4 yoga exercises to cure migraines you should try now

Studies on the benefits of yoga have shown that it is very effective in treating migraines. Yoga helps to warm the body, circulate blood vessels, reduce tension in the nerves, thereby quickly reducing symptoms of migraine and insomnia. Let’s find out with easyhealthylive.com whether yoga exercises for migraines are effective!

As for migraines, anyone can get them. However, the disease is most common between the ages of 30 and 45. Among them, women have a higher risk of getting the disease than men.

Yoga poses can help prevent migraines effectively. Moreover, yoga helps to circulate blood to the brain, reducing stress, distraction and keeping patients mentally at ease.

How can yoga impact migraines?

Yoga can provide more benefits than just exercise. This practice brings calm and peace to the mind and body, and helps improve anxiety, depression and pain.

During yoga, the sympathetic nervous system (PNS) can slow the heart rate and lower blood pressure. This allows your body to recover from a stressful event, such as a migraine.

How yoga can impact migraines

Severe migraines will be more uncomfortable than usual. Symptoms include a sharp pain on one side of the head and is accompanied by nausea, dizziness, and sensitivity to light and sound. Migraines can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

Yoga isn’t just a holistic approach to fighting migraines when they occur. What’s more, it’s a proactive approach to pain relief and stress relief.

Yoga exercises to treat migraine “miracle effect”

1. Baby Pose

Baby Pose


  • Start by sitting on your knees on the floor and sitting on your heels. When you feel comfortable, extend your knees and hips. Breathe evenly.
  • Bend forward between your thighs. Expiratory. Notice how your head and toes touch the floor.
  • Slowly widen your hips and relax between your thighs.
  • Bring your arms straight behind you, along your back, palms facing up.
  • Relax your shoulders. Feel the weight of your shoulders, belly relax on your thighs.
  • Hold the pose for 30 seconds to 1 minute or longer depending on your ability.
  • Relax, breathe evenly, and lift yourself up slowly to come out of the pose.

2. Downward-facing dog pose

Downward-facing dog pose


  • Kneel on both feet and hands, knees hip-width apart. Hands shoulder-width apart, fingers spread wide using the entire surface of the hand including fingers and palms pressed firmly to the floor, pressing thumb and index finger down.
  • Using arm strength, slowly push yourself up, straighten your legs, try to feel the energy flowing in the opposite direction of the arm. Feel the thumbs of your hands stick together to turn your hands slightly inward.
  • Move your arms forward and your feet back to lengthen your torso. Squeeze your thighs while moving
  • Hold this pose for 1 to 3 minutes, paying attention to your breath. Then slowly bend your knees and return to child’s pose.
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3. Bridge Pose

Bridge pose


  • Lie on your back on the mat/floor. Hands face down on the carpet/floor and on either side of your body.
  • Bend your knees so that your hands can grab your ankles. The distance between the feet should be shoulder width.
  • Inhale deeply and at the same time raise your back. Use your shoulders and feet to support your whole body. Feel the stretch in your back and neck and squeeze your glutes.
  • Your hands may remain down on the mat/floor, grabbing your ankles or will be interlaced with your elbows straight.
  • Face straight up. Hold the pose for 30 seconds or so, breathing evenly and slowly.
  • Slowly lie down with knees bent, breathe slowly and deeply, relax.

4. Corpse Pose

Corpse Pose


  • Lie on the floor with your back resting on the ground.
  • Let your legs spread out slightly and move your arms to the side. Your palm should be facing the ceiling
  • Hold this position for between 5 and 30 minutes.

5 yoga poses to treat migraines hope to help practitioners. It is important that you persevere in doing these healthy yoga exercises every day to ensure effectiveness.

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