7 plastic numbers – Everything you need to know to avoid poisoning

Plastic bottles are no longer strange to everyone. Because of their convenience and low cost, they are very popular. However, for the sake of health benefits, manufacturing companies have provided consumers with 7 plastic symbolsto clarify their functions and uses.

The different plastic symbols indicate the chemical composition in greater or lesser amounts indicated by the above symbol. Therefore, if you know well, which products can be used many times and are not harmful to health. Let’s Ocany Decipher the mystery behind the triangle symbols of plastic objects!

What do the symbols on the bottom of the plastic bottle mean?

Plastic symbol number 1 – PET or PETE resin

Plastic symbol

Pet plastic is often found in soft drink bottles

This is a type of plastic commonly used in bottled water products, soft drinks, and carbonated soft drinks. They are also found in products or packaging. This type of plastic you should only use once, should not be reused. Because when reused, it will increase the risk of heavy metal contamination and chemical compounds from plastic bottle products.

In households, they often take advantage of fresh water products, drink them, and reuse them for nearly a month before they throw them away. Because of that action, it affected the hormonal balance of each family member. Take a look at the symbol on the bottom of the plastic bottle right now.

Plastic symbol number 2 – HDP or HDPE plastic

Plastic symbol

High safety HDPE plastic

This is the type of plastic you will easily find in bottles and jars with hard materials such as milk bottles and detergent containers. This is the type of plastic that the Experts recommend using them because they are more safe than other types of plastic.

This plastic can’t release any poison. So, if you and your family catch any products with the HDP symbol, buy them and use them right away!

Plastic symbol number 3 – 3V plastic or PVC

Plastic symbol

3V plastic should not be used at temperatures above 81 degrees Celsius

This is a flexible plastic commonly found in cooking oil bottles or toys, packaging and other products. It is best to see the notation that will distinguish it. This type of plastic wouldn’t be worth mentioning if they weren’t subject to high temperatures.

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Yes, when at high temperature, this 3V plastic will produce two toxins that affect the hormone balance in the body. When using this type of plastic, it should be noted that their stable temperature is below 81 degrees Celsius.

Plastic symbol number 4: LDPE plastic

understanding 4

This type of LDPE plastic should not be used in the microwave

Similar to type 3 plastic, they are all thermoplastics and should not be used at too high a temperature. They produce toxins that are harmful to the body.

You can find this plastic in frozen products, noodle packaging and other products. Because they are foods, you should not put them in the microwave to defrost because they have the potential to be harmful to the health of the user.

Plastic symbol number 5: PP plastic

understanding 5

Safe grade PP plastic good high temperature resistance

In stark contrast to plastic number 4, this is a transparent plastic, lightweight and resistant to high temperatures well without producing harmful substances. They also resist moisture and grease very well.

They are often found in yogurt products and syrup bottles. With this symbol, you can safely keep them at high temperatures without having to worry.

Plastic symbol number 6: PS . resin

understanding 6

PS plastic is heat resistant for a short time, should only be used once

This is a cheap plastic that also withstands heat well, but don’t microwave them either! They can only withstand heat for a short time and the heat is not too high, so it will not produce toxic substances that are harmful to the body.

They are commonly found in disposable cutlery products, fast food products. Drinking cups when going outside, all have these PS symbols.

Plastic symbol number 7: PC plastic or no symbol

understanding 7

Plastic No. 7 – the most dangerous of the 7 types of PC plastic

Plastic No. 7 PC – this plastic is the kind of plastic that haunts those who do not know anything about the symbols on the bottom of plastic bottles. Because, this is the most toxic plastic that is often used a lot like restaurants, sidewalks, offices, schools everywhere.

Because of them, hide behind 3 liter or 5 liter drinking water products. This is a dangerous plastic that can cause infertility and threatens many other health problems, even cancer if you use it for a long time.

How dangerous is BPA in plastic?

BPA Full name is Bisphenol A, is an artificial industrial chemical used in the production of plastics, common plastics such as epoxy resin, polycarbonate, … BPA is widely used in the production of personal belongings. and food containers.

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Despite bringing a lot of economic value in production, BPA has been banned by many countries around the world from appearing in children’s items. According to a report by the European Chemical Agency published in 2017, the properties of BPA have the ability to seriously disrupt hormones in the human body.

Not only that, a series of dangerous diseases caused by BPA:

  • Neurological dysfunction
  • Early puberty in children
  • Increased risk of cancer
  • Obstructing the treatment process of cancer patients
  • Causes abnormal egg cell death
  • Loss of fertility in men

=> Out of 7 types of plastic on the market, there are 3 types of plastic you need to be careful about when using because they contain BPA: Plastic No. 3, Plastic No. 6 and Plastic No. 7

What kind of plastic should and shouldn’t be used?

Through the analysis of the difference of 7 popular plastics on the market, Ocany I will summarize for you the types of plastic to use and not to use.

Types of content

Types of plastic to use and avoid

Plastic bottles have long been nothing new to everyone, however, using them properly will contribute to protecting the health of your family and those around you in the best way. From now on, if you buy any plastic bottle product, you should look at the plastic symbols on the bottom of the bottle, especially be careful with plastic number 3, plastic number 6, plastic number 7 PC … to protect your own health. me and my family.

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