5 lessons from yoga that can be applied in child care and parenting

As you know, yoga offers health and mental benefits. Moreover, the lessons from yoga also help you gain more useful knowledge in caring and raising children.

In yoga there are many interesting and useful philosophies for life. For a mother, regular yoga practice not only enhances health and relieves stress, but she can also apply the lessons from yoga to care and parenting.

What interesting lessons can yoga bring to mothers in caring and raising children? Let’s see the sharing below with easyhealthylive.com to see if the lessons from yoga are correct.

The common mentality of mothers is often trying to control all situations that may happen to their children. For example, when your child is a baby, when you go out, you will have ready enough diapers, milk, food, toys … in case your baby needs it.

As babies grow up and no longer need diapers or milk, mothers are still trying to find ways to manage situations that their babies may find themselves in. However, preparation is never enough because every day, there will be hundreds, thousands of situations that happen to your child that you cannot anticipate.

So how to take care and raise children in the best way? Here are 5 things that yoga will teach you about motherhood, on how to take care of your baby so you can go through this challenging journey with ease:

1. Take a deep breath and let everything flow

When practicing yoga, the energy of the breath can calm any crazy emotions that arise when performing the poses. At this point, you just need to take deep, rhythmic breaths and let your body follow the sequence of poses.

There will be days when you will find the poses done in a rhythmic, comfortable way, but there will also be days when you will perform the postures in a rigid and uncomfortable way.

The longer you practice yoga, the more you will find that parenting is the same. You just relax, breathe and learn to let things happen naturally, don’t try to control it.

2. Balance is extremely important

Balance is an extremely important thing in caring and raising children. The fact that you give your child too much, such as a certain delicious food, a certain pampering … does not always bring good results, if you give too little to the child, it will not work.

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Lessons from yoga

Balance is extremely important

This is why balance is really important. Just like in yoga, no matter how wonderful, intense, and powerful you feel when performing a pose, time to relax and rest in corpse pose is absolutely necessary for the soul.

3. Lessons from yoga: patience and acceptance

As a mother, you will find that there are times when you have a lot of patience and other times when it is almost impossible.

Yoga will teach you patience through the process of perseverance, training to perform a difficult pose. It is a journey and you will have to work at it step by step. Not only that, you also have to learn to accept what you have done, not lose to others.

Understanding this, you will see that every day of taking care of your child is a small step in your parenting journey every day. There will be perfect steps, but there will also be difficult steps.

With patience, though, you will make it and accept where your child is on the journey. You will find this especially helpful when teaching table manners, potty training, or housework. You just have to be patient and accept it, try your best step by step and surely the results will surprise you.

4. Your body has changed forever and that’s normal

Aside from the obvious physical changes that can happen during pregnancy and childbirth, your body won’t be what it is after you become a mother. Even if you have trouble during pregnancy, your body will forever change.

Lessons from yoga

After your baby is born, your body needs time to find itself again

During pregnancy, due to having to raise another baby, the body will often feel aching and exhausted to a terrible degree. And after the baby is born, your body needs time to find itself again.

Yoga will help you do this. Yoga exercises will act as a guide to bring you back, possibly even stronger than before if you stick to it. As you practice, in each pose, take time to breathe, discover what it feels like to stretch, and find comfort in your body. Learn to listen to your requests.

Forget what happened and focus on the present. Once you accept it, you will find that you not only LOVE your body, but also help your child learn to love the body you have given him.

5. In order for children to develop at their best, you must be the best yourself

You can be a working mom, a stay-at-home mom, or a mom with both. No matter what kind of mother you are, in general most mothers feel that the time in the day is not enough. All mothers LOVE their children and want them to grow up to the best of their ability with love and care.

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Lessons from yoga

Yoga will teach you how to love yourself

However, this sometimes makes you forget to take care of yourself. Yoga will teach you how to love yourself, how to say “NO” to your child. Remember that when you take care of yourself, you also take care of your baby.

That’s why yoga is so magical. Just join a 60-minute yoga class before picking up your kids, a 15-minute yoga session in the morning while the rest of the house sleeps, or do yoga before bed and you can understand your body. , heal emotional wounds and connect to things deep within.

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