5 things to do after doing yoga exercises

After doing yoga exercises, you need to do certain activities to maximize the benefits you get from this discipline.

Yoga is an art, a perfect union of body and spirit with cosmic energy. Today, practicing yoga is not too strange.

Many people like to practice yoga because this subject brings many health benefits such as helping to prevent osteoarthritis, protecting the spine, strengthening the immune system, relieving stress… However, for the practice of yoga to achieve To be most effective, you should do the 4 activities that easyhealthylive.com mentions below after each yoga session:

1. Perform relaxation postures after each training session

Most yoga teachers agree that the relaxation pose (or corpse pose) at the end of each session is the most important position in the entire practice. When in a relaxed position, your muscles will be restored and your body will fully absorb what you have learned.

In addition, the relaxed posture also helps to reduce heart rate, lower blood pressure, and improve concentration. Therefore, if you leave when you reach this pose, you will miss out on all the great benefits that this pose has to offer.

There are many reasons why many people skip the relaxation poses at the end of a workout. Some people say that they are too busy and that spending 5 minutes lying still is too much of a waste. Others find it difficult to lie still because they have so much to think about.

In fact, this is the most important and beneficial pose. This pose helps you calm down, forget about pressures and worries, and help your body recover after performing yoga poses.

If practicing relaxation posture is not correct, it will cause fatigue when practicing yoga. Invite you to read more articles Tired after practicing yoga: What to do?

2. Cleaning yoga mats

After doing yoga exercises, you hurriedly rolled up the mat and left? It’s the same every day and you forget to clean the carpet? Be careful, beware that your mat contains harmful bacteria. Besides, not regularly cleaning this accessory can reduce the effectiveness of the mat!

Cleaning solution for exercise mats

No matter how clean a yoga studio may look, it is full of harmful agents like germs, bacteria, and viruses. Not only that, harmful microorganisms especially love humid places.

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Therefore, your yoga mat is the perfect place for them to thrive. If you don’t clean the carpet regularly, not only will the carpet “smell” more and more, but you also run the risk of infection.

With a cotton yoga mat, you can wash it after every 2 sessions. With foam exercise mats, you can wash them every 2 weeks. To clean the carpet, you can put soap on a sponge and then scrub it.

Then, use the shower to spray water to remove all the soap. Another way to clean a yoga mat is to spread it out on the floor, put soap on a sponge, scrub it, and then wipe it with a wet cloth.

3. Sanitize the body after doing yoga exercises

Always shower or clean yourself with a towel 30 minutes after your workout, especially if you’ve just joined a sweaty yoga class like hot yoga.

During exercise, your body will eliminate toxins through sweating. If you do not clean your body after exercise, those toxins will stick to the surface of the skin and cause harm to the body. In addition, during exercise, the pores will also open large because you sweat a lot.

This also means that dirt and bacteria will have a lot of places to hide. If you do not clean carefully, you will be prone to acne and many other dangerous diseases.

Therefore, after practicing yoga, you need to clean your body to remove dirt. After bathing, you can use a gentle moisturizer to prevent your skin from drying out.

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4. Rehydrate the body

It is very important to rehydrate the body after practicing yoga exercises. However, you should avoid using soft drinks, carbonated drinks, fruit juices, and instead use only filtered water. If you sweat a lot, you can try drinking coconut water, which is a natural source of electrolytes for the body.

It is very important to rehydrate the body after practicing yoga exercises

It is very important to rehydrate the body after practicing yoga exercises

In addition, you will probably feel hungry after each training session. If you do yoga in the morning, you can eat things like:

  • A smoothie of fruits and vegetables
  • A banana or apple with some nuts
  • Some oatmeal with nuts and berries
  • Toast with butter with nuts and jam or fruit

If you do yoga in the evening, you can eat grilled salmon with sautéed vegetables to ensure that you get enough protein for the day to help muscles repair and grow. Note that you should eat before and after exercise 30 minutes or more.

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5. What to eat after a workout

What should you eat after yoga? Supplementing with protein after exercise is a good idea, because it helps muscles recover and grow. The foods that don’t support muscle are protein from hard-boiled eggs, chocolate milk or whey protein shakes.

Refuel the body by providing water. Mixing water with 100% juice like orange juice provides liquid, carbohydrates. During yoga, the body burns a lot of carbohydrates – the main fuel for muscles.

To help muscles recover and replace glycogen stores, eat a meal that contains both carbohydrates and protein within two hours of your exercise session if possible. Good post-workout food choices include: Yogurt and fruit; Peanut butter sandwich; Low-fat chocolate milk and cookies; Post-workout recovery smoothie.

Everyone’s diet and exercise are different. So pay attention to how you feel during your workout and your overall performance. Consider keeping a diary to track how your body responds to meals and snacks so you can adjust your diet for optimal results.

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