5 effective medicinal plants for lung disease that you did not know

Common diseases related to the lungs such as asthma, pneumonia, etc. need to be treated with appropriate drugs. Besides drugs prescribed by doctors, medicinal plants for lung diseases are also of great interest to many people. Is this method effective? Join easyhealthylive.com to answer questions through the following article.

Is it good to use medicinal plants for lung disease?

Using western medicine is one of the methods used to treat respiratory diseases. However, the abuse of western medicine will lead to many dangerous side effects for the body. Therefore, many people look to the method of using natural ingredients to treat lung diseases.

Medicinal plants for lung disease
Many medicinal plants have the ability to cure lung diseases

The use of medicinal plants for lung disease are appreciated for their benignity and safety. These remedies for lung disease are all extracted from natural herbs. These herbs are friendly to human health. In addition, they also have the ability to support the treatment of other diseases in the body.

5 effective medicinal plants for lung disease are widely used in medicine

There are many medicinal plants for lung diseases. But the following are 5 plants that are 5 very effective remedies for lung disease.

1. Treating lung diseases with herbal medicine

Lung cancer kills millions of people worldwide every year. Therefore, Western and Eastern medicine doctors have done a lot of research. They came to the conclusion that: Nettle is considered an effective herbal medicine for lung cancer. Black Musk tree is like a “lighthouse” bringing hope to people suffering from this disease.

According to the information recorded in the ancient remedies, the plant is a precious medicine that has the effect of stopping bleeding and treating wounds. Not only that, in muskmelon also contains Flavonoid. This active ingredient helps to limit the growth of tumors, helping to treat malignant diseases.

To maximize the effectiveness of the musk nut, you can steep 60 grams of the musk plant in 1.5 liters of water, boil it for 30 minutes and use it every day. You can also let the water cool down and refrigerate it for later use.

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2. Male papaya leaves cure lung diseases with herbal medicine

Papaya is not only a delicious and nutritious fruit. In addition, papaya also has a good effect in the treatment of diseases, especially lung cancer. Japanese and American researchers have done research on this fruit. They determined that male papaya leaves help kill cancer cells very effectively, without affecting the nerves.

Male papaya leaves are a good remedy in the treatment of lung diseases
Male papaya leaves are a good remedy in the treatment of lung diseases


For optimal use of papaya leaves, you can use this medicinal plant for lung disease as follows:

  • Pick male papaya leaves, then wash and cut into pieces;
  • Take the chopped papaya leaves to dry, then store in a glass box;
  • Take dried papaya leaves and cook for drinking water every day with the ratio of 1 handful of leaves: 1 liter of water. Cook until the water is golden yellow, it can be used;
  • Lung cancer patients should use this method within 60 days. It helps to minimize the growth of tumors in the body.

3. Lettuce – a medicine that tonics the lungs

Lettuce is a familiar vegetable in meals, but few people know that lettuce is also a “miracle” medicinal plant for lung disease. Lettuce is not only used for beauty care but also relieves symptoms of chest tightness and shortness of breath. Active ingredients in vegetables will help inhibit the activity of bacteria that cause damage in the lungs.

You can use lettuce to treat pneumonia at home in two ways:

Method 1: Combine lettuce and rice water

  • Step 1: Prepare ingredients including 1 handful of lettuce and 1 bowl of rice water;
  • Step 2: Wash lettuce, drain and put it in a blender to puree. Next, use cling film or sieve to separate the water and the pulp;
  • Step 3: Mix the prepared rice water mixture with the water from the lettuce, stir well and put on the stove to boil for 15 minutes;
  • Step 4: Add 2 teaspoons of honey to the boiling water mixture to enhance the taste;
  • Step 5: Persist in using within 1-2 weeks with a frequency of 3 times / day you will see significant results.

Method 2: Combining honey and lettuce effectively cures pneumonia

  • Step 1: Prepare ingredients including 1 spoon of honey and 1 handful of lettuce;
  • Step 2: Similar to method 1, wash lettuce, drain and put it in a blender;
  • Step 3: Filter out the juice, then add 1 small spoon of honey, mix well to use;
  • Step 4: To overcome pneumonia, drink 1-2 cups of lettuce mixed with honey every day.
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4. Garlic – a familiar “spice” that effectively cures lung diseases

Garlic has been shown to help relieve symptoms of lung-related diseases.

Garlic can be directly eaten by peeling and eating garlic cloves. Or you can use garlic to spice up stir-fry dishes to reduce the pungent smell of garlic. In addition, you can also combine 2 ginger bulbs and 2 large garlic cloves together by crushing and filtering the water. Add the sugar to the mixture, stir well and use.

5. Cure pneumonia with herbal medicine with mulberry

Mulberry tree contains high levels of vitamin C and natural acids, proteins, and tannins. Mulberry has the effect of treating cough and cold. This medicine is also an extremely effective way to treat pneumonia. Besides, mulberry is a sweet and cool fruit that is very beneficial to human health.

In order for mulberries to maximize their effectiveness, you need to combine them with some other healthy ingredients such as mint, chrysanthemum, etc. medicinal plants for lung disease this is as follows:

  • Step 1: Prepare the main ingredients in the medicine including: 12g mulberry leaves, 12g centella asiatica, 10g chrysanthemum flowers, 10g mint, 10g shallot leaves and 8g lemon leaves.
  • Step 2: Wash the ingredients, drain.
  • Step 3: Add 500ml of water to the prepared ingredients, sharpen until it dries up to 200ml, then stop.
  • Step 4: Squeeze out the medicinal juice after it dries up, divide it into 2 equal parts and drink it 2 times a day.

Note: This medicine should be taken after eating. For young children, it is recommended to divide the dose less and take it 3-4 times a day.

Mulberry leaves combined with other ingredients help effectively cure lung diseases
Mulberry leaves combined with other ingredients help effectively cure lung diseases

Notes when using medicinal plants for lung disease at home

According to folk remedies, black pepper plant, papaya leaves, lettuce, garlic or mulberry are all effective medicinal plants for lung disease. Although they are natural ingredients, when using them, you need to pay special attention to the following points in order for medicinal plants to work their best:

  • When washing, do not be too strong to avoid losing the nutrients in the medicinal plants.
  • It is necessary to take medicines regularly every day and be persistent in using them, because they do not bring immediate effects but take a long time.
  • The drug should not be used intermittently, infrequently. This will prevent the medicine from working as well.
  • Besides taking medicine, you need to visit your doctor regularly to know about your medical condition. The combination of folk remedies and modern medicine will help to quickly improve the condition of the disease.
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Hope the above sharing has helped you get more information about the medicinal plants for lung disease trusted by many people. When using drugs, you need to consult with your doctor to ensure the health of yourself and those around you when treating lung-related diseases.

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