6 beginner hatha yoga exercises that cannot be ignored

It can be said that hatha yoga is the most basic form of yoga. Hatha yoga exercises include special postures suitable for those who are familiar with yoga.

In yoga asanas, there are up to 300 basic movements you can completely practice at home. These exercises, if done regularly, will definitely help you improve your health and mental well-being. If you are a beginner, do not rush to skip the 5 simple and useful hatha yoga exercises below.

1. Rabbit Pose (Sasakasana)

Rabbit pose is considered as one of the hatha yoga exercises for beginners. This exercise helps you strengthen and stretch your spine as well as help you release tension.

This pose is simple but very effective in relieving tension in the upper neck and helping the flow of energy. What I love most about this exercise is how it relaxes the shoulders and third eye chakra, while enhancing mental focus and clarity.

At first, you may not feel comfortable because you are not used to the long stretch at the back of the neck. So let’s slow down.


● Get into a kneeling position and bring your knees together. Heels straight, soles facing up

● Put your hands down, bring your head to your knees and move your forehead opposite the knee of your leg while exhaling through your nose.

● Keep the spine curled with the torso and arms stretched back as shown in the picture, hands grasping the heels. Keep your arms straight and breathe deeply through your nose.

Fold the body

2. Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)

Cobra pose is one of the hatha yoga exercises that helps you strengthen your spine and stretch your abdominal muscles, throat, and lungs. This is also the ideal exercise for beginners to practice yoga to stimulate both body and mind.


● Perform the lying down position, hands down to under the shoulders and relax

● Start inhaling and use your hands to support the floor to push your body back to a bent back position. 2 shoulders push back, stretch the abs by pulling the abdomen

● Hold this pose for 8 seconds with 4-5 normal breaths and then return to the original position to rest


3. Forward Bend Pose (Paschimottanasana)

My back and lower thighs have always been the least elastic. It took me a year to be able to do this hatha yoga. The forward bend exercise helps to increase flexibility and strength in the lower back. This makes it easy to do bends and bends.

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● Sit with your back straight and your legs stretched out in front of you

● Inhale, bring your arms straight above your head and lengthen your torso.

● Slowly bend over to your legs while exhaling. 2 Extend your arms as far away from your feet as possible. The ideal position is to hold the feet with both hands.

● Hold this pose for up to 30 seconds and then return to the resting position

If you are new to this exercise, you can bend your knees slightly to make it easier to perform. This hatha exercise will help you lose belly fat and add bodybuilder flexibility if you do it daily.


4. Fish Pose (Matsayasana)

Fish pose can be done after the shoulder stand as a counter pose. It helps you release tension after doing the shoulder stand. The opposite of shoulder standing, fish pose bends the cervical vertebrae and chest. The pose opens up your chest cavity and improves your deep breathing.


● Perform a supine position, body relaxed

● Place your hands under your hips, palms down and elbows slightly outwards

● Straighten your legs, raise your chest as much as you can. Keep your head on the carpet and be careful to keep your neck stiff

● Hold the pose when you feel comfortable and keep your breathing even and rhythmic

● Exhale while relaxing the body. Slowly raise your head and then lower your chest to the mat. Then lie down with your legs open and relax.


5. Triangle Pose (Trikonasana)

This hatha yoga exercise is also known as the word “split” because it has a similar implementation. The triangle pose is one of the hatha exercises that help you relieve stress, fatigue and increase blood circulation. This is a very good yoga pose for pregnant women.


●Stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart

● Inhale while bringing your arms up next to your ears, reaching up and lengthening your spine

● Put your palms together and make sure your body is in a straight line

● As you exhale, press your right heel and lean to the left. Touch the palm of your hand to the floor

● Hold the pose for 10 to 30 seconds. Then inhale and return to an upright, relaxed position. Do the opposite to the right side.


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