5 yoga poses to help cure shortness of breath

Our life depends on the respiratory system, so when there is any disorder from the respiratory system, it will affect our health. Choosing some yoga exercises to help with shortness of breath at home will not help you cure shortness of breath completely.

However, this type of practice will improve the function of the respiratory system, keeping the breathing much more clear. Yoga is an exercise that helps the body to train both physically and mentally that anyone can do. Join easyhealthylive.com to learn about effective yoga exercises to help cure shortness of breath!

Health benefits of yoga

Yoga exercises, especially those that require deep breathing, have the effect of enhancing the activity of the strong immune system. For yoga exercises to be most effective, you need to do them slowly and slowly.

In addition, experts also recommend that patients with respiratory problems and allergies do not apply special yoga measures such as hot yoga. These are intense forms of yoga and require good health to practice.

  • Yoga is an exercise that helps the body train both physically and mentally that anyone can do. For people with bronchitis, practicing yoga often brings unexpected benefits.
  • Yoga can help you eliminate the causes of disease such as an unhealthy lifestyle, bad habits like smoking, improve the immune system, reduce the stress of the body. It protects you from pathogens.
  • Usually people with bronchitis will feel very short of breath, or chest tightness. However, when practicing yoga, it will help you regulate your breathing more easily, thereby helping your body to be lighter and more relaxed.
  • Practicing yoga also helps you to clear the airways, clear the mucous membranes and improve lung capacity.
  • According to yoga philosophy, a calm mind produces regular breathing and a relaxed body. Therefore, when practicing yoga, people with bronchitis not only improve their respiratory disorders but also relieve stress and help relax the mind.

Yoga exercises to effectively treat shortness of breath

1. Bridge Pose

bridge pose

Benefits: This yoga asana helps to widen and relax the lung cavities, thereby relieving respiratory troubles, promoting a healthy blood flow to the lungs and respiratory tract.


  • You lie on the floor, knees bent, feet firmly planted on the floor as in a sitting position.
  • Exhale, using your feet and arms as support to lift your hips up until your thighs are parallel to the floor.
  • Hold the position for one minute. If you feel the movement is too difficult, you can put more pillows under the tailbone.
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2. Pose of growing a banana tree

banana planting pose

The benefit of the banana position is that it helps the lungs have more energy to deal with any situation, thereby relieving coughs and tonsillitis.


  • Place your feet shoulder width apart. Place your hands on the floor.
  • Slowly transfer your weight into your hands, lift your feet off the floor and lower your head to the floor. If you notice tension in your shoulders, arms, and wrists, you’re doing it right.
  • Return to the original position.

3. Lion Pose

Lion pose is a yoga posture that helps with breathing difficulties

Simhasana is done like a roaring lion pose. When performing you must combine with other yoga exercises. This yoga pose must be done on an empty stomach or after a meal at least 4-6 hours. Simhasana helps the body to get rid of infections affecting the respiratory tract, preventing sore throat, asthma, bronchitis, allergic rhinitis and other respiratory diseases.


  • You must first kneel on the floor, then cross your ankles so that the front of the right ankle is higher than the back of the left ankle. The perineum should touch the top of the heel.
  • Place your palms on your knees and extend your hands so that your fingers are apart, pressing firmly on the knees.
  • Inhale through your nose and at the same time open your mouth to extend your tongue out. At this point, the head is bent toward the chin, the eyes are wide, and the muscles in the front of the throat should contract.
  • Exhale through your mouth and make a “ha” sound so that the air can pass through the back of your throat.
  • Do a “ha” roar a few times and then switch legs to do the same.

4. Cobra Pose

Cobra Yoga Pose is a yoga pose that helps with breathing difficulties

The benefit of the cobra pose is that your chest will be stretched more than usual, which improves breathing capacity and higher lung capacity.


  • Lie face down on the floor, feet hip-width apart, palms facing the floor and next to your head.
  • Inhale and use your hands as support to lift your upper body off the ground.
  • As you exhale, slowly lower your head to the floor, returning to the starting position.

5. Relaxing pose (corpse)

corpse pose

This pose is usually done after each yoga session, it helps the body to completely relax. You can do it at any time of the day without necessarily being on an empty stomach. Depending on your needs, you will have a suitable time to practice yoga.

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  • Lie flat on the floor and make sure there are no distractions while doing it.
  • Slowly close your eyes.
  • Place your feet so that they are most comfortable and relaxed.
  • Arms are placed along the body and palms are extended upwards.
  • Relax your body, breathe slowly and deeply to relax the body most comfortably.
  • After about 10 minutes of deep breathing, roll to the side and close your eyes, stay in this position for about 1 minute before you sit up.
  • Take a deep breath before you open your eyes.

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