8 common mistakes of beginners to basic yoga

In the early stages of practicing basic yoga, practitioners often encounter some errors that if not recognized, the effectiveness of the practice will be affected.

A 2016 Yoga Journal study found that over 36.7 million people worldwide practice yoga, and nearly three-quarters of them have practiced for less than five years. If you are also one of them, take a few minutes to go through the sharing below to know some common mistakes when practicing yoga to avoid encountering common mistakes that people often make.

Yoga is a health practice that originated more than 5,000 years ago. In this day and age, yoga seems to have become a way of life, a way to train the body and mind. With a philosophy of strong focus on health and well-being, yoga can impact your eating habits, daily activities, and even the way you shower. If you find yoga interesting, don’t hesitate to start your yoga routine today and try to avoid these 8 common mistakes when practicing basic yoga:

1. Overtraining

Yoga is a gentle and much more comfortable exercise than cardio or weight training. If in many other disciplines, you have to push your limits to get the benefits, with yoga, this does not seem to be the case.

However, this does not mean that you do not try. You just need to exercise moderately, without forcing your body to exercise too much. If you feel tired, stressed, reduce or stop.

2. Do not interact with the teacher

If you take a yoga class, don’t just passively practice it, but “exploit” your instructor. Let the teacher know about any problems you are having, such as pregnancy, back or leg injuries, etc. so that the teacher can guide you to the appropriate movements.

If you feel shy about sharing with a teacher in a large class or you have shared but the teacher cannot meet your requirements because it will affect other students, you can choose to practice with your teacher. private yoga instructor of easyhealthylive.com. Our teachers will provide you with a curriculum that is suitable for your physique and arrange flexible training times according to your work schedule.

Do not interact with teachers

The teachers of easyhealthylive.com will provide you with a curriculum that is suitable for your physical fitness and arrange a flexible training time according to your work schedule.

3. Choosing the wrong yoga class

Don’t think that all yoga classes are the same. Yoga is a discipline that has many types of yoga with many styles, serving many different purposes. If you are looking for a gentle yoga class, then the bikram yoga class with postures performed in a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius and 40% humidity is not a good choice.

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Before starting to practice basic yoga, take the time to thoroughly research the types of yoga and choose the right one. During the selection process, be honest about your requirements and desired results so that you can reap the most benefits from your workout.

4. Eat before yoga

Eating before exercise can help fuel your body, but you shouldn’t eat right before yoga. Because if you do, the blood will rush to the intestines and stomach to digest food instead of muscles and this is not good for training. In addition, some yoga poses can make you feel uncomfortable if you practice when you are full.

You should not eat about 1-2 hours before practicing yoga. If you feel hungry, you can eat some healthy snacks such as bananas with peanut butter, smoothies, green vegetable juices… By eating smart and at the right time, your yoga practice will be comfortable and healthy. much more efficient.

5. Practice advanced poses right away

Don’t rush to practice advanced poses if you haven’t mastered the basics. Starting with the basic poses will help prepare the body for difficult poses. If you burn out the stage because of impatience, it will be difficult for you to keep your balance, not only that, but the body also lacks flexibility and strength. Remember, yoga is a journey, not a destination, so don’t rush to change yourself.

Practice advanced poses now

Don’t rush to practice advanced poses if you haven’t mastered the basics.

6. Thinking I have to do the poses perfectly

Perfection is something that almost everyone thinks about and wishes to do when they first started getting acquainted with yoga. However, for beginners, you need to focus on accuracy and fit instead of perfection to avoid injury.

Also, instead of figuring out how to do the perfect pose, think about how to pick the perfect pose for yourself. If you’re having trouble with a pose, ask your teacher to guide you step-by-step or show you simpler variations.

7. Breathe Instinctively

Breathing is central to yoga. However, a seemingly simple action is sometimes extremely difficult. Proper breathing in yoga is very important because if practiced incorrectly, the effectiveness of the exercise can be affected, and you may even experience injury.

8. Skip the startup

Modern life is full of pressures and worries, and every day we all handle a lot of different jobs. Even scheduling a yoga class can be difficult. However, don’t skip the warm-up because trying to save time. Because if you warm up carefully, you will reduce the risk of injury and feel less uncomfortable after exercising.

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Through this article, hopefully you have grasped the common mistakes when practicing yoga. If you are a newbie, you should avoid these mistakes to make your practice more effective.

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