7 types of milk for children who are slow to speak, mothers should buy immediately for their children

Milks for children with speech delay will supplement the necessary nutrients for the brain, thereby helping children to enhance cognition and memory in the process of language learning every day. In addition, children who drink milk at the right age also contribute to weight gain, increase height and support the comprehensive development process in all aspects at the right age.

Some notes when choosing milk for children with speech delay

Lack of interactive attention from family; children often access phones and computers from a young age instead of talking; Children have some hearing problems, the muscles of the mouth are thought to be involved in the cause of the delay in speech. Especially slow speech can also be a manifestation of autism syndrome, so when the child encounters this condition, parents are extremely worried.

According to experts, undernutrition is also a factor that easily causes children to be delayed in speech or development compared to other children. On the other hand, supplementing nutrition through milk, although not helping children to speak immediately, can support the process of improving memory and cognition, thereby helping children learn languages ​​more effectively and improve their speed. shortages faster.

 milk for children with speech delay
It is necessary to choose milk for children with speech delay in accordance with the cause and condition of the child because not all types of milk can be used.

However, with that said, delayed speech may be related to autism spectrum disorder. In children with autism, children often have excessively sensitive senses, children are very susceptible to allergies to some food groups, including milk. Therefore, when choosing milk for children with autism, if you don’t pay attention, your child’s condition will unintentionally become more serious.

In the case of children with speech delay due to autism, they should not use cow’s milk, goat’s milk, sheep’s milk or milk with mammal extracts in general because the casein content can cause the child to have disorders. digestive and very uncomfortable. Forms of whole milk, powdered milk or in general milk or foods prepared from animal milk sources also cannot be used for people with autism.

These types of milk, when processed, will also use chemical sugars, use preservatives and all these factors have a very bad effect on the central system of children with autism, both causing inflammation and increasing inflammation. other disorders. Children may be more agitated, screaming, upset, irritable after using these inappropriate milks.

Besides, a type of milk that is also not for children with speech delay if it is related to autism is soy milk. Some studies suggest that often the production of these soy products will use growth drugs, which can cause genetic mutations and a number of other problems that are not good for the body of children with autism.

On the other hand, almond milk is also a type of nut milk that seems to bring many good benefits to children with speech delay and autism, but the results are not. Some studies show that the proteins in almond milk are not a good source of protein, and the amount of carrageenan in this nut can also cause some digestive problems, so it should not be used for children with autism.

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However, these limitations only respond to the status of children with delayed speech due to autism, while other conditions of children with delayed speech due to other environmental and psychological factors should still be used as normal. In general, to ensure that the right type of milk for children with speech delay is used, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Using milk helps to supplement groups of substances such as omega-3, DHA, Vitamin B6
  • Prioritize milk of clear origin, do not use floating milk without labels
  • Prioritize using fresh milk, pasteurized milk without using preservatives
  • For children with autistic speech delay, they should refer to the use of plant-based milk, such as brown rice milk, almond milk.
  • Use low-sugar milk instead of too-sweet milks
  • Can refer to homemade milk for quality control, limiting sugar, preservatives are not good for young children. Currently, milk cooking machines are also quite popular today, so you can cook your own nut milk at home simply, without wasting time but still having great taste, so you should also refer to it.
  • Consult with your doctor for details to make sure the right formula is used for your child’s condition, especially if the delay in speech is related to autism.
  • Besides supplementing milk for children with speech delay, it is still necessary to combine with a variety of food sources to ensure that they provide children with the most appropriate nutrition for comprehensive development in all aspects.

5 types of milk for children with speech delay are safe and effective

Parents can refer to some types of milk for children with speech delay below to support the development of both language, cognition and physical development for their children.

Walnut milk

Walnut milk is one of the milks for children with speech delay due to all causes, including children with autism. The nutritional content in this group of milk is not inferior to cow’s milk, especially rich in fatty acids necessary for brain development. Although the protein content in walnut milk is high, it does not cause allergies to the child’s body, supporting the development of both physical and brain.

 milk for children with speech delay
Walnut milk has high nutritional content and does not cause allergies for children with speech delay due to autism

In walnut milks, two active ingredients, L-carnitine and riboflavin, are found abundantly to help increase muscle activity so that children can move more flexibly. Walnuts also have a high calcium content that helps children with speech delay develop optimal height compared to their peers.

On the other hand, walnut milk is a milk for children with delayed speech, which is very good for children with autism because of its fatty acid content, it also has an effective anti-inflammatory ability to improve muscle soreness. The taste of walnut milk is not too sweet, has a fleshy, light aroma, so it is easy to drink. The calorie content of these milks is mostly not too high, so it doesn’t make children obese.

Brown rice milk

With a natural fatty flavor, brown rice milk is also one of the ideal milks if parents are looking for milk for children with speech delay. Brown rice is one of the food sources with high nutritional content and is said to bring a lot of great benefits to the body, such as stabilizing blood pressure, heart health, and controlling weight.

