#7 psychological tricks to make your partner do what you want

In order for the other person to do what you want, sophisticated and skillful psychological tricks are required. 7 psychological tricks in the following article will help you capture the other person and easily make them agree when receiving offers and requests.

7 psychological tricks to make the other person do what you want

In life, there will be times when you need someone’s help. When making an offer, they may decline because they feel uncomfortable and willing. However, you can make the other person do what you want if you master the psychological tricks.

Human psychology is not “shown off” as clearly as appearance. They can express happiness through facial expressions and actions but it is difficult to know what the other person is feeling deep inside. If you know how to grasp the psychology of others, it will be easier for you in life and work.

In addition, you can also learn some psychological tricks to get your partner to do what you want. Through these tips, you can achieve your goals. In fact, most people who hold leadership and executive positions always know the psychological tricks to get others to do what they want. Capturing this contributes a lot to future success.

Here are 7 psychological tricks to get your partner to do what you want:

1. Imitate the other person’s body language

The chameleon effect is the term used to refer to the phenomenon where we imitate the actions, gestures, expressions, etc. of someone (usually someone close to us). This action is formed unconsciously by mutual influence.

Psychological tricks to make the other person do what you want
Imitating body language is one of the psychological tricks to get the other person to do what you want

According to psychologists, the chameleon effect makes the other person have a good impression and sympathize with you. So if you want the other person to do what you want, try to imitate their body language. Thus, they will feel sympathetic and easily agree to your requests. Meanwhile, the other side can easily refuse if you and them are too different.

However, if you take advantage of the chameleon effect, you should show it in a clever way so that the opponent does not realize that you are deliberately copying. You can imitate their hand placement and expressions. This will help narrow the gap between the two of you, the other person will feel close and ready to help you when needed.

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2. Change the way you ask questions

When asking for help from others, you should pay attention to how to ask questions to increase the odds of the other person agreeing. According to experts, don’t ask Yes / No questions because the possibility of agree – refuse will be in the balance of 50 – 50. For example, when you ask them to help you with something, avoid asking questions. Ask questions like “Can you do this for me?”.

If they ask such a question, the probability that they will answer no is very high because no one wants to waste time on tasks that are not within the scope of their work. Therefore, you should avoid asking such questions when offering help.

Instead, you can ask questions in the form of requests like “Can you help me with this? I’m not feeling well today.” When asking a question in the form of an offer, it will be difficult for the other person to refuse and at the same time you should clearly state the reason right after the offer. Thus, the percentage of them agreeing will be higher instead of waiting for them to ask why.

With this simple psychological trick, you can easily get your partner to do what you want. However, you should only use it when necessary. Because people are sober enough to say no if you constantly ask and ask for help.

3. Look them straight in the eye when you suggest something

When making an offer, you should look them straight in the eye instead of avoiding it. When looking directly into the other person’s eyes, they will feel shy and find it difficult to say no. Your steadfast gaze will urge them to accept to do what you want.

Psychological tricks to make the other person do what you want
When making an offer, look the other person in the eye to get approval

Furthermore, most people feel that avoiding eye contact is a sign that the person is lying and making excuses. So, look the other person straight in the eye when asking for help. This action will make the other person feel confident with your words and will be willing to help when needed.

Meanwhile, if you don’t use eye contact, the other person will easily refuse if you don’t feel comfortable with the offer. Eyes have a very strong magic power. So, if you know how to take advantage, you can easily achieve success in life and leave a good impression in the eyes of others.

4. Expressing worries, insecurities

When you need someone’s help, you can express your worries and insecurities through words and expressions. According to research, people often find it easier to help someone weaker than themselves. So expressing your concerns will help you win over the other person’s feelings and possibly ask for their help with some problems.

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However, all psychological tricks must be performed skillfully. Because the other side may “flip” your tricks and think that you are manipulating them. In addition, it is necessary to avoid excessive abuse because basically, each person’s perception is strong enough to resist the influence of emotions. Besides, you also need to choose the right trick for each person’s personality characteristics and age.

5. Speed ​​up speaking

During debates, you can increase your speaking speed when the other person seems “incompetent”. When receiving a large amount of information, their brain will not process it in time, leading to confusion. At this point, you just need to give sharp arguments and specific evidence to convince the other party completely.

However, you should only increase your speaking speed, not increase the volume because the other party may feel “suppressed”. When the other person agrees with you, slow down to create sympathy. With these simple psychological tricks, you can gain approval and get your partner to do what you want.

6. Praise others tactfully

We all want to be praised and recognized. Therefore, you can also praise the other person to create sympathy. However, praise should be moderate and tactful. You don’t have to find their strengths to give compliments, but start with compliments from their personality.

Psychological tricks to make the other person do what you want
Complimenting others is a way for you to create sympathy and make the other person do what you want

For example, if you are a hasty person, give compliments if they are calm and polite. These subtle compliments will help you “score” in the eyes of the other person and create good sympathy. At this point, you can easily ask them to handle some problems for you. Because they have built a close relationship, they will easily agree to you instead of refusing when you ask bluntly.

7. See the other person the way they want

To create sympathy for the other person, see them the way they want to. This will help you become more impressive in the eyes of the other person and they will have a need to want to maintain a close relationship with you. Many university studies also show that people themselves have sympathy for those who see them the way they want.

However, this will take a long time because they will not express their desire from the first meeting. Therefore, when communicating, you need to pay attention to the words of the other person so that you can better understand them. Then, show them how you see them so that the other person feels understood and familiar. That way, you can easily make the other person do what you want.

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The above psychological tricks will help the other person do what you want. However, you have to do it skillfully to avoid being “revealed” by the opponent. In addition, to increase the success rate, it is necessary to choose psychological tricks suitable for each subject and should not be overused.

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