7 yoga moves that you should avoid during pregnancy

Yoga is an ideal exercise for pregnant women with countless health benefits. However, not all yoga movements are suitable, there are movements that pregnant women should avoid so as not to affect the baby.

Practicing yoga is one of the safest ways to boost your physical and mental health during pregnancy. Yoga not only helps prepare your body for labor and delivery, but it also helps you feel relaxed and comfortable throughout your pregnancy.

However, not all yoga movements are suitable, easyhealthylive.com recommends that you do not practice the following 7 types of yoga poses to avoid adverse effects on the health of mother and baby.

Yoga for pregnant women, although good, needs to be careful

During pregnancy, your body will go through a lot of physical changes. This change makes you have to adjust the training so that the body feels most comfortable and at ease.

Yoga is a discipline with many exercises. Before pregnancy, you may not need to worry too much about choosing the right yoga movements. However, once you have a baby in your belly, you should pay more attention.

Because some yoga poses if practiced during pregnancy will make you feel uncomfortable. Not only that, practicing inappropriate positions can also be dangerous for mother and baby and can lead to a number of complications during different stages of pregnancy.

For example, in the first trimester, you should avoid positions that have a lot of impact on the abdomen because it can adversely affect the “implanting” process of the fetus.

7 types of yoga moves pregnant women need to avoid

During pregnancy, your body will have to work “at full capacity” to nourish and protect your baby. Therefore, this is not the time to push your body.

During exercise, if you feel like stopping or resting, do it and listen to your body’s signals. In addition, you should also consult your doctor before doing any yoga poses during pregnancy. Here are some yoga moves to avoid during pregnancy:

1. Yoga moves that move quickly or have to jump up

During pregnancy, a lot goes on inside the body. If you perform yoga movements that have to jump up or move quickly, you will easily feel nauseous and adversely affect the development of the fetus.

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Therefore, instead of choosing postures that have to move a lot, choose gentle yoga movements for you to feel comfortable, relax and avoid dangerous complications during this “sensitive” period.

Yoga moves move fast or have to jump

2. Twisting posture

You should avoid excessive twisting postures, especially in the waist, back and abdomen during pregnancy. Because these yoga movements will compress the nerves, thereby reducing blood flow to the fetus. The twisting poses you need to avoid are boat pose, moon pose…

Twisted pose

3. Yoga moves that stretch too much

In preparation for labor and delivery, muscles and ligaments become more “loose”. Therefore, if you do yoga poses that stretch too much during the second or third trimester, the ligaments or joints of the pelvis can be damaged. The yoga poses that stretch the body that you need to avoid during pregnancy are camel pose, fish pose, wheel pose.

Yoga moves that stretch too much

4. Yoga poses on your back

Although supine yoga poses seem simple, they can put pressure on the inferior vena cava, affecting the transport of oxygen from the heart to the lower body. Therefore, performing supine yoga poses during pregnancy can adversely affect the fetus.

In addition, lying on your back during pregnancy can cause nausea, lower back pain, increased blood pressure, and heartburn. The back yoga poses you need to avoid: corpse pose.

Lying back yoga pose

5. Inverted yoga moves

Pregnancy causes a rapid increase in body weight. As your belly gets bigger, it will be difficult for you to maintain your center of gravity and thus your body will easily lose its balance.

Performing upside down positions during the second and third trimesters can cause extreme dizziness, possibly even loss of balance, leading to falls and death. Inverted yoga poses to avoid: banana planter pose, shoulder stand pose…

Upside down yoga moves

6. Hot yoga

The characteristic of hot yoga is the performance of yoga poses in a high-temperature environment. If you practice hot yoga during pregnancy, your body temperature can rise and increase the risk of birth defects in your baby.

hot yoga

In addition to hot yoga, there are also some yoga poses in yoga that are said to raise body temperature. You should avoid practicing such yoga poses during all trimesters of pregnancy. Because these yoga poses not only increase body temperature but can also cause dehydration.

7. prone yoga pose

Sleeping on your stomach during pregnancy can put a lot of pressure on the fetus and internal organs. This not only makes you uncomfortable, but also affects the development of your baby.

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The prone yoga poses to avoid: bow pose, grasshopper pose, cobra pose, sphinx pose…

Lying down yoga pose

While exercise is important during pregnancy, your health and that of your baby still need to come first. Therefore, do not force yourself and do yoga exercises that are too much for the body.

In addition, in order to practice yoga during pregnancy to have the best effect, you should seek the guidance of professional yoga teachers to ensure correct posture. Listen to your body’s signals and if any movement makes you uncomfortable, stop immediately.

To choose the right exercise during pregnancy, you can talk to experienced yoga teachers from easyhealthylive.com. So, please download the smart exercise app easyhealthylive.com right away.

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