5 interesting lessons you will receive when doing pregnancy yoga

Regular practice of pregnancy yoga not only brings great health benefits, but can also help you learn many useful lessons in taking care of yourself and your baby during pregnancy.

Are you a yoga lover and want to keep practicing during pregnancy? This is entirely possible because yoga is one of the few sports that is both good for the mother and beneficial for the baby. In particular, by practicing yoga regularly during pregnancy, you can also learn very useful lessons in taking care of yourself and your baby.

Pregnancy yoga is a type of yoga specifically designed for pregnant women. Regular practice of pregnancy yoga not only helps you have a good health to adapt to the changes of your body, but also helps you to be more relaxed, happier and happier during pregnancy.

In particular, these yoga exercises also help the baby get enough nutrients and oxygen for the best development. However, in addition to the physical and mental benefits, if you practice regularly, you can also draw for yourself the following 5 useful lessons:

Listen to your doctor, listen to your body and absolutely don’t listen to the internet

The Internet is what most of us think of when we need to find some information. However, besides useful news, there is still a lot of false information, lacking in objectivity and not always true. Therefore, if you need to find out about any information, whether it is practicing yoga during pregnancy or taking care of the health of you and your baby, visit your doctor for advice.

Consult a doctor about practicing yoga during pregnancy

You should consult your doctor instead of searching for information on the Internet

For example, when you search on the Internet, you will find a lot of information about practicing yoga during pregnancy, which is not to lie on your back, not to do twists, inversions, etc. However, this is not always correct. Only a doctor can give you an exact answer on what to do and what not to do based on your actual health situation.

If your doctor says you can still do the poses you did before you got pregnant, you can continue until you can’t. However, you should also pay attention to listen to your body, if the body feels tired, aching, stop and rest.

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The health of you and your baby is the most important thing

During pregnancy, you not only practice yoga alone, your baby will also practice with you. As your baby gets older, your belly will gradually expand to allow enough space for your baby to grow. This not only makes it difficult for you to live, but also affects exercise.

To make sure your body feels most comfortable, adjust your postures and use ALL tools to support. If not, you can use items available in the house such as pillows, blankets, towels… Adjusting the postures will make you face many difficulties.

Moreover, it also makes you feel self-deprecating because the poses you do are not as beautiful as before. However, do not be too important because at this time the health of you and your baby is important. Do everything you can to make yourself as comfortable as possible so that your baby can grow up healthy.

You are stronger than you think

During pregnancy, relatives and friends see you as something very “fragile”, even sometimes, you will have this thought. However, in fact, there is a lot of potential in your body that only when you practice yoga regularly, you can feel it.

doing pregnancy yoga

Pregnancy yoga brings you and your baby interesting experiences

Over time, as your baby gradually develops in the womb, you will become more aware of the changes in your body. At this point, listen to yourself, if possible, continue to practice safely. Instead of practicing poses, you can take the time to learn how to breathe deeply. These breathing exercises will help increase blood circulation to meet the oxygen needs of the body and the fetus.

Helping you cope with life’s difficulties

When we are new to yoga, most of us have different goals. It is to increase strength, flexibility, balance, reduce stress… During pregnancy, apart from these purposes, regular yoga practice can help increase the strength of the body, while also helping to prevent unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy.

In particular, these exercises also help you have the courage to face everything that may happen in the future, such as labor and birth. Even practicing yoga regularly will help you have more strength and stamina to take care of your baby after birth.

Research carefully before deciding

Before you decide to join a yoga class, do your research and consult your doctor or professional for answers, especially if this is your first time practicing. Yoga comes in many forms with many exercises and not all of them are right for you.

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Hence avoid hasty decisions. If you’ve never done it, try taking a basic pregnancy yoga class or a gentle yoga class.

5 lessons learned when practicing pregnancy yoga

Before deciding to join a yoga class, you need to research carefully

When registering, tell your instructor about your condition. When your teacher knows you are pregnant, the teacher will guide you to practice safe movements or adjust some movements to make you feel most comfortable while practicing.

Yoga is a challenge and don’t be afraid to accept it just because you’re pregnant. However, be careful to respect your body’s limits. Be aware of the difference between exercise that is good for your body and too much pressure that hurts your body.

Not only beneficial during pregnancy, yoga can also help you realize the lessons from yoga so that you can apply in caring and parenting.

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