#6 sports that help develop the best dimension

For people of modest height, improving physique is not an easy task, requiring perseverance as well as a reasonable exercise plan. If you are looking for sports that help increase height effectively, pocket some of the sports below.

Does exercise help increase height?

When children are in the period of pre-puberty and puberty, regular sports play is extremely important for the bone-building response, which helps the thigh bone, the bone in the lower leg, and the vertebrae to develop. strong to increase height.

Sports activities are not only good for height but also good for health
Sports activities are not only good for height but also good for health

In addition, physical activity also contributes to bone density, minerals accumulate on the surface around bones, helping bones grow horizontally, reducing the risk of fractures related to osteoporosis. At the same time, playing sports also helps improve muscle strength, flexibility, coordination of limbs and balance of the body, limiting falls that affect bone growth.

In particular, playing sports is very beneficial to health, helping to enhance the regulation of the endocrine system, including the pituitary gland. Thanks to that, the body will secrete growth hormone that stimulates the growth of bone cells, increasing the length of bones, thereby increasing height effectively.

Good sports for height

In fact, very few people are lucky enough to have a perfect body and perfect height without exercising. Instead, you need to combine a reasonable diet, a proper exercise plan. Only like that, the new height is effectively improved.

There are many sports that you may be interested in choosing to apply for daily practice with the aim of getting rid of the dwarf fungus. Here are some of the more appealing options.


As can be seen, the movements in volleyball are the perfect combination of muscle and bone movement. Movements such as serving, hitting, receiving and passing the ball force the body to work continuously and constantly change different positions. The overall combination of these moves will help tone the abs, back, and shoulder muscles.

Practicing volleyball every day helps to increase height significantly

On the other hand, when performing movements to serve and block the ball on the net, the body is no longer under pressure, but the whole body is relaxed, especially the spine is stretched, the discs between the bones. Bone will expand, stimulate cartilage tissue to grow, height will also gradually improve significantly.

Just spending 60 minutes playing volleyball every day will not only help you become a professional basketball player, but also help you become more healthy and have a desirable height.


There are many different sports and each sport works on different body parts, to help you improve your health. Basketball is the same, this is a subject that has the ability to improve the muscle area, increase endurance and have a special effect on height.

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When performing movements in basketball, your body must perform stretching and jumping movements. At this time, the body is no longer affected by the gravitational pull of the Earth, so that the discs in the joints will be stretched.

Playing basketball helps to improve muscle area, increase endurance and increase height effectively

In addition, all the shots, on the basket, on the basket during the game also have the effect of promoting and stimulating the development of bones, especially for those of you who are in puberty. After each movement of throwing the ball, onto the basket, and down the basket, the whole body will be stretched as much as possible. Not only that, the bounce phase in basketball also helps the body to relax, no longer being pinched.

Researchers around the world believe that there is a special relationship between height and basketball. Because the technique of running and jumping continuously when playing basketball is the reason to help you grow taller faster. It increases the body’s electric current to the brain, stimulating growth hormone to secrete more, thereby increasing height significantly.


To develop effective height, we should prioritize choosing sports that are prone to bounce and badminton is one of the sports on that list.

Playing badminton requires players to perform many jumping and moving movements, which will mechanically stimulate the cartilage layers, help these cartilage layers grow, promote long bones, especially is the knee.

Playing badminton every day helps to maximize bone expansion

Moreover, when training as well as when competing, players must use all muscles, limbs, joints and other parts of the body. These movements contribute to stimulating the cartilage layer to develop better.

Although, badminton has a good effect in improving height, but like all other sports, playing badminton also requires players to practice the right technique to be able to maximize their potential. points that this subject brings. Sometimes overtraining or improper technique even brings harm that no one wants.

The ideal time to play badminton is about 30 – 60 minutes in the morning or afternoon. Regular exercise every day will help your skeletal muscles expand and be beneficial for height growth, and the whole-body movement will also help your body become more toned.


This is a simple sport but has a positive effect on increasing height, especially when you are in puberty. The movements in the sport will help the muscles and joints in the hands, feet, wrists and spine to work rhythmically.

The up and down movement of the arms and legs combined with the strength of the body in each dance will help the bone tissues and back vertebrae to expand, create flexibility and stimulate the elongation of the bones. Thanks to this movement, your bones and joints will become stronger and develop better.

