4 things about iyengar yoga equipment you can’t ignore

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Iyengar yoga equipment not only increases the effectiveness of exercises but also helps relieve pressure and stress. Let’s learn with easyhealthylive.com the use of exercise equipment to use it properly.

1. Support workout

The main function of the iyengar yoga tool is to help the performance of postures and movements be smoother and less stressful, and at the same time, make the body parts with balance function more comfortable. training process.

Often, the poses that bring many benefits to the practitioner are difficult for those with limited mobility or poor fitness. Therefore, yoga equipment will be the optimal solution.

For example, a practitioner who has lost a leg can do mountain pose with the support of a chair or support frame, thereby overcoming imbalance in the pelvis and spine. A practitioner with neck problems can also practice headstand with the support of a rope or yoga block.

With specific yoga movements to treat bone and joint problems, it will be very difficult to do without supporting tools.

Iyengar yoga equipment 4

Very useful iyengar yoga tools

The effectiveness of iyengar yoga poses is not only shown by the standard but also determined by the duration. This means how long the student holds the pose. In their capacity, the iyengar yoga equipment will help prolong the time to maintain the postures much longer than doing it yourself.

If a person is able to maintain the wheel position on their own for about 1 minute, with a supportive chair, one can easily hold for about 5 to 10 minutes and still feel relaxed. Not to mention they also make the most of the benefits that exercise brings.

On the spiritual side, iyengar training tools will shake off the psychological burden and fear in the practitioner. The worry of falling, falling, and injury will be a barrier on the yoga path of students.

Pranayama (breathing method) is used to treat respiratory problems, anxiety, high blood pressure and psychological disorders. However, to maintain the breathing method when sitting upright requires strength, endurance and flexibility of the practitioner.

If this posture is not done correctly, it will put pressure on the body as well as the mind. To overcome, the practitioner can practice breathing in the corpse pose (corpse pose) with cushions instead of sitting.

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Because when lying down, the brain and nervous system are both relaxed. This pose also stimulates the activity of the respiratory system, allowing the organs involved in exhalation and helping the breathing practice to be free of pressure.

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2. Increase body awareness

Tools for practicing iyengar yoga can help practitioners understand the problems they face as well as consciously perform postures correctly to avoid injury during practice. Thereby, you will be more careful in daily activities.

These tools also have the effect of shaping the shape of the body. Therefore, the practitioner can fully recognize any signs of imbalance in the body to make appropriate adjustments.

Identify mistakes with Iyengar yoga equipment

Identify mistakes with iyengar yoga tools

In the absence of a coach, the tools play the role of directing the practitioner to the correct posture, signaling when the practitioner is not performing correctly and helping to feel the body from the inside, thereby improving the effectiveness of meditation. determination of yoga.

3. Increase the difficulty of the exercise

The iyengar yoga equipment can make the practitioner maintain the pose longer. However, at the same time, they also increase the challenge for the practitioner if placed in the right position.

Although the same posture, depending on how the instrument is placed, different therapeutic effects can be achieved in each part such as muscles, bones, and even psychology, depending on the purpose of the practitioner.

Iyengar yoga equipment is both a fulcrum and a factor of increasing difficulty

Iyengar yoga equipment is both a fulcrum and a factor of increasing difficulty

For example, for a person with heart problems, the chest must be “taken care of” more while the other parts need to be relaxed. Specifically, the ribcage must be enlarged to stimulate the heart to work.

4. Navigation

Exercise equipment can help direct the practitioner’s attention to a certain posture or body part to increase efficiency. For example, a person with spondylolisthesis will have stiffness and limited range of motion in the back and neck, using a rope wrapped around the trapezius muscle and pulled straight down to the lower back will help stabilize the spine, reduce pain and help them focus. to other body parts.

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Iyengar yoga tools help users focus more

Iyengar yoga tools help users focus more

To be able to take advantage of the benefits of iyengar yoga equipment, practitioners need the help and guidance of instructors to know how to use and ensure safety during the performance of poses.

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