5 things to know before joining a kundalini yoga class

If you intend to join a kundalini yoga class, you need to learn about this type of yoga before going to class to avoid feeling surprised and confused during the first session.

Kundalini yoga is a famous type of yoga in many countries around the world, however, in Vietnam, this type of yoga is still quite new and not many people know about it. To help you better understand kundalini yoga, easyhealthylive.com has compiled some useful information, please take a few minutes to check it out to have a good first session.

If you have ever practiced hatha yoga, you will easily get used to kundalini yoga. Because hatha and kundalini yoga have some similarities, such as both types have a combination of movement and breath to create a union of mind, body and soul.

However, kundalini yoga is different in that it approaches yoga through a sequence of postures, breathing, and mantras integrated together in a specific way known as kriya. With the use of mantras and focusing on the point of view, kriya can stimulate the pituitary and pineal glands, thereby bringing alertness to the mind and body. Before taking a kundalini yoga class, here are some basics you need to know:

Everyone wears white when doing kundalini yoga

Everyone wears white when doing kundalini yoga

1. Popular mantras

Mantras are sound vibrations that are believed to alter cognition and enhance brain function. If the mantras used in hatha and other yoga traditions are Sanskrit, the Kundalini mantra uses the Sikh language: Gurmukhi.

These are two mantras that are definitely common in Kundalini yoga classes that you should know.

Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo

Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo is the primordial and first mantra. This mantra has the meaning: “I bow before the supreme creative energy – I bow before the supreme source of wisdom”.

Before each lesson, you will repeat this mantra three times. This is supposed to help you connect with Yogi Bhajan (the developer of kundalini yoga) and teachers who have gone before Yogi Bhajan.

Sat Nam

Sat Nam is the bija mantra used in Kundalini yoga. It means “Truth is my name”. This mantras have a spiritual awakening effect and is one of the main goals of Kundalini yoga: be your true self and live your destiny. When chanting, you should hold the word “sat” 8 times longer than the word “nam”.

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2. Kriyas

Kriya means “done action” and each action is designed for a specific purpose. You practice each kriya for a certain amount of time or repeatedly.

For example, Surya Kriya will have the effect of activating the solar energy, helping to direct action, creating conditions for increased digestive function and mental clarity.

3. Pranayama

kundalini yoga class

When you practice kundalini yoga, you will have the opportunity to learn breathing techniques that have never been tried before.

Most types of yoga involve breathing awareness, and so does kundalini yoga. Almost all kundalini kriyas include pranayama – breathing exercises.

This is even the key to reaping the benefits of kriya. When you practice kundalini yoga, you will have the opportunity to learn breathing techniques that have never been tried before.

4. Everyone wears white when doing kundalini yoga

When you come to a kundalini yoga class, you will see the teacher wearing a white shirt and a white headscarf. This is because everyone has a shield, which is an invisible energy that surrounds the body. You need to keep this shield strong to protect your mind and body from negative external forces.

Wearing white will help magnify this energy when doing kriyas. Although it is best to wear white during class, this is not necessary for a new student. So don’t let the “lack of white in your wardrobe” stop you from taking a kundalini yoga class.

5. Meditation

After performing a kriya, you will end up meditating. The meditation is sometimes associated with the kriya itself. Meditation exercises in kundalini yoga may include an oral mantra or a mental mantra. And sometimes it doesn’t have a spell at all.

Here are 5 things you need to know before taking your first kundalini yoga class. If you’re interested but can’t arrange a time to go to class, you can download easyhealthylive.com to your device and practice kundalini yoga with our professional yoga teacher easily.

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