5 yoga movements a day to effectively relax joints

Refer to the following 5 yoga exercises to help relax muscles, fight the following signs of age very effectively to feel full of life as well as help improve body height.

1.Downward Facing Dog Pose

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This is one of the most effective anti-aging yoga poses to help you preserve your youth and bring new vitality to your body. In this position, you need to bend down with your hands on the ground and open your palms. Keep your shoulders above your wrists and your knees above your ankles.

The next step is to extend your right foot as far as you can within the mat. Continue to lower your legs while raising your back and hips up. Hold this pose for 3 minutes a day and feel the difference it makes to your body.

2. Standing Forward Bend

This is another yoga practice that works wonders for those who want to boost their youthfulness and agility. With exercises to increase height Here, first you stand with your feet wide apart, then bend over and do a body hug.

This pose requires you to relax your head and neck, but you can change the movement in your arms to feel more comfortable. Try to stay still for 1 minute.

If your body is quite flexible, you can hug your legs like this move.

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Or you can hold your head so that your body doesn’t strain too much.

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3. Candlestick Pose (Supported Shoulder Stand)

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This is said to be one of the effective beauty secrets that are not too difficult for women to try. This yoga pose is on the list of movements that reverse the aging process very effectively as well as have many positive effects on our body.

Starting from a supine position on the mat, slowly raise your entire body from the back to the feet in a vertical direction. Use your arms to support your body weight and your fingers to support your back.

3. Plow pose

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With this movement, you also start from lying on your back, gradually switch to candle pose, then relax your arms, bend your legs behind your head, and touch your toes to the floor.

4. Bridge Pose

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From a supine position, bend your legs and lift your head, back, and hips. Your hands should be firmly supported and lower than the pelvis. Hold your body in this position for about 8 breaths.

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At first you will find it difficult to practice. But be persistent in pursuing, you will definitely receive a lot of unexpected precious things.


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