8 things to know when starting to practice yoga after the age of 50

Yoga is for everyone. At any age, we can start practicing yoga to improve and enhance our health.

At the age of 50, many people are afraid to start practicing yoga or join advanced yoga classes because they think that at this age, the body is already less flexible and it will be difficult to practice. In fact, yoga can be started at any age, although the elderly practice yoga will require special techniques, but if practiced regularly, the benefits are huge.

Your parents love and intend to practice yoga but don’t know where to start? Because you are new to yoga, your parents find it too difficult for the first few sessions and can’t keep up with the teacher’s instructions? If your parents are in this situation, please take a few minutes to review some of easyhealthylive.com’s tips and guide them back.

1. Consult your doctor before starting exercise

Most doctors recommend that older adults practice yoga because it can improve sleep quality, agility, flexibility, and prevent chronic pain. However, not all yoga classes are suitable, if you do not know anything and sign up for a yoga class at the center, it will be difficult for parents to adapt and keep up.

Before signing up for a yoga class, consult your doctor about the health status of your parents. If your parents have back, knee, hip problems or low bone density, you need to sign up for a slow-paced class with well-trained teachers who specialize in teaching yoga for people with osteoarthritis. Because otherwise, parents may find it extremely uncomfortable to practice and difficult to maintain a long-term yoga habit.

2. Find the right yoga class

You can ask friends and relatives to see where their parents learn yoga. Usually, in yoga centers, the classification of classes is not based on age. If you’re looking for a yoga class for parents, you might consider looking into slow-paced classes like “Gentle yoga” or “Basic Yoga.” Before registering, please visit the center for detailed advice to see if the exercises are suitable for parents.

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Looking for the right yoga class for parents

Finding the right yoga class for parents

And if you are afraid that your parents who study at the center will not keep up or are not properly guided, you can invite a professional yoga teacher of easyhealthylive.com to guide your parents. This is very simple, you just need to download easyhealthylive.com to your device, choose a suitable yoga teacher and connect. Yoga teachers of easyhealthylive.com will actively contact to set a suitable practice schedule. If your parents have any health problems, you can also share so that easyhealthylive.com teachers can design a most suitable lesson plan. Because this is a form of one-on-one yoga teaching, the teacher will give very detailed instructions, step by step, for parents to follow easily.

3. Warm-up is the most important part of training

For older adults, because the joints are stiffer, warming up can take longer. Therefore, you should tell your parents to warm up carefully. Yoga teachers can guide warm-ups with simple movements like sun salutations. A good warm-up not only helps support workouts, but it also helps seniors feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the day!

4. Do yoga with chair

To make the movement easier, the elderly can use a chair for support. If your parents have a need, you can share it with your teacher before the course starts. However, in rest and relaxation movements, the practitioner still needs to lie on the floor. If your parents have trouble getting up and sitting down, talk to your teacher so they can practice these poses with a chair.

5. Find a yoga class that includes exercises, breathing exercises and meditation

Find a yoga class that includes movements, breathing exercises, and meditation

Meditation and breathing exercises are a very important part of yoga

When looking for a yoga class, just don’t focus on the performance. Meditation and breathing exercises are a very important part of making yoga an integral part of life. Breathing exercises will help older adults know how to breathe properly to promote health, while meditation helps increase memory, concentration and control pain.

However, it is also not advisable to choose a class with only meditation because performing yoga poses is also very beneficial. Practicing the movements before meditation will prepare the body to sit comfortably for long periods of time. Even if your parents like to meditate, you should still encourage them to practice other exercises such as walking to increase the effectiveness of their meditation practice.

6. Equip personal yoga equipment

You should equip a separate yoga mat for your parents to ensure hygiene. In addition, before participating in the first training session, you should also tell your parents to wear elastic, comfortable clothes, neither too loose nor too tight.

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7. Come to class 10 minutes early and let the teacher know your health status

Sharing directly with teachers will help them make adjustments to the lesson plan before the practice session. If the time is close, parents will not have time to share, and teachers will not know to provide appropriate exercises.

8. Maintain regular exercise

Just a little bit of exercise each day can bring many benefits. Therefore, encourage your parents to maintain the habit of exercising regularly from 10 to 20 minutes a day. If your parents don’t have time, you can arrange for them to join a short session with easyhealthylive.com’s private yoga teacher.

Yoga is very good for the health of the elderly. Please encourage your parents to try this sport today to exercise their health and have a happy, joyful and healthy life with their children and grandchildren.

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