7 best ways to resolve disagreements with your boss

How to peacefully resolve disagreements with your boss is a matter of great interest to many people. Because in fact, having disagreements with the boss is a very normal thing when going to work. However, in many cases, even though you know your boss may be wrong, you still need to be skillful in your behavior to please both sides.

Resolve disagreements with your boss
Need to know how to resolve disagreements with your boss smoothly to avoid putting yourself in a difficult position


Disagreement with the boss – The problem everyone has experienced

In any working environment, disagreements between bosses and employees are always inevitable. This disagreement can be caused by a variety of reasons. Such as:

  • Your boss and you are from two different generations, so the way of thinking will also be different
  • You and your boss approach the problem in two different directions
  • Your boss is raising the bar and thinks he’s right

In fact, nowadays young people tend to want to argue with their boss to defend their point of view. You always want to show your personality, confidence and aggression. However, in a work environment, this approach is not appreciated.

If you handle unwisely when there is a disagreement with your boss, you will easily be judged as a bad employee. Even in many situations, you are pushed into the position of losing your job or not being able to get a promotion.

However, if you know how to handle it skillfully, the story goes completely in a positive direction. Your wise, subtle, and rational behavior will make you a more valuable person in the eyes of your boss. From there, your ability will be recognized and career advancement will also be more favorable.

7 easiest ways to resolve disagreements with your boss

The problem of disagreement with the boss occurs very often in the work environment. However, not everyone knows how to peacefully resolve conflicts and move towards positive things.

There are still a lot of people who are dealing with disagreements with their bosses in unwise ways. This can seriously affect your relationship with your boss, even putting yourself in bad situations that hinder future advancement.

If you are wondering how to resolve disagreements with your boss, please refer to the following very simple ways:

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1. Efforts to build trust

In the boss-employee relationship, trust is said to be at the heart of everything. Once you’ve built up a solid foundation of trust, you can easily convince your boss to believe in your personal opinions and points of view.

How to deal with disagreements with your boss?
You need to build trust with your boss so that disagreements are not too stressful

It is best to ensure that every task is completed on or before the deadline. At the same time always give your best effort and have a special interest in your work. At this time, your ability will definitely be recognized.

Once you’ve built trust with your boss, your boss will be more receptive to your point of view. There may be disagreements at times but trust is what soothes all. Because no matter what, the boss always wants to bring the best to the company.

2. More skillful in communication

Good speech is said to be the key that opens the door to communication, helping you get closer to other people’s world. In the working environment, too, your eloquence greatly determines your success. However, you need to remember that speaking skill will be gradually tempered through the process, not naturally.

Your ingenuity is not only shown in saying the right thing, at the right time, but also having to know how to restrain and control your words when necessary. In the event of a disagreement with your boss, the way you say it will determine whether or not the disagreement is resolved.

It’s best to stay calm, focus and try to speak with certainty. Don’t be aggressive or try too hard to argue with your boss about who’s right and who’s wrong. What you need to aim for is to show your boss that you are arguing with him not for personal reasons but just for the good of the company.

In any situation, no matter how big the disagreement, you absolutely should not speak badly of your boss to other colleagues. Bad-mouthing can help you relieve immediate dissatisfaction, but it can cause you to lose the trust you have built with your boss. Especially when being reflected by bad colleagues “behind your back”.

Tips for resolving disagreements with your boss
In any situation, you should not speak ill of your boss to other colleagues

3. Prepare well before expressing your opinion to your boss

Have you ever thought that a disagreement with your boss happened because you presented your opinion inappropriately? Understanding the reasons is arguably the best way to effectively resolve disagreements with your boss.

When you want your boss to agree with your opinion, you first need to provide factual and convincing information. Don’t show understanding, but when your boss asks more deeply, you can’t answer.

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Before giving your personal opinion, you need to know the issues you want to discuss with your boss. When presenting, you need to pay attention to focus only on the main point, not let the debate be diverted to another topic.

Thorough preparation will also help you to have a more stable mentality before every question your boss asks. This makes it easy to make your boss happy and to go along with your point of view. After all, the main purpose of both is still to want the company to have a comprehensive solution for better development.

4. Should ignore the little things

In some cases, you and your boss may have disagreements over small things. At this point, it’s best to skip it. Don’t let bad things affect your relationship. Because this can affect your salary and promotion path in the future.

Sometimes thinking simply makes you so much more comfortable. You just need to think that the boss is a busy, multi-tasking person who only cares about big issues. Therefore, you need to limit arguing with your boss about petty issues to avoid wasting both of your time.

Resolve disagreements with your boss
You need to present your opinion in the spirit of building the company

5. Know your boss’s personality

Before expressing your opinion, you need to know the personality of the boss. This gives you the ability to find the right moment to make a point. No boss likes to be judged and pointed out by employees. Therefore you need to pay special attention to this issue.

You need to present to your boss to understand that the purpose of your opinion is not to refute the boss’s point of view. What you aim for is the desire to contribute a part of your opinion to jointly build a more complete work plan so that everything goes more smoothly.

6. Know when to stop

Not every argument is guaranteed to win. After all, you are just an employee and must always work under the direction of your superiors. If your boss rejects your point of view, you still need to show him that no matter what, you will always support them.

When your boss wants to end the argument, it’s best not to try to argue any more. This is arguably the best way to resolve disagreements with your boss. Accepting to stop at the right time will help you strengthen trust with your boss. Although your boss disagrees this time, next time he may consider consulting with you.

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7. Always respect your boss’s decision

Remember, those with “power” will often still be the ones making the final decisions. Sometimes the boss’s decision may not be in line with your opinion and point of view, but you need to respect it.

You should never show disrespect to your boss’s decisions and deliberately do things your way. This will only make conflicts and disagreements pushed further. In the end, the one who suffers will definitely be you.

You have your arguments but your superiors will have theirs too. If the argument can’t come to a satisfying conclusion, you still need to acknowledge your boss’s authority. However, don’t be in a hurry to turn your back on your own opinions and praise your boss artificially.

In fact, it’s not difficult to resolve disagreements with your boss, but first you need to have tact. Dexterity in every word and behavior is always a strength in the working environment. Just behaving skillfully, you will not only resolve disagreements well, but also improve your value to your superiors.

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