one knows how to master emotions, no one gives up. So is there a way to control emotions and control yourself in all situations?

Take a deep breath

When the mind is in a state of loss of composure, rapid breathing, fast heartbeat, we often find it difficult to make a decision, a standard connection. For example, when we are angry, it seems that we often think extremely quickly, sometimes attacks also happen unconsciously because we can’t control ourselves, it all happens in a chain that has already happened. pre-set.

One of the simplest ways to control emotions that you should do when you feel mentally unstable is to breathe deeply. According to Associate Professor Patricia Gerber at the New York School of Medicine, by changing the rhythm of our breathing, we can completely change our emotional state and the way we think and interact with people.

According to experts, when we take a deep breath, it will not stimulate the neurons that communicate with the awake brain area, so we can stay calm. On the other hand, deep breathing also brings more oxygen to the heart muscle cells, so it also quickly brings the heart rate back to a more steady state. When the vase regains emotional stability, our words and behaviors are also more standard.

Breath control is really a “powerful” tool used in psychological practice. The way to practice emotional control is very simple, you practice breathing deeply, so that the breath comes in from the nostrils, not the mouth, then exhale slowly. If you want to learn more about this aspect, you can go through yoga, meditation, which are two very precise teaching and practicing disciplines of breath therapy.

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Think carefully before you speak or act

Of course, we often cannot do this if we are in a state of loss of composure. However, when you have mastered how to control emotions with breathing therapy, your mental state will gradually return to balance, from which you can gradually control thoughts, behaviors, and words in the way that you want. We want more.

How to control emotions
Always think and make sure you can take responsibility for your words and actions

So what do we need to think about? That is the responsibility. Will you be responsible when you hit this person and hurt the other person with your “dagger-like” words? If that person is too obnoxious, hitting that person can make you “disgusted” in the present, but if you cause serious injury, you will be held responsible before the law, and what will your family be like?

We ourselves must be responsible for all our actions, not blaming someone else. It is not possible because seeing Mr. A saying that Ms. B is chubby and being laughed by Ms. B, you can also join in saying that Ms. B is “chubby like a pig”. I can’t stand in front of the judge and say that because he started the fight, I had to stab him to vent my anger. Regardless of the reason, you must be the one responsible for causing the incident.

How to control emotions through thinking carefully before acting, weighing every word and behavior, always predicting every “if” situation is an important strategy in life if you want to master your own politics. me. However, you need to make a clear distinction between worrying too much and thinking about strategies to control your emotions.

How to control emotions – stop immediately if there is an argument

As mentioned above, while the spirit is stimulated by arguments, we often can’t keep our composure, so we can let go of inappropriate words and impulsive behaviors. Therefore, when you feel that the controversy is at a climax, there is no way to control your emotions, thoughts and words anymore, you should stop immediately.

How to control emotions
Do not let the controversy happen to the climax, but let everyone calmly resolve it

It should be understood that arguing is different from arguing to find a way to solve a certain problem. On the other hand, stopping does not mean losing, on the other hand, stopping at the right time is also a sign of a smart person. When both sides have calmed down, both will automatically know who is right and wrong and come up with more suitable solutions.

A skill when arguing that you need to pay attention to is listening to the other side, respecting the opinions of others and also admitting your mistakes. When you know how to admit mistakes, know how to control your emotions, it also means that you are gradually improving yourself. On the other hand, knowing wrong and admitting mistakes also makes others respect you more instead of trying to win or hide your mistakes.

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Remove hatred and negativity from your mind

If you keep thinking about ugly emotions, it will only make your mind heavier, more tired, easier to lose your temper, especially when facing difficulties. Negative thinking makes you look gloomy, directly affects all behaviors and emotions, and women also lose their own energy and time because of thinking about things that are not worth it.

Each of us not only needs to learn how to control emotions but also need to learn how to filter and eliminate unnecessary hatred and negativity in life. When your mind is full of beautiful images and happy memories, you will suddenly find that each passing day is more joyful and brilliant.