Jumping rope helps the joint system to be healthy and develop better

To be able to increase height with jumping rope, the practice technique is a factor that greatly affects the results you achieve. One of the effective methods of jumping rope to increase height is a combination of different jumping styles such as: Basic jump rope with two feet on the ground, one-legged jump, alternate hopscotch, jump rope Knee or heel-to-butt lift…

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Changing dance positions regularly will help the joint system develop comprehensively. In particular, when applying this sport, you also need to pay attention to your jumping speed. Specifically, when you first start training, you can jump slowly at a speed of 60 – 70 times / minute, after getting used to it, you can increase the speed of jumping rope to 100 – 140 times / minute. Before stopping the exercise, you should return to a slow jumping speed of about 60 times / minute, for about 2 minutes for the heart rate to return to normal.

Pull up bar

The single pull-up subject brings many health benefits to the practitioner, moreover, this is also a subject that effectively improves height. The process of performing pull-ups will affect the process of creating bone from cartilage, helping cartilage to grow continuously, helping bones to lengthen and increase height.

In particular, when performing barbell exercises, the ends of the bones are pulled apart, the pressure exerted by the bones on the cartilage is no longer, and the cartilage layers have favorable conditions for proliferation. As the cartilage proliferates, the more layers of new cartilage are generated, the longer your bones become, helping you to grow taller. Therefore, young people who practice pull-ups every day not only have strong muscles but also have an ideal height.

This pull-up exercise requires you to use strength from your arms to lift your body off the bar and back. The exercises are not too difficult but also not easy, do this exercise as follows:

Step 1:

First, use both hands to cling to the upper bar, so that the body is in a natural hanging state on the bar, so the distance between the two hands holding the bar is more than the width of the shoulders. You can also let the palm of your hand turn inward or outward depending on the habits of the practitioner to easily perform the best movement. The position of gripping and swinging the bar when practicing needs to be correct so as not to misalign the skeletal muscles and shoulders.

Step 2:

Use the force in your arms to slowly lift your body up towards the bar until your chin crosses the width of the bar, then stop. Try to stay in the pose for two to three seconds (or longer the better).

Step 3:

Hold the position of hanging on the bar, then you can slowly lower your body and return to the starting position until your arms are fully stretched. Finally, repeat this movement several times for the best effect.

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Running is one of the simple, inexpensive sports that many people love. Literature studies have shown that running in the right way promises a lot of health benefits. From strengthening immunity to improving physical fitness, relieving stress and increasing height significantly.

Jogging in the morning helps to increase maximum height

When jogging properly regularly will stimulate the body to produce a large amount of growth hormone (HGH). This is the hormone that plays a role in promoting skeletal muscle cells and many other organs in the body to grow. The more growth hormone produced, the more benefits your body will receive to grow taller.

Moreover, jogging also helps important organs in the body to be operated continuously. From here, toxins will be eliminated, helping the body absorb nutrients in a better way.

Note when exercising to increase height

To be able to achieve the best height increase effect, in addition to applying the above sports, you must also pay attention and pay attention to certain specific principles as follows:

Need to ensure proper nutrition

Sports training focuses on carbohydrate and lipid content. Strength training, strength training requires a higher protein diet. The percentage of energy in the main meals depends on the nature of the exercise. Snack energy is about 5-10%. However, to help increase height effectively, in each meal you need to ensure enough 4 groups of essential nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals according to the body’s needs.

Nutrition is an important factor affecting the process of increasing height

In particular, you need to add calcium to increase absorption, formation, bone, and help strengthen bones … this has a positive impact on promoting the child’s physique and minimizing the possibility of injury. when playing sports. In particular, don’t forget to drink 2.5-3 liters of water/day including filtered water and fruit juice, limit the use of carbonated water, water containing stimulants so as not to affect the height growth process.

Need to make sure to sleep on time and get enough sleep

Sleeping on time and getting enough sleep helps to maximize height

We have many different ways and strategies to help us recover from exercise. However, the fastest way to help you regain balance for health after exercise is to have a regular and adequate sleep mode. Because when we sleep, our bodies will produce growth factors as well as hormones that support maximum in muscle healing and recovery every day. Moreover, when you fall into a good night’s sleep, the body will secrete growth hormone in the largest amount, helping to increase height significantly.

Should apply exercises from simple to complex

Each person has a different body, so you should start with simple exercises, in a short time and gradually increase the practice time. Listen to your body so you can develop a reasonable exercise plan.

Thus, the article has shared with you some effective sports to increase height that you can apply at home simply and easily. Hopefully, you have gained useful information to soon get the beautiful standard body you desire.

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