6 harmful effects of not snacking after exercise

The post-gym snack is very important and cannot be underestimated, especially when you want to improve your body quickly and effectively. When you don’t recharge after exercising, you may experience some unwanted effects.

Fasting or delaying a snack after exercise for reasons of time rush or busy work is a bad habit of gymers. This habit causes consequences that are difficult to overcome if maintained for a long time. Let’s find out with easyhealthylive.com 6 things that will happen to the body when there is no nutritional supplement after exercise!

1. Muscle pain

Within an hour after exercise is the best time to replenish energy and nutrients for the body, especially protein. If your body doesn’t replenish the calories it just expended, you’ll end up tired and sore muscles. Carrying fruit or diet cakes in your gym bag is never a waste.

Muscle pain will interfere with exercise

2. Muscle groups can’t recover quickly

According to a study published in The Physician and Sports Medicine, eating a snack rich in protein and carbohydrates within 30 minutes of exercise reduces muscle fatigue and reduces the time it takes for muscles to recover from intense workouts. straight. If not supplemented at the right time, the muscles will not be ready to come to the next training session in the most perfect way.

3. Reduced protein absorption

When you skip your post-workout snack, your liver won’t produce and store enough glycogen (an enzyme necessary for protein absorption) to repair muscle after a tiring workout. Bananas, bread with peanut butter or protein milk are both healthy and convenient options that can be easily carried when you go to the gym.

The body needs enough nutrients to build muscle and one of the most important nutrients for this process is protein. However, for a regular bodybuilder or athlete, the amount of protein needed will be about 1.1 – 1.6g per kg of body weight. In fact, you only need to drink a glass of protein milk or a protein-rich snack after exercise and the rest of the protein will be absorbed in the main meals.

Sandwiches and eggs are starchy and protein foods

4. Tired and Exhausted

You’ll get tired easily if you don’t eat within an hour of your workout. For example, after a session of HIIT (a series of high-intensity, fat-burning exercises) you will feel energetic and healthy because the amount of endorphins in your body is still high. However, your body is already tired and needs to be replenished immediately after exercise so that you do not feel tired when the amount of endorphins drops.

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In addition, during exercise, the body consumes large amounts of electrolytes and minerals such as sodium, calcium, and potassium and excretes them through sweat glands. Therefore, if you do not eat after exercise, the body will lack these substances and easily lead to fatigue and exhaustion. Sports drinks and bananas are two rich sources of electrolytes and minerals for the body.

5. Injury

When you don’t replenish energy after a workout, the muscles haven’t fully recovered yet. If you go to the gym the next day, you’re more likely to get injured.

Injuries can affect the quality of subsequent training sessions, even if you cannot continue training. Therefore, refueling after exercising is a necessity.

6. Weak muscles

The habit of not eating after training continues for a long time, the muscles will be lost, leading to the fact that even if you exercise every day, you will not achieve the desired body shape. Worse cases can lead to weakness and muscle atrophy.

By delaying a post-workout meal or even not eating, gymers not only make their workouts less effective, but also put their health in jeopardy. Although they are just bananas, glasses of milk or small cakes, they are one of the important factors for you to achieve your desired body and make training safer and more convenient.

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