Restore energy to the mind

Sometimes we are often more likely to become negative, agitated, and irritable because the mind is in a state of fatigue, exhaustion, feeling like the whole world is against us, so the feeling is extremely frustrating. , uncomfortable. There are many things that make it easy for us to feel mentally drained, such as overwork, lack of sleep, not eating enough nutrients, etc.

Give yourself some time to recharge your lost energy, restore both body and mind. When the body is healthy, the spirit is also excited, looking at problems with more optimistic eyes. This is extremely obvious because the body and mind are closely related, when health is not good, the mind cannot be healthy.

Therefore, the way to control emotions and master yourself in the direction of longer-term development is to know how to take care of your own health. Get enough sleep, read a book, listen to music, chat with friends or generally do all you feel is relaxing to recharge yourself every day, purge early negative emotions. worth having.

Applying Japanese finger grip therapy

The Japanese have an extremely effective way to control emotions, which is to hold their fingers. According to experts, emotions and sensations are like a kind of energy wave connected to the fingers to conduct energy to move throughout the body and mind. Accordingly, each finger will be associated with a different emotion, when we clasp that finger in combination with deep breathing can release these energies.

How to control emotions
Finger therapy is used by many Japanese to control emotions

Specifically, the energies that each finger carries are as follows

  • Thumb – worry
  • Index finger – fear
  • Middle finger – anger
  • Ring finger – sad
  • Little finger – tension

When holding these fingers, you need to combine with deep breathing, let your mind return to a state of balance and then slowly exhale gently. Hold your finger tight for 2 to 5 minutes, then do the same with the other side to quickly put your mind at ease, lighter, releasing negative energies.

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How to control emotions – learn how to release emotions

Of course, there are many times when you feel extremely frustrated, even though you try to breathe deeply, try to think of better things, but still extremely uncomfortable. This emotion is growing, controlling both your thoughts and behavior and directing it in a negative direction even though you obviously don’t want it to turn out that way.

Learning how to control emotions through emotional release will give you a lot of benefits for your mental health system. Some simple ways that you can absolutely apply such as

  • Do not sit or lie in one place and complain, but get up and do something, or better go for a walk in a place with lots of green trees, it will relieve depression extremely effectively.
  • A little exercise or movement is also great for releasing negative energy. Some people tend to smash, throw or tear something whenever they feel upset or angry. However, you can completely use this negative energy to exercise, play boxing or do something that requires a lot of energy.
  • Make yourself busy to forget negative, unpleasant things. For example, cooking, cycling, shopping… Of course, the results of those jobs may not be good sometimes, but when finished, your negative emotions will also be greatly reduced.
  • Sometimes, crying is also a way for you to express your anger and unhappiness. After crying can also make you more comfortable, relieve all fatigue and grievances. However, it is important that after crying, you need to get up to solve the problem, but you can’t cry and be sad forever.
  • Share with someone you trust who can give you the right advice

Write a daily diary

In fact, nowadays, not too many people keep the habit of journaling, but this is actually a way to control emotions. self-control is extremely effective. Journaling not only helps you relieve the frustrations in your mind that you can’t talk to anyone, but through it you can also understand your own feelings.

How to control emotions
Journaling will help you understand yourself and know how to change for the better

One more important thing is that you should be really honest with your feelings, with your thoughts at that moment. So that when you read it again sometime, you can really realize how wrong you were, what you need to do to change and improve yourself. Don’t turn your diary into the version of life you want, then it’s impossible for you to change yourself in the best direction.

In general, there are many ways to control emotions, especially in times when the mind is stimulated, not in a state of balance. Of course, to understand yourself, to control both thoughts and behaviors in impulsive situations is not easy, but if you can really change it, it will bring a lot of benefits, especially staying away. get other unwanted conflicts.

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