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 milk for children with speech delay
Brown rice milk contains high nutritional content, very good for the nervous system of children with speech delay

Manganese content in brown rice milk is extremely good for the nervous system of children with speech delay, regulating the state so that children are less agitated and stressed. In addition, the rich fiber content in brown rice also supports the stable functioning of the digestive system – one of the problems many autistic children face, making families often have to control their children’s nutrition very much. harshly.

A study also showed that brown rice milk also contains omega 3 acids, which have the effect of repelling the risk of enzymes in the brain working incorrectly, thereby enhancing cognition, intelligence significantly, and quickly acquiring language. than. The calcium content in this milk is not inferior, and at the same time, it ensures that it does not contain allergenic factors, so parents can refer to it for children with speech delay.

Coconut milk

Coconut milk is not milk of animal origin and can be used as a substitute for people who are allergic to nut milk, so it is extremely suitable for special subjects such as children with autism. Some experts have shown that the fatty acid content of lauric acid found in this milk has a very good effect on the central nervous system, thereby making up for the brain deficits of children, especially.

 milk for children with speech delay
Coconut milk has a delicious taste, suitable for all conditions of children with speech delay

Another property of coconut milk is its ability to reduce inflammation, thereby improving some annoying problems in children with autistic speech delay, especially on the nervous system. Coconut milk is also considered an extremely effective substitute for people who often have digestive problems, especially those who are allergic to lactose in cow protein such as autistic children with speech delay.

Some other benefits from coconut milk that parents can use for children with speech delay are strengthening the immune system, limiting the risk of anemia, balancing electrolytes, good for hair and bones. With these benefits, any condition of children with speech delay whether due to simple causes or related to autism can be used safely without worrying about allergic conditions appearing.

Miwako organic plant milk for children with speech delay

Miwako organic plant milk is considered as one of the products for VIP children such as children with autism, children with mental retardation, children with delayed speech or a group of young children who are allergic to cow’s protein but still need adequate supplementation. nutrition to support the holistic development process in all aspects. In addition, adults who follow a vegetarian diet, a whole macrobiotic diet, and diabetics can also use it.

The ingredients of Miwako organic milk are all plant extracts, such as Pisane Pea, brown rice, millet, quinoa, germinated brown rice and flaxseed oil. A large amount of fiber is very good for the digestive system, and helps to optimally absorb other necessary nutrients.

 milk for children with speech delay
Miwako organic plant milk is considered very suitable for a special group of children

Miwako organic milk for children with speech delay is suitable because the GABA content from germinated brown rice is 10 times higher than that of other milks. This active ingredient helps children increase intelligence, attention, improve sleep, reduce nervous tension, thereby improving the quality of language learning and other skills effectively.

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The omega 3 content from flaxseed oil is also quite high, helping children to strengthen their vision and brain, so that children can learn faster than what is taught. The manufacturer is committed to not using added sugar, not using soy protein, and gluten-free, so it is non-allergenic, suitable for all conditions of children with speech delay.

Besides, milk also provides a lot of other vitamins and minerals necessary for the comprehensive development of young children. Miwako milk for speech delay children has up to 3 flavors so that your baby can freely choose their favorite flavors including vanilla, rice milk and cocoa.

Some types of milk for children with simple speech delay

As mentioned, delayed speech if autistic will limit the use of certain types of milk because it can make the condition worse. However, children with speech delay can simply use a variety of milk without worrying about allergies and irritation on the central nervous system. Children with speech delay simply supplementing with milk are also easily absorbed and effective faster than children with autism.

 milk for children with speech delay
Nutifood full cream milk can be used for children with speech delays simply to supplement the necessary nutrients

Therefore, for children who do not know how to speak due to environmental factors or physical diseases of hearing, mouth muscles, due to lack of nutrients, you can refer to the following types of milk for children with speech delay.

  • Dutch Girl Full Cream Milk: this is one of the famous milk brands around the world with an outstanding history of operation for decades. Dutch Girl Full Cream Milk helps to supplement a large amount of important nutrients such as B1, B2, B6, protein, calcium, choline, folic acid, etc. These are all essential nutrients for children with developmental delay to enhance memory, height, concentration ability to quickly improve language, speak earlier.
  • Nutifood Full Cream Milk: this is a milk line from Vietnam that is aimed at young people over 2 years old to supplement the necessary nutrients. The content of vitamins A, D, C, and E in milk is quite high, both helping to replenish energy for daily activities and help enhance brain activities for young children, the language learning process is effective. good.
  • Royal Ausnz Instant Whole Milk: With a high content of nutrients, especially ingredients such as Galactooligosaccharides (GOS), probiotics, soluble fiber, milk sialic acid not only improves the functioning of the digestive system but is also very beneficial for the development of the digestive system. brain.

The use of milk for children with speech delay can bring many benefits, but it is necessary to ensure the right type and the right audience. Speech delay has many causes and it is always necessary to determine exactly what condition it is to be able to schedule appropriate treatment, nutrition or educational interventions. Therefore, when families see their child showing signs of speech delay, they need to quickly take their child to see a doctor for accurate support.

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