7 unwritten rules in yoga class

Similar to other forms of practice, yoga classes also have certain rules. Although these rules are not printed or posted on the wall, you should still know to avoid causing discomfort to others.

Many people who are new to yoga worry that they will make many people laugh when they perform unsightly yoga poses. However, this is an unwarranted worry. In fact, in yoga classes, other people only get upset about you when you don’t follow certain rules.

Let’s join LEEP. APP continue to share below to know some more basic etiquette in yoga class to avoid making others uncomfortable about you. Yoga is an ancient discipline with a system of exercises with many techniques to help control the flexibility of the body, improve intelligence, health and find true happiness.

In yoga there is no competition, this is just a journey to find yourself. And in that journey, you need to know the rules so as not to affect others:

1. Keep quiet in yoga class

At gyms, it’s normal for you to chat with other students or instructors. However, yoga classes are different, these classes require silence.

silence in yoga class

Keeping quiet in yoga class is very important

Because yoga only brings relaxation when practicing in a quiet space. Moreover, the silence also helps you to breathe properly and perform the movements correctly.

When entering a room, even if class has not yet begun, you should still move gently and limit private conversations. In addition, you should also avoid making noise before and after class to avoid disturbing other students.

2. Do not use cell phones in yoga class

Talking on the phone, texting or surfing social networking sites during yoga class is not acceptable. The reason is that yoga is a discipline that requires calm, while these activities affect that.

Ideally, you should put the phone in the fish cabinet. If you don’t have a cabinet, you can turn off the power and keep it out of sight. You should only turn on the power and check the messages after you have left the gym.

3. Do not bring a lot of personal belongings or food into class

Do not bring too many personal items to class. You can put these items in your personal locker. When entering the room, you should bring only 1 water bottle, 1 yoga mat and 1 sweat towel.

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In particular, do not bring smelly food into class because yoga classes are often closed and easy to get stuck. This will make the whole classroom smell and make others uncomfortable.

4. Do not wear shoes when entering the gym

A yoga studio is different from a gym, you need to take off your shoes before entering the gym and never bring it into the room or step on the carpet because this is very unhygienic. Not only that, you should also not step on other people’s carpets, even when barefoot. This is a matter of hygiene and courtesy.

5. Keep Hygiene

During yoga, you will also sweat a lot. However, this does not mean that you are always sweaty and smelly.

Your coach and the person next to you will feel much more comfortable if you keep your body clean and smelling good. And remember to bring a towel to wipe away sweat, avoid leaving sweaty footprints on other people’s mats if you have to move around the class.

6. Go to school on time

Being late when yoga class has started will interrupt the teacher’s lecture. Sometimes this even affects the sitting meditation of the whole class. Therefore, it is best to try to arrive about 5-10 minutes early before class to have time to prepare and relax.

yoga class

Come to class early to avoid affecting others

7. Don’t leave early

Getting up and leaving while others are doing corpse pose (a pose often done at the end of class to relax) can also interfere with other practitioners’ practice. Therefore, if you intend to go to school, try to arrange other things after school.

Ideally, you should subtract the loss to have enough time to complete the final pose. If there is no other option, tell the teacher in advance.

You should not leave without explanation because it will make the teacher think you are not respectful. You should move away from the class during transitions between poses.

Then fold the carpet outside the room to avoid creating noise. If it’s urgent, make arrangements gently and tell the teacher privately why you’re leaving.

In addition to the “rules” above in the yoga studio, you may have difficult questions to answer in a yoga class. See also the article Answering 6 difficult questions to answer in yoga class for more ways to handle some difficult situations.

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