8 things you should not do before going to yoga classes

Many studies have proven that yoga can bring the body countless health benefits. However, to get the most out of your yoga practice, you’ll need to remember a few things you shouldn’t do before going to a yoga class.

Yoga is one of the best exercises to have a clear mind, a solid health. Whether your goal is to lose weight or stay healthy, yoga is a smart and informed choice. Start practicing yoga today and before joining your first yoga classes, take a few minutes to review the following shares of easyhealthylive.com to know what you should avoid before going to yoga class. .

1. Hurry and hurry

Before you start practicing yoga, you need to schedule a certain free time in the day to join yoga classes or practice yoga with a private yoga teacher. Once you have determined the time frame, you need to subtract about 1 hour before the class starts to prepare.

If you don’t anticipate this, you will sometimes end up in a rush and rush at the last minute. As a result, you will come to class too hungry, too full or inappropriately dressed. All of these things can put a lot of stress on the body and make exercise less effective.

2. Eat well

Avoiding eating before yoga is what most yoga teachers often tell their students. Because when the stomach is empty, you will feel less discomfort when performing twists and turns. However, do not let yourself feel too hungry because if so, the body will not have enough energy for exercise. Therefore, 30 to 60 minutes before class, you can snack on some bananas, almonds or smoothies.

3. Eat or drink caffeinated foods

Eat or drink foods that contain caffeine

Before yoga, you should enjoy a smoothie or vegetable juice instead of coffee for better concentration and meditation.

Caffeine can throw the body off balance and cause stress responses such as muscle tension and increased heart rate. Studies also show that caffeine can lower levels of serotonin, the hormone that gives us a feeling of happiness. Therefore, it is best, before practicing yoga, you should enjoy a smoothie or vegetable juice instead of coffee to be able to focus and meditate better.

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4. Use of alcoholic beverages

Beer, wine, alcoholic beverages and balance have never been friends. Even just one drink can cause drowsiness, dehydration, and low blood pressure, leading to tremors. And of course, this is not good for training, can even cause falls and lead to injury.

5. Drinking too much water

Drinking water before practicing yoga, especially hot yoga, is essential, but drinking too much will be harmful. This is because drinking too much water will cause bloating and this can make you uncomfortable during exercise. More seriously, drinking too much water can lead to hyponatremia, which causes loss of energy, muscle weakness, and cramps.

6. Use perfume

During the practice, you will have to constantly take deep breaths, the use of perfume will cause distraction and discomfort. In addition, in yoga classes, the position of each practitioner will be quite close to each other, this distance is just enough for the person next to you to smell your strong perfume and feel uncomfortable.

Therefore, you should avoid spraying perfume before class, even essential oils should not. If you’re afraid of body odor, don’t worry because you’re not alone.

Use perfume

REMOVEYou should avoid spraying perfume before class, not even essential oils

7. Stretch the body

Stretching before exercising will cause your muscles to get less support and become tight (especially if you hold the stretch for more than 90 seconds). This can cause you to perform movements in a wobbly position. Stretching before yoga not only leads to injury, but also makes the practice completely pointless. During exercise, postures should be combined with relaxation so that the muscles are stretched slowly and safely.

8. The last thing not to do when going to a yoga class is to be late to dirty people

All yoga teachers want to start their classes full of students to guide everyone to warm up properly and make the most of their practice time. Being late when class has started will easily distract everyone.

In addition, before going to class, you should also take a shower. Because in a tight space plus sweaty exercise, sometimes your body odor will make many people uncomfortable.

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