5 secrets to choosing the right professional yoga clothes

Choosing the right yoga equipment is one of the problems that many beginners feel headaches. However, in reality, this job is not as difficult as you think if you know a few simple tips.

In fact, although yoga is a subject that does not require too much equipment and tools, preparing clothes is still an extremely important step when you want to start practicing this subject. If you are also in the above situations, let’s take a look at the following shares with easyhealthylive.com for some more tips on choosing the right yoga clothes.

The secrets of choosing yoga equipment from experts

The main goal of choosing the right yoga outfit is so that you can forget its presence and focus more on your practice. Therefore, choosing the right yoga equipment is very important. Whether it’s breathing exercises, asanas or meditation, a comfortable outfit will make your session more effective:

Secret #1: Choose a style you love

Yoga is not like other sports, it is not a contest, there is no competition, there is no concept or standard of beauty. Yoga is a journey of self-discovery and self-discovery.

Therefore, in this journey, you are free to wear the clothes you feel beautiful, graceful and confident about your appearance. When you feel in love with your yoga outfit, you will be more motivated to practice better.

Secret #2: Choose yoga clothes that fit your body and are easy to move

Yoga is a type of exercise that includes many movements such as stretching, bending, etc. Therefore, it requires comfortable movement of the body. You should choose suits that fit, have appropriate coverage, are not too revealing.

If you choose yoga clothes that are too wide and do not hug your body, then with sessions with many bending and upside down postures, you will easily feel uncomfortable because you have to constantly adjust your clothes throughout the practice.

While, if you choose clothes that are too tight, when exercising, blood circulation will be difficult, hindering activities, causing discomfort and secret. Besides, a well-fitting suit will also help you look neater and more confident.

Yoga shirt

Tank tops or T-shirts with good stretch cotton are the ideal choice for both men and women. However, to avoid feeling uncomfortable when upside down, you should not choose shirts with collars that are too tight or loose.

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Tank top or T-shirt with good stretch cotton fabric is the ideal choice for both men and women

For women, bra is also one of the important things that you need to pay attention to. You can buy a sports bra specifically for yoga. However, when choosing to buy you should pay attention to the size and weight.

The bra you choose doesn’t have to be underwired or heavily padded to lift your bust. It can be thin and light as long as it gives you the best support.

You can also choose to buy a yoga shirt with a bra inside so you don’t have to choose too much and when you wear it, it doesn’t need to be too cumbersome. Or you can also choose to wear a sleeveless T-shirt combined with a sports bra. This duo can also bring you comfort when exercising.

Yoga pants

You should choose pants with elastic waist, good stretch, fit the body. For women, yoga pants with a foldable waist can bring you warmth and comfort during your workout:

  • Leggings are an ideal choice because they have good stretch and are often close to the body. However, you should choose fabric pants that are not too slippery so that you can keep a good balance on one leg. The bottom of the pants should have extra padding to ensure the stability of the outfit.
  • Practicing yoga is also not necessary to wear long pants, you can choose shorts that are slightly above the knee. This type of pants is suitable for high-intensity, sweaty exercises, but sometimes it makes you not confident when performing flexible postures, splits …
  • Capri pants style is also quite popular and popular. These are knee-to-ankle length pants with a delicate cut to fit the body. For men, shorts with a suitable length are the most ideal suggestion.
  • Just like bras, underwear is also something to pay attention to. Although with yoga, sweat absorption is not the most important factor, but you should choose thin and elastic underwear because yoga poses need strong, tight, slow movements. If you choose underwear that is too tight, it will make it difficult for you to perform stretching movements. Usually, you should choose cotton-blend underwear or sports silk underwear with a cotton bottom for a more comfortable and pleasant workout.

After choosing the right yoga pants, you should check the back of the pants. A little high waist will help the pants stay in place, not move too much. However, if the waist is too high, it will be difficult for you to perform bending movements. Therefore, to feel comfortable, it is best to choose pants with a back located at the waist area.

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Yoga clothes

Leggings are the number 1 choice when practicing yoga

Need yoga shoes?

