4 yoga exercises to help regulate menstruation safely for women

Problems related to menstrual regulation are always one of the most important factors for women. Because menstrual problems are related to internal hormones. Irregular menstrual periods not only cause trouble for women’s daily activities, but are likely to affect their health as well as their ability to become mothers. When noticing irregular periods, many women have turned to yoga as a method to help regulate the menstrual cycle. Let’s learn about yoga exercises to help regulate menstruation quickly and effectively!

Irregular menstrual periods are not uncommon for many women. Many people still take it lightly and think that this is normal.

However, you should not be subjective with these issues. Because these are also the effects on the health of women, even related to later childbirth. Menstrual irregularities are abnormal symptoms in terms of time, frequency, blood volume, and color of menstrual blood during menstruation.

Many studies have proven yoga to be quite effective in treating many different menstrual problems. Yoga brings flexibility, endurance and strength from the inside of the body, thereby creating a fresh and healthy appearance for the outside.

This type of exercise regulates menstruation through re-regulating the body, eliminating toxins, thereby increasing physical and mental strength.

Why is my period irregular?

Talking about the causes of irregular periods includes both subjective and objective factors. It may be due to physiological problems or due to the effects of irregular activities: diet, sleep time …

Why is my period irregular?

There are many reasons why your menstrual cycle is irregular

Physiological causes

Some of the physiological causes of menstrual disorders in women can be mentioned as:

  • Hormonal changes.
  • Weight change.
  • Use stimulants.
  • Stress, too much pressure.
  • Not cleaning the vaginal area clean.
  • Side effects of medications.

Pathological causes

When you have some of the following diseases that can also make your period irregular:

  • Thyroid disorders
  • Polycystic Ovary
  • Postpartum infections
  • Premature ovarian failure

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Safe yoga exercises to help regulate menstruation

1. Yoga pose with feet on the wall

This yoga posture to regulate menstruation will help reduce stress on the reproductive organs, relieve the psychology of the practitioner, and help the practitioner regulate the cycle effectively and quickly.

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footrest on the wall pose


  • Start by lying on your back on an exercise mat, bringing your feet up to the wall and your buttocks touching the wall.
  • Note to adjust the posture so that the neck, back and buttocks are in line.
  • This is a pose that does not require too much energy, all you need to do is adjust to the most suitable and comfortable position.
  • Focus on the breath and feel it.
  • Hold the pose for 2-3 minutes. Then you can repeat 4-5 times.

2. Butterfly yoga pose

The butterfly pose is a basic and simple pose that helps relieve abdominal pain, especially the function of supporting hormone improvement.

Butterfly yoga pose


  • Sit with your legs straight on the exercise mat, slowly bend your knees, pull your heels back to your pelvis, so that the soles of your feet are close to each other.
  • Squeeze your heels as close to your pelvis as possible. However, adjust the position so that you feel most comfortable.
  • Remember to keep your back and neck straight.
  • Hold the pose for 1-5 minutes. Breathe evenly and you can raise and lower your legs like butterfly wings.
  • Then, repeat the movement 4 to 5 times.

3. Posture cobra yoga

Yoga helps regulate menstruation

Cobra pose helps women regain a stable hormone balance. This is an important factor to help girls regulate their monthly menstrual cycle.


  • Start in a lying down position with your legs straight and your arms close to your sides.
  • Then, slowly put your elbows on the floor and your palms face down on the mat, facing forward. Straighten your legs with your toes pointing back.
  • Take a deep breath, lift your head and chest, bend your spine and press your arms, lift your shoulders.
  • Hold the pose for 2 to 3 minutes. Then return to the starting position and repeat.

4. Baby yoga pose

Baby pose will affect the hip muscles and uterus, helping these two parts work effectively, very effective in regulating menstrual periods.

Yoga helps regulate menstruation


  • Sit with your back straight on an exercise mat, legs stretched out. Then, bend your knees and sit on your heels. Adjust your posture to make yourself comfortable.
  • Bend forward between your thighs and exhale.
  • Reach your arms straight over your head, in line with your knees. Relax your shoulders on the floor.
  • This pose does not require too much energy, so you can maintain it for 1-2 minutes.
  • Then, return to the starting position and repeat the movement 4-5 times.

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