7 types of modern yoga that you must try

Yoga is an ancient discipline with a history of development up to 5,000 years. Over time, besides the traditional types of yoga, there are many new and modern types of yoga that you should try.

Yoga is a discipline that has many forms with many exercises serving many different purposes. easyhealthylive.com has collected 7 unique types of modern yoga, if you feel that your yoga practice is currently too boring, consider trying once to experience these types of yoga.

1. Equestrian yoga

equestrian yoga

Practicing yoga with horses? This sounds unbelievable to many yoga followers because this combination is really not easy. However, this new form of exercise is becoming a trend in many parts of the world.

Practicing horse yoga will teach you to meaningfully associate with your animal friend, through calming your mind, conscious breathing, increasing awareness, and gently opening up tight spaces in your life. body.

If you are looking to practice yoga outdoors in a whole new way, consider this extremely unique and fun form of yoga!

2. Aerial yoga

The type of flying yoga or aerial yoga is becoming a “craze” in recent years. This type of yoga is extremely interesting because you can both enjoy the feeling of inversion and experience the feeling of weightlessness when hanging in the air with a hammock.

flying yoga

Many people think that hammock yoga is a difficult type of yoga, but in fact, with the support of a silk hammock, many yoga poses will be easier to do without putting pressure on the spine. Even difficult inversions such as yoga with bananas, upside down with the head require a lot of skills and a long practice time, with the support of a hammock, these poses are not only not difficult to perform but also become difficult to perform. should be beautiful.

3. Laughter Yoga

laughing yoga

Laughter yoga is a type of yoga developed by Indian physician Madan Kataria. Currently, this type of yoga is gradually becoming popular and spreading rapidly around the world at a dizzying speed.

Laughter Yoga doesn’t emphasize physical postures like traditional yoga, instead, it uses the breathing and laughing techniques of Pranayama to reduce stress levels and make you feel happier. with a smile on her face.

4. SUP Yoga (Yoga on water or yoga on stand-up paddleboards)

sup yoga

SUP yoga (or yoga on the water) is another interesting type of yoga that is receiving a lot of attention from yoga followers in particular and the yoga community in general. SUP yoga is challenging, fun and the perfect choice for hot summer days.

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To practice this type of yoga, you will need a stand-up paddleboard (a form of board that is longer and thicker than a surfboard). When practicing, you will have to balance on a board that is floating on the water. At this point, your center of gravity will play a huge role and you will need to focus if you do not want to fall into the water.

Practicing yoga on a stand-up paddle board gives you a new perspective on your practice and avoids the feeling of boredom when you practice the poses over and over again. In addition, the continuous movement of the board on the water also helps you increase your ability to concentrate.

5. Slackline yoga


Slackline is a sport that trains balance on nylon or polyester ropes, stretched between two points. Slackline yoga is a type of yoga that combines slackline adventure and traditional yoga styles. That means when doing slackline yoga, you will have to perform yoga movements when moving to balance on the rope.

Slackline yoga is an extremely challenging and adventurous form of yoga. To conquer successfully, you will need great perseverance and focus.

6. Double yoga

double yoga

Yoga is known to be just individual exercises. However, now, you can experience yoga practice with your lover, relative or friend through a very interesting type of double yoga.

Double yoga is a type of yoga for two whose main purpose is to deepen and broaden your practice in a variety of ways. With the help of a partner, you’ll be able to try new poses and find deeper aspects of familiar poses. You will challenge yourself physically and emotionally by putting your body in someone else’s hands. In addition, practicing together also strengthens the bond between the two and strengthens their trust.

7. Underwater yoga

Aqua yoga or underwater yoga

Aqua yoga (water yoga) is perhaps the most gentle of all modern yogas. With aqua yoga, you will perform yoga poses while in the water. This is a gentle, accessible form of yoga that can provide the body with countless wonderful benefits, from weight loss to helping the body become more flexible.

Whether you are new to yoga or a yogi who has mastered the movements, it still takes time to get used to it slowly. You should not rush down immediately because there will be strange changes that your body will not have time to react to for you to feel.

Above are 7 types of modern, novel and challenging yoga that you can consider experiencing if you feel that regular yoga practice is becoming too boring. In addition, if you want to know which type of yoga is the most difficult, please read the article What type of yoga is considered the most difficult.

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