Yoga does not require you to prepare shoes because yoga movements are most effective when you practice with bare feet. However, on cold days, prepare yourself with a pair of socks with silicone beads on the bottom to help prevent your feet from slipping when standing on the carpet.

Usually, yoga shoes will work when you are on your way to the gym and back. Therefore, if you do not have enough money, you do not necessarily “buy” a new pair of shoes. Yes if you have the ability, you just need to choose a pair that ensures the standard form factor.

In addition, you should choose to buy shoes that can withstand forces, can support the ankle in moving steps back and forth, jumping, running in place. Choose shoes with a reinforced midsole. This is important because it will help your feet feel comfortable and move more easily.

Secret #3: The material must be comfortable

The material of yoga clothes must ensure factors such as sweat absorption, breathability and stretch. You should choose training clothes that are woven from synthetic fabrics from cotton and polyester, both ensuring softness, good absorbency, in addition, it also gives a feeling of dryness when exercising.

In addition, you can choose materials with high elasticity, hugging your body such as spandex, coolmax… to comfortably move without worrying about your clothes moving. For days of meditation and gentle exercise, you can choose fabrics derived from nature, gentle, and absorbent such as bamboo fabric (bamboo). In particular, this material is very suitable for outdoor exercises because of its UV protection for the skin.

Yoga outfit

The material of yoga clothes must ensure factors such as sweat absorption, breathability and elasticity

The choice of color is also very important because yoga needs mental comfort. You should choose simple, elegant colors. Dark clothes will look cleaner when you have to “crawl” on the mat. Besides, avoid colorful and eye-catching patterns.

Secret #4: Choose the right outfit for your workout space

Some yoga classes outdoors or in air-conditioned rooms will have low temperatures. To keep your body warm, you should choose multi-layered yoga clothes with the effect of keeping warm.

Yoga can relieve stress caused by work pressure in the workplace. Therefore, some businesses even set aside a separate area to practice yoga to increase employee satisfaction and boost productivity.

You can choose yoga pants that are designed with thick fabrics such as elastic with good stretch to feel comfortable while working. In terms of tops, you can wear yoga pants with a long shirt that covers your butt or mid-thigh for an elegant look. Surely with this simple arrangement, you will look more charming, polite and elegant in meetings.

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Secret #5: Style and color

Can choose clothes bearing the imprint of Indian ethnicity, comfortable, natural; Wear it with a sense of freedom and modern style. The clothes that hug the body and have good elasticity also enhance the beautiful figure, very suitable for practicing yoga in high temperature conditions.

Using fresh, elegant colors, preferably monochromatic, can help relax the mind, and also help you focus better on the exercise.

Accessories to bring when practicing yoga

In addition to yoga equipment, you should also prepare yourself some necessary personal items to make yoga more comfortable:

  • Exercise mats: The gyms are equipped with mats, but if you want to be safe and clean, you should have a personal yoga mat. You should choose a non-slip mat to keep better balance, increase friction and protect your body
  • Towel: Yoga movements will make you sweat a lot, so you should bring a towel to absorb sweat quickly.
  • Hair ties, headbands: Wouldn’t you want your hair to get in your face while you’re working out? Tie your hair or use a headband to help you look neat and active.

Exercise mats

The mat is an indispensable tool when practicing yoga

How many yoga sets do you need to prepare?

If you only practice a few times a week, then you only need 2 sets is enough for training. Especially when practicing yoga in high temperature conditions, sweating a lot, you should bring an extra set to change.

If you are a person who practices regularly every day, you should have at least 4 yoga sets to change, you can even buy more.

Notes on washing yoga clothes

Because the material of yoga clothing is stretchy, how you wash it will determine its durability. You should use cold water, turn the inside out and avoid using the drying function of the washing machine. Do not wash with other harsh materials, as this will damage the fibers in the material for yoga clothes.

Through the above sharing of easyhealthylive.com, hope you have got some useful information about choosing yoga clothes that suits you best. Remember a good yoga suit will help the training effect become better. To be able to find yourself a suitable yogi or yoga class, you can download easyhealthylive.com right away.

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