6-year-old children have trouble sleeping and anorexia: Causes and solutions

6-year-old children have trouble sleeping anorexia make parents feel extremely worried. Because it is not known where this situation comes from and how to help the baby eat well and sleep well again. In the article below, We will help parents find answers to these questions.

1. Reasons why 6-year-olds have trouble sleeping and eating?

6-year-old children anorexia and difficulty sleeping not only affect their health but also affect the quality of life of the whole family. Some of the most common causes that can lead to a 6-year-old child having trouble sleeping and anorexia:

1.1. Because 6-year-old children have zinc deficiency, insomnia and often cry at night

Zinc deficiency is a major barrier to a baby’s development and is the leading cause of poor appetite, trouble sleeping, or night crying. Zinc is an important trace element and ranks sixth in the human body, especially for children.

Zinc plays a very important role in the development of the baby, especially with the nervous system and digestive system. 6-year-old children with zinc deficiency often have symptoms such as digestive disorders, loss of appetite, trouble sleeping, sleep disorders, irritability, short sleep, sadness, frequent fussing at night, … Therefore, deficiency Zinc is a major barrier to a child’s development and is the leading cause of anorexia and difficulty sleeping.

1.2. 6-year-old children anorexia leading to lack of calcium and vitamins, difficulty sleeping, crying at night

6-year-old children are anorexic and picky eaters, leading to limited nutrient supply from food. Calcium and vitamin D are two ingredients that are not easily absorbed and are lost a lot during food processing. Therefore, when suffering from anorexia, the baby is very susceptible to calcium and vitamin D deficiency. Since then, the teeth and bones are underdeveloped, the child is often sick, slow to grow, so he is sad, has trouble sleeping, or cries at night.

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1.3. 6-year-old anorexic children often go hungry at night

When a 6-year-old child eats less, he will often be hungry at night and have difficulty sleeping. If parents don’t know this, the baby will be hungry and fussy at night. Along with anorexia, if the food the parents cook is not right for the child’s taste, the baby will be even more lazy to eat. If this situation happens many times, the baby will form a reflex, every night is fussy whether hungry or not.

1.4. 6-year-old children who have difficulty sleeping and eating often have poor resistance

When it is difficult to sleep and anorexia, 6-year-old children do not get enough nutrients from food into the body. Over time, the baby’s resistance will become weaker and easier to be affected by harmful agents from the external environment such as weather, microorganisms, air, etc. Tiredness and minor illnesses will also make children sick. or irritable, crying more, especially at night.

1.5. The digestive system of 6-year-old children is poor, causing anorexia and difficulty sleeping

The digestive system of 6-year-old children is often immature and very easily affected by microorganisms and food. This is the reason why babies often experience digestive problems such as constipation, diarrhea, indigestion, bloating, etc. At this time, they will feel tired and sore, so they often have difficulty sleeping and cry at night. night.

Besides, poor intestinal tract also makes 6-year-old children bored and do not want to eat. This indirectly aggravates the difficulty of sleeping and crying at night in children.

2. How to improve the situation of 6-year-old children with difficulty sleeping and anorexia

To find out the best way to take care of a 6-year-old child who has difficulty sleeping and anorexia, the most important thing that parents need to do is understand their child. Then, parents will know the right and best solution for their baby. Some tips to help parents improve anorexia and sleep problems for 6-year-old children are:

2.1. Build a comfortable sleeping space for 6-year-olds

The bedroom plays a very important role in putting a 6-year-old child to sleep and determines the quality of his sleep. Therefore, parents should create a clean, quiet and airy space for the baby with pleasant colors, making it easier for the child to fall asleep.

Ideally, parents should limit the decoration of objects that stimulate children’s curiosity. If needed, you can turn on soothing music without lyrics to put your baby to sleep.

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2.2. Split meals for 6-year-olds

After about 2 hours, food from the stomach will be brought down to the intestines. In addition, 6-year-old children are subject to a lot of exercise and energy consumption. Therefore, children are more hungry than adults.

That’s why it’s important for parents to split their children’s meals. Besides 3 main meals a day, you should give your children extra meals. In particular, before going to bed, parents should give the baby a cup of hot milk to warm the stomach, enough nutrients and help the child warm the stomach.

2.3. Supplement foods rich in vitamin D for children 6 years old

For 6-year-old children who have difficulty sleeping and anorexia, parents should add foods rich in vitamin D to their daily diet. Such as sardines, salmon, cod liver oil, herring, mushrooms, egg yolks, etc.

2.4. Supplementing foods rich in zinc for children 6 years old

Supplementing zinc from daily foods is a safe and popular way that many parents still do. Some foods rich in zinc that parents should add to their children are oysters, red meat, legumes, clams, milk, nuts, eggs, potatoes, dark chocolate, kale, etc.

2.5. For 6-year-old children with difficulty sleeping and anorexia use Kinder Optima delicious syrup

Kinder Optima Contains L-Lysine and 17 essential vitamins and minerals to help support children’s appetite, weight gain, and full height development. It also helps your baby sleep better and sleep better. Therefore, if a 6-year-old child is anorexic and has trouble sleeping, We advises parents to buy Kinder Optima for their children to use to help them eat and sleep better.

3. When a 6-year-old has trouble sleeping and anorexia, when should he see a doctor?

Difficulty sleeping and anorexia negatively affect the health, as well as the long-term development of 6-year-old children. Therefore, parents need to quickly bring their children to see a doctor if they encounter the following cases:

Children are anorexic and have difficulty sleeping for more than 2 weeks in a row because if left for a long time, this situation will adversely affect their health and also create bad habits for them.

– Children 6 years old refuse to eat or only eat 1-2 meals / day: Eating too little will make the baby feel tired and lethargic.

Children sleeping less than 4 hours / night: Every day, babies need to sleep for 8 hours to ensure that the organs in the body can function and rest normally.

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