7 harmful effects of eating too much spicy that you don’t expect

Eating spicy has long been a habit of many people because it stimulates the taste buds to make the meal more delicious. There will be no dispute if you eat spicy food in moderation every day, but if you eat too spicy, many dangers are lurking for you. So what is the harm of eating too much spicy that you need to be so cautious?

1. The harmful effects of eating too much spicy need to be careful

1.1. Stomaches

Eating too spicy It will first cause damage to the stomach and intestines, thereby producing symptoms such as heartburn, nausea, stomach burning, stomach ulcers, …

The harmful effects of eating too much spicy food

Eating too spicy can cause stomach damage

Not only that The harmful effects of eating too much spicy food It is also the phenomenon of acid reflux from the stomach to the esophagus, causing the area behind the breastbone to burn. The longer this condition lasts, the more serious damage to the stomach will be, which is very dangerous to health.

1.2. Not eating well

Eating spicy in moderation will stimulate the taste buds to make you feel more appetizing, but eating too much spicy will overload the taste buds of the tongue. At this time, the taste buds have to receive too much stimulation, so it is easy to lose the ability to distinguish taste and therefore you will no longer feel appetite.

1.3. Lost sleep

Eating spicy causes the body to generate heat, so it is uncomfortable. Besides, the strong spiciness of chili also causes high excitement if you eat it before bedtime, causing the nervous system to be affected, so it is easy to lose sleep for a long time. Not only that, eating too much spicy also gives rise to heartburn symptoms, stomach pain sleep will become poorer, more difficult to fall asleep.

1.4. Skin prone to breakouts and irritation

Most spicy foods are highly hygroscopic, so if eaten in excess, it will make the skin rough and dry. Not only that, the spicy substance in hot spicy foods also stimulates the skin to become hot, so it is easier to acne.

Acne and skin irritation is one of the harmful effects of eating too much spicy food, which is common in many people

Acne and skin irritation is one of the harmful effects of eating too much spicy food, which is common in many people

Eating too many spicy foods at one time can also cause skin irritation to varying degrees. Symptoms of skin irritation that are very noticeable in this situation are itchy, hot skin in areas exposed to spicy foods.

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1.5. Risk of memory loss

If you maintain the habit of eating spicy food for a long time, it is very easy to suffer cognitive decline and memory loss. Therefore, limiting eating too much spicy will help limit this unnecessary harm.

1.6. Hemorrhoids

Chili has high water absorption, so if you eat a lot, it is easy to lack water in your body. constipation due to heat, anal abscess, difficult defecation. The longer this condition persists, the more the hemorrhoids will protrude.

1.7. High blood pressure

Another harmful effect of excessive spicy food is to cause a strong impact on the throat and intestinal mucosa. Prolonged like that, the spiciness exceeds the safe threshold and puts pressure on the vessel walls, damaging nerves and causing high blood pressure.

2. How to eat spicy to be both delicious and healthy

These The harmful effects of eating too much spicy food is undeniable but it only happens when you have no control over your spicy eating. Eating spicy with a moderate amount and in the right way is still very good for health. To achieve this you need:

– Limit spicy food in the summer because the hotter it is, the more spicy food makes the body feel uncomfortable. Eating a lot of spicy food in the summer will increase body temperature, cause dehydration and bloating, making the symptoms of depression more severe. If you like spicy food, choose winter because that is the right time, at that time, spicy dishes will satisfy your taste buds but also increase the body’s calorie burning rate, thereby helping the body warm up. .

Should eat spicy food with other dishes to reduce the hot spicy taste

Should eat spicy food with other dishes to reduce the hot spicy taste

– Should not only eat spicy dishes, but should be eaten with dishes with sour, salty, sweet, … to reduce the harmful effects of spicy. As for chili, instead of eating it raw, you should prepare it with other spices to reduce its hotness.

– Do not eat spicy food on an empty stomach because doing so will accidentally destroy your stomach. At such times, it is necessary to first eat healthy food and then eat spicy dishes.

– When spicy food is still hot, do not rush to eat it immediately because doing so can easily damage the esophagus and nasopharynx, burn the tongue, make the taste buds temporarily numb, …

– After eating spicy, remember to soothe the body with cooling drinks because it both helps to soothe the spicy taste left on the tongue and removes the pungent odor in the oral cavity while cooling the body and helping the breath. No more unpleasant pungent smell.

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The following people should avoid spicy foods:

+ People with cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, chronic bronchitis: Eating spicy foods will increase blood circulation, thereby increasing heart rate, causing acute heart failure.

+ People with stomach disease: should not eat chili because it easily causes gastric mucosa to be edematous, gastric motility increased, the ability to restore digestive function is affected.

+ Gallstones, cholecystitis, gallstones: Spicy food should be avoided because it stimulates stomach acid to secrete more, thereby making the disease more serious.

+ Hemorrhoids: Do not eat spicy food because it is easy to cause anal abscess, increase constipation, so hemorrhoids are more difficult to treat.

+ Having keratitis or pink eye: do not eat too spicy because it makes these two diseases more serious.

+ Pregnant women and nursing mothers: Eating too much spicy food in this case will affect the baby through breast milk, making the child prone to hot flashes, so they are often fussy and uncomfortable.

It’s not good to eat too much of anything, especially when you already know it The harmful effects of eating too much spicy food The above hope that readers will consider carefully so as not to lose their taste but also not to assist the enemy to destroy their own health.

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