4 reasons why runners should start a yoga habit

Yoga and running are two very different disciplines. However, those who love and often run should still maintain a yoga routine to support and prevent injury.

According to the experience of a yoga teacher who is a former athlete, practicing yoga after hours of intense practice can help prevent injury as well as relax the body. In addition, the practice of yoga also provides great support for balance, speed improvement, etc. when running. Therefore, for those who love running, maintaining a yoga routine is extremely helpful.

This may sound unbelievable, but in fact, touching the ground while running will exert a force three to four times the weight of the body. Imagine if your feet touched the ground 1,000 times a day during exercise, how much pressure would your body endure?

1. Yoga will help you avoid injury when running

According to many studies, most sports injuries are identified as due to imbalance in the body. This imbalance comes from poor alignment, instability of the joints, or limited range of motion.

The most common injuries that runners may experience are leg pain, back pain, muscle pain or stiffness. However, these pains do not come from running, but from an imbalance in running.

Yoga can help you prevent this because yoga is a very effective balance improvement discipline. As your body’s balance is improved through yoga, you’ll find you can run longer, harder, speed, and endurance improve, and recovery time is reduced.

Yoga improves balance

Yoga helps you improve balance and alignment

2. Yoga helps you improve balance and alignment

Balance and alignment are two of the most important aspects for you to maintain good health and injury-free running. Imbalance and misalignment over a long period of time can leave you vulnerable to back pain, joint pain, and more serious injuries.

Yoga can help you dispel this anxiety. You just need to “buy” a mat and start practicing today. Just practicing for 1 week, yoga movements will help you improve balance and alignment, thereby limiting the risk of injury.

Athletic experts recommend that if you want to maintain and improve your performance continuously in the future, don’t forget to start a yoga routine today.

3. Yoga increases your stamina

Although yoga and running are two very different disciplines, both are similar in that they both need stamina and proper breathing for the exercise to be effective.

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While running, it will be difficult for you to control your breath. Practicing yoga every day will help you learn to control your breathing while performing the movements continuously. After a while, you will be able to apply the breath control methods in yoga to running masterfully

Most runners share that the first thing they notice after starting yoga is stamina and breath control while running. Once these two factors improved, their performance improved significantly.

yoga routine

Yoga increases your stamina

4. Yoga helps increase flexibility so you run faster

As an athlete, everyone wants to improve their performance after training. Even if you don’t care about achievements, you will surely hope that you can get better every day. One of the main reasons why athletes can’t improve their performance is due to stiffness and lack of flexibility in the muscles.

Yoga is the solution to help athletes overcome this situation. Because yoga practice focuses a lot on stretching the body.

If a runner practices yoga regularly or incorporates several poses in his workout routine, posture flexibility will increase over time, so does stride length and running speed. improved.

Here are four reasons why runners should start their yoga routine today. Just practice yoga for 1 week, you will surely be surprised at the changes in performance as well as physically and mentally.

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