5 yoga poses for insomnia to help balance energy

With movements suitable for many ages, yoga for insomnia is becoming the choice of many people. Performing yoga exercises for insomnia can reduce stress on the central nervous system, clear negative thoughts and increase blood circulation.

Insomnia is one of the leading causes of decreased quality of life because the brain does not have enough time to rest to maintain alertness. Faced with that situation, the yoga method for insomnia is gradually gaining popularity due to its usefulness and good for health and body. Let’s explore with easyhealthylive.com the reason and learn the amazing yoga exercises to treat insomnia!

Why is yoga so effective in treating insomnia?

Yoga is a practice that originated in India. This subject requires the practitioner to coordinate physical movements with breathing and thinking. The yoga poses that help cure insomnia are all based on the theory of yin and yang.

With simple and gentle poses suitable for all subjects, ages and that is also the reason that yoga is gradually becoming the first choice of many people. In addition to the benefits in terms of improving health, yoga also helps the practitioner relieve stress, helping the spirit to become comfortable and relaxed.

And of course, with the benefits of yoga, it is also used to treat insomnia and sleepless nights. Doctors say that physical activity can enhance blood circulation and improve health, thereby positively affecting the resting process of the brain.

Yoga helps you to relax

Practicing yoga can help relax your mind and help you sleep better

Practicing yoga for insomnia mostly focuses on breathing exercises, helping to regulate the practitioner’s breathing to achieve the best results. Breathing deeply and evenly helps to enhance the activities of the lungs, regulates the circulatory system, and helps to relax blood vessels and nerves, helping to improve sleep difficulties, and at the same time prolonging the duration and quality of sleep significantly. tell.

Because most yoga exercises for insomnia focus on breathing, meditation, and relaxation, it requires a lot of patience and concentration. This has a very good impact on the stress or stress that the practitioner is experiencing and greatly affects the quality of sleep of the practitioner.

Therefore, the serious implementation of yoga exercises to cure insomnia not only brings good sleep and helps the practitioner lead a healthier and more relaxing life. Yoga exercises to cure insomnia use static methods, combining breathing to increase blood circulation, stretch muscles and joints.

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In addition to treating insomnia, yoga also has a number of positive effects on health. May be mentioned as:

  • Improve concentration
  • Reduce stress
  • Mood stabilizer
  • Helps to beautify skin
  • Lose fat, keep your body slim

Insomnia yoga poses for a good night’s sleep

1. Twisting posture

This yoga exercise to cure insomnia in this twisting position works to stretch the ligaments near the spine, relax the arms and legs, strengthen the muscles of the body, reduce pain, and cause insomnia. .

twisting posture


  • Step 1: Lie on your back on the exercise mat, relax your body, put your hands parallel to your legs.
  • Step 2: Slowly bend your legs and bring them to the left side.
  • Step 3: Relax your back, shoulders and arms straight out to the sides.
  • Step 4: Breathe evenly, bring the left hand to hold the knee, the right hand remains in the old state, turn the head to the right hand.
  • Step 5: Hold this pose for 5 to 15 breaths.
  • Step 6: Return to the original state and switch sides.

2. Front bend yoga pose

Standing forward bend is one of the easy sleeping yoga poses to improve insomnia by stretching back and leg muscles. The movement helps blood flow to the brain more, the shoulders and neck reduce tension, relax gently.

crouching pose


  • Step 1: Stand with your back straight, feet parallel and about the same distance apart as shoulder width.
  • Step 2: Breathe deeply, while contracting your thigh muscles and keeping your legs straight.
  • Step 3: Then slowly exhale gently and bend forward.
  • Step 4: Bring your hands to your ankles.
  • Step 5: Bend down completely and try to bring your head between your knees.
  • Step 6: Keep your legs straight and breathe rhythmically.
  • Step 7: Maintain the movement for 1 minute, then release your toes and bring your hands to your hips.
  • Step 8: Raise your head and upper body back to the original position.
  • Step 9: Hold the pose for 5-10 breaths, then slowly bring the body back to the initial preparation state.
  • Step 10: Repeat the movement 5-10 times.

3.Sitting posture twisting body

This pose aims to maintain the activity of the entire nervous system passing through the upper body. By slightly twisting the spine, all the meridians are improved and stimulated, promoting better hormone balance and regulation of yin and yang, curing insomnia quickly and effectively.

Twist yourself


  • Step 1: Sit with your legs crossed on the bed, then take a deep breath in and stretch yourself up.
  • Step 2: Place your right palm on your left knee, slowly rotate your body, and at the same time place your left hand on the floor of the exercise mat.
  • Step 3: Keeping your back straight, twist your body slightly to the left, eyes looking straight behind your shoulders.
  • Step 4: At the same time, breathe gently and then turn your body straight forward.
  • Step 5: Do the opposite with the other side, repeat this movement for about 3 minutes.
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4. Yoga poses for meditation

If the above insomnia yoga exercises affect the muscles and joints, this meditative sleeping position helps to relax the mind, bring the body into a state of purity, and gently remove unwanted worries. Worth having, making it easier to fall asleep faster and better.

meditation posture


  • Step 1: Sit up straight on the exercise mat, legs folded and hands relaxed, placed on the thighs.
  • Step 2: Keeping your back and neck straight, close your eyes and focus on your breathing to avoid distractions.
  • Step 3: Straighten your legs, slowly bend your knees, and then use your right foot to put your right foot on your left abdomen, and press the other foot to your right abdomen.
  • Step 4: Eliminate all thoughts in your head by counting your breaths and trying to breathe evenly.
  • Step 5: You can meditate at any time of the day and can meditate for a few minutes or hours.

5. Corpse Pose

This is an insomnia yoga exercise that should be applied last in the yoga sequence to improve insomnia. The exercise works to relax and soothe the musculoskeletal parts of the body. Lying in a comfortable position and breathing gently will help clear your mind of some of the distractions that interfere with falling asleep.

corpse pose


  • Step 1: Lie on your back, keep lying flat on the mat.
  • Step 2: Slowly bend your knees, hold your knees in front of your chest with both hands, and inhale.
  • Step 3: Both hands let go of the knees, return to the original relaxed state, exhale gently.
  • Step 4: Spread 2 feet wide, 2 hands are also relaxed, placed parallel to 2 palms facing up.
  • Step 5: Breathe steadily and gently, the back, legs and arms should be in the most comfortable state, without putting pressure on the back.
  • Step 6: Stay completely motionless as if you were dead. Focus on the breath in a relaxed state.

Yoga therapy for insomnia can lead to significant clinical improvements. However, with cases of insomnia due to pathology, you should combine a scientific lifestyle, use medicine under the guidance of your doctor with yoga practice